Hour of Slack #1387 - Rerun of #942 - The Invisible Collage


With this rerun we buy time to give the last of the 15X-Day recordings the attention they deserve. This is a live show from 5-9-04 with Princess Wei, Lonesome Cowboy Dave, and Stang in the station, but it's also the premiere of "The One-Liners Collage" v 01.1 -- an intense collage of collages, mostly by Fernandinande Lemur but also with great cut-ups by Norel Pref, Rev. nu-monet, Rev. Artemia Salina, Heart Ignition, iDRMRSR and others. There are songs by The Bonzo Dog Band and Hank Flloyd & the Swerving Headlights, and music by Norel Pref.

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1     LeMur: Hong Kong1 00:23

2     LeMur: HOS IntroI     00:30

3     LeMur: Youve Changed2     00:13

4     LeMur: Youre Wearin a Mask 00:05

5     LeMur: Cuz Yer Stupid2     00:23

6     "Ballad Of Zeke & Earl" - Hank Flloyd & the Swerving Headlights (swervingheadlights.com) 03:10


LIVE: Credits; Lizard People and Old Hats; Change Your Ways; The Robot That Tells Other Robots to Wake Up; Fenian's Oyah; WtF?


7    Dr. Howll, ARISE DVD soundtrack "The SubGenius"     03:15

8     LeMur: Put Your Guns Away2     00:13

9     LeMur: Masturbation2  00:43


LIVE: Splashing towards X-Day; Hot Girl Torturers of Iraqis, & their commanders' Safe Words; AS LONG AS YOU WEAR A WRISTWATCH, YOU'RE IN PRISON; The Blue Pill That Makes You Tell Everybody You're "Awake"; Peel the Layers & Still an Onion


10   Bonzo Dog Band - "My Pink Half Of The Drain Pipe" 03:32


11     LeMur: My Poverty     00:27

12     LeMur: Crunchy Clusters     00:13

13     LeMur: Senate Votes2     00:13


LIVE: Third Nostril Toys; credits, May 22 Devival Ad; LISTEN, LITTLE PINK! clip; Norel Pref music w/ Dave Rants and Revelation X Stang on Living Among Normals

(Bg music:

14     bKhöömei (throat-singing)HuunHuurTu     02:51

15   bukka  - Norel Pref 02:39

16     extraZen  - Norel Pref     03:36


17   Philo Drummond, Dr. Howll, Puzzling Evidence - War WhatIsItGoodFor 00:58


LIVE: War Between Dopamine & Serotonin


New Prairie Squid Spread - Sterno


THE ONE-LINERS COLLAGE (background music instrumental by Lonesome Cowboy Dave)

Part One. (Collage of 90 short clips and one-liners by F. LeMur, A. Salina, Nu-Monet, iDRMRSR, Jarto, IMBJR, Heart Ignition, etc. etc.)


LIVE: Just a Guy with a Pipe; To Let All Brain Cells Truly Die, That Must be Glorious; Must Have Slack; Lamboba; Civilization Coming Down; Kill Yourself; Lamboba Sexhurt; Nihilism and Neil Innes-ism; Slavery and Slovvery; Shipments of Giant Heads to Those Normals So far Below Us


One-Liner Collage continued


LIVE: X-Day Fair Warning; Might Be 1998; Analysis of Bobbies;


1-Liner Collage cont


LIVE: This Show Replaces Drugs; PO Boxes, creds


1-Liners to end


((Background music: Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Hippsadic; Edfred; Norel Pref))


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