RA Wilson interview in Fortean Times #79

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In the February-March issue of the Fortean Times (#79) there is a 5 page interview
with Robert Anton Wilson which features a half size Dobbs head.

FT asks: "What's your connection with the Church of The Subgenius and
its deity J.R. "Bob" Dobbs?

RAW replies: Well, Rev Ivan Stang (aka Douglas Smith) told me I was one of his
main inspirations-but maybe he says that to all witers he wants to
get on the good side of. Yhere are a lot of my ideas in the SubGenius
mythos, so maybe "Bob" was named after me... Maybe I should start
using the inverted commas?

RAW also discusses alien abduction, Philip K Dick, Timothy Leary, Aleister Crowley
and something about communications from Sirius

Rev Andrew
former president of the Atlantic
currently living in exile in the Midwest

I'm not a cynic, they don't believe in anything
I'm a subgenius, I believe in everything


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