Hour of Slack #1389 - Live 2012-11-25 - The Maya Prophecy

68:45  (PG radio version 60:03)

This live episode is largely centered around two subjects: songs about stupidity, and the Maya prophecy of the world ending on Dec. 21, 2012. The music includes The Rudy Schwartz Project, Jonathan Coulton, Wei's new "discovery" Ted Ganger, and even ZZ Top! LeMur and The Large collages round it out. As usual, the live parts with StangDoe and LoneCow Dave are all over the place, but there's much discussion of the Maya in general and the famous prophecy, including Stang reading from IN THE COURT OF THE SUN and THE SACRIFICE GAME by Brian D'Amato (HIGHLY recommended black-humor historical science fiction). Also: the tragic end of The Onion mailing print copies to subscribers signals potential mass killings at Post Offices. The Internet version of this show includes an extra 8 minutes of StangDoe chatting with Dr. Sinister while waiting for him to take over the controls and start his show, Radio Synesthesia.

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1 Prelude Live 01:35

2 LeMur - HOS Intro #854 - Gaseous Rhetoric 00:17

3 The Rudy Schwartz Project - Barbecue Buds 04:12

4 Ted Ganger - "Most People" X 03:23

5 Obama You're Stupid #02 00:33

6 stupid council 2 00:40

7 ZZ Top - Me So Stupid 03:32

8 Media Barrage - StupidityAroundUs-Strangelove 00:31

9 The Large - Stupid 00:10

10 The Rudy Schwartz Project - Creation Science Polka 02:36

11 Live 11-25-2012 26:23

Dave and the buzz  - buzz fix - Credits for opening songs, collages - Ted Ganger, bro of Sr. Melodious Chops - "Old" song will bring Dave sad memories - Making out with microphone to kill the buzz - Make-out noise - Maya music - World endsDec. 1? But we know it isn't 1998 yet - Stang reads Maya prophecy from THE SACRIFICE GAMES re: 2801 - World gets retarded? - Poul Anderson novel re: intelligence increase of all Earth creatures - the Buzz vanishes - Maya vs. Mayans - Azerbaijani B. Good - Dr. Dark among the Maori - The Onion no longer mailed in print form - The Funny Times - Stang uses The Sacrifice Game -- predict we'll be at Enchanted Rock on Dec. 21 - If EotW is a space pulse that wipes out intelligence, how would we know? How do we know it hasn't already happened? - Brian D'Amato and his Maya novels IN THE COURTS OF THE SUN and THE SACRIFICE GAME. Stang reads from novel re: playing the Game. Description of the Game drug, all the animals and plants involved. The Maya and the Inquisition - Stang's half Maya grandsons - Like SubGeniuses, for every activity somewhere there's a Smith who has done that - Smiths vs. Li - "Smith" really "McNutt" - Indecision over Chocolate McNipple vs Vanilla McNipple - silly lady in post office Stang almost killed -


12 Ted Ganger - "Old" X 04:38 

13 Live 02:13

Young numbskulls and "old" comments

14 ┬áThe Rudy Schwartz Project - Strip Naked You Sweet Maggot 02:13 

15 Live 05:19

 The Radio Dictionary, "Drugola." We didn't get enough at Open House. Pappy in Naval uniform at the 1981 World SubG Convention. Scorpion Fear in Stang County TX. The buzz and end of show - Wei's boyfriend JoCo - Best song about marriage. 

16 Jonathan Coulton - Glasses 02:43

17 Rev. Baby Bear - SubGeniusMailingSpot 00:36

18 Live - Waiting for Dr. Sinister to start 07:04 (not on broadcast radio PG version)

Wei's scary laugh - yakking with Sinister - the WCSB open house - Stang's computer version of The Sacrifice Game - Aztec tourist heart excision - Obsidian knife fantastically sharp, monofilament - my science fom SF, history from historical fiction - Peter the Great by Robert Massey, how Tsar Peter invented Church of the SubGenius under name "All-Drunken Synod of Fools." Peter the Great was a treasonous Muslim Kenyan Communist - Russian submarines - confusion of history and fiction - Das Boot - If crippled, I could watch shows all the time - on long trip, will call Synesthesia - nobody at the controls, Sinister takes over.

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