Dr. Dynasor delivers his very first stage rant to the adoring dozens. He stays connected to the Internet at all times via the antennae on his head.

Photo by Pope Lou DuChez.

From: sxb40@po.CWRU.Edu (Steven Bevilacqua)
Subject: Cleveland Devivial--Thanks!
Date: 10 Aug 1995

Just wanted to drop a line thanking all who made the
Aug 5th Devivial another great tribute to that maven of slack
Rev. Dynasor
Dr. Legume
Rev Grrrrrinder
Princess Wie-R-Doe
Rev. Toth Wilder and the Forms of Insanity
Lonesome Coyboy Dave
Chas Smith and all the guys of E.S.O.
Rev. Stang
St. @ndrew and Pope Phred
Minstrels of Enchantment
Dr. Legume's women (He's got two of 'em, praise Bob!)
Rev. BJ Price
Romp and Frolic in the Apocolypse
Indian Rope Burn
Peabodys Down Under
Andrew the Impaled and Dave Apocolypse of Circus Apocolypse
Mac's Backs
Borders Fairlawn
The Snake Dancers
The Snake
The clock
The Alien head
The Pills
Sister (My Wallet Belongs to Bob) Melodious Chopps
JR Bob Dobbs
Anyone else who put time and effort into the show.
We entered the land of the oinks and were victorious!

If you missed this show you missed: Pills, flying Glass, Snake fucking,
Howling, druming, fire eating, Dick Lifting, Mass Marrige, ranting,
Indian Rope Burn Video Premere, More pills, Mutalation, blood,
destruction, frop, Bob, music, death, straight jacket escaping,
even more pills, burning money, and much much more if you order now.

But don't be afraid Bob-lover.. I had a vision..
and it is my goal, nay my destiny to Gather this chaos together
and together with Ivan Stang, Circus Apocolype and a cavelcade of
freaks, preacher, musicians, and pleanty of type-o's. Take the
word of Bob accross this great country.
So you now have fair warning... be prepared for
Coming to a town near you.
Stay tuned for more details....

Rev Bevilacqua
First Church of the Most Holy Lemur


CREDITS: Photos (of the PIL DISPENSATION and CIRCUS APOCALYPSE FIRE-JUGGLING ACT, etc.) are by Rev. Lou DuChez, scanned by Sister Tarla.

The Sacred Sales Table is the highlight of any proper SubGenius Devival... for The SubGenius Foundation, anyway. St. @andrew, who found his 'calling' in Church Sales Barking, can't be seen through his hair. Photo by Pope Lou DuChez.

From: (gggor)
Subject: Re: My =first= devival & a question
Date: 7 Aug 1995 05:03:07 GMT

In article <403h65$qv7$>, PaulH <74721.542@CompuServe.COM> says:
>I had the great fortune to attend my first devival last night in
>Cleveland. But there is/was one problem. Today I had to call in
>sick from work because I was, well, sick. But this =began= a few
>hours before the devival and incresed in intensity throughout the
>evening, eventually forcing me to leave early.
>The worst symptom was a massive headache in which pain extended
>from the top of my head through my temples, and down my neck, and
>which later was so strong as to make me nauseaus (sp?).
>My question: could this first, large infusion of "Bob", the first
>time ingestion of the pills, this first time of being around =so
>many= SubGenii have overloaded my cranial regions, and all my
>senses so as to cause illness. You know, kinda like your first
>serious drunk.
>Thank you for your time.
>"Praise 'Bob.'"
>Now if you'll excuse me I have to go write out my $30 check.
>Paul H.

Your problem is probably caused by airborne yeast-beasties
transmitted from Stang's crapulous mouth!! Don't worry. I suggest
Ampicillin and Prozac intravenously injected three times a day
until the symptoms disappear!

Dr Gordon


From: Sternodox <>
Subject: CLEVELAND DEVIVAL BOGUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 95 16:23:31 -0500

Weekend of August 5??!!! YOU STUPID FUCKING DUMBASSES!! That's
the weekend we're having DOKSTOK!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! You fucking
DUMB SHITS don't know SHIT!!!!.
Rev. Sternodox


From: (Andrew Matthews)

>> we may not know shit, but we're not going to be the ones stuck
>> out in the middle of Nowhere, Arkansas with our thumb up our
>> collective butt eating 5 tons of Potato Salad.
>Uh HUH!!! Oh yes you will be. Wanna make a bet? I'll kick yer butts
>NOW! Ya boo. You'll be at Dokstok man. Heehuuunnnghghghg!!!!!

I'll bet. You and me. Mono e mono. Dukin' it out in the main ring.
Just come on up to next year's "Bob"-A-Que that we're going to throw
here in Illinoisy (where the liquor's cleaner and the women ain't
watered down). Nenslo chickened out. C'mon up. I'll have the power
saw a-waitin' for you.

Remember, you ain't gonna get a date for prom if you don't have a
BUTT! (That's right... Bobby Free & I are like THIS man... We're
CLOSE now... I tell him who to FUCK UP and he does it... And you
wanna know why? You wanna know WHY I'M THE ONLY ONE AROUND WITH

Because I wasn't A-FEARED to talk SHIT about Bobby Free... And I

So, C'mon! Bring yourself, your mamma AND your grandma... I'll
take you ALL on.

First Church of Bobby Free, De-Butt-ed.
"Death to"

$aint @ndrew, KSC. Ogyr Network. An official SubGenius Mutant-Of-The-Cloth.
snail-mail: Send $2 cash to OGYR NETWORK | PO BOX 53 | PLAINFIELD, IL. 60544
email: or

From: Sternodox <>
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 95 18:03:51 -0500

Rev. Ivan Stang <> writes:

>We need to do another devival in Cleveland, bro! I'm seriously jonesing
>for several Clevelandian activities. I need to do more radio with Lonesome
>Cowboy Dave and Chas on WCSB, for one thing. I mean I've got a BAD
>HANKERING for that. And the Indian Rope Burn video "Red Light" needs a
>proper world premiere. You're producing raves now and then, right? Well,
>how about this line-up: Indian Rope Burn and Forms of Insanity as live
>bands... Indian Rope Burn being the danceable "listenable" "groovy"
>"modern" music and Forms of Insanity as the Doktorband. Lonesome Cowboy
>Dave. Me. Dr. Legume. Papa Joe Mama. And POPE MEYER JUST MOVED BACK TO NEW
>YORK... Sell it as a rave or whatever, and have plenty of robomusic for

>the kids to hop around to, but with ranting interspersed ALONG WITH the
>recorded music. Just a great big party, only not at an art museum this
>time... somewhere that the attendees can get PLASTERED. ACE can bring
>their mind machines and whatnot. Not so much a "devival" as a "Dokstokian"
>get-down. WCSB can help promote it and we can charge $15 for glimpses of

Hey, you FUCK! What about ME??!!!! Oh, the OLD Doktors just aren't fucking HIP
enough to hang with CLEVELAND. The ORIGINAL apostles are too SMEARED WITH THEIR
OWN SHIT and DICKS to be invited to a CLEVELAND devival. Yeah, the Doktors to
fucking INVENTED "DOKTOR MUSIC" are just too fucking JADED to be considered
as a POSSIBLE entertainment option at a fucking CLEVELAND devival/stok.
Well, felch my fucking COOTER-JUICE Lapper. OR pay my way up there and I'll
DO IT, on camera, for LESS THAN the price of your HAB. Heeuuuuunghghghghgh!
Rev. Sternodox


From: Sternodox <>
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 95 18:08:58 -0500
X-To: Rev. Ivan Stang <>

Well, I showed this shit to BILLY, Stang. He suggested that me and him
and the ROOTER Brothers, and his cousins and step-cousins, and the
boys over to the Feed Store, and the LOCAL motorcycle gang THE HELL, AND
my next door neighbor, Cooter, ALL hop on our Harleys and tool up to
Cleveland and FUCK UP YOUR DEVIVAL (you know, in a friendly sort of
way ... like SubGenius-like) and then we could all just hang out
and get glopped and oobed. That is if you're not EMBARASSED to hang
out with US any more.
Rev. Spermy


From: <Unknown> (gggor)
Date: 25 Jun 1995 03:30:16 GMT
Organization: greenhelle

And Not only that but we're coming up from Austex with a fifty-five
gallon drum of enpi and Sphinx is bringing all his enema equipment. He and
Joe Newman have a new act involving MIDI synthesizer links and lime jello that makes the Genitorturers
look like small potatoes. Not to mention that a whole lot of yor
old high school companions want to be there too Stang.

Revdok Gordon


From: (Patrick Phelan)
Subject: Re: YOU ARE ALL GOING TO HELL!!!!!!
Date: 3 Aug 1995 20:01:12 GMT

Joe Wallace ( wrote:
: Hey, you guys,. that "worshipping some guy on a stick " stuff is
: rather inconsistent with yer own theology-I thought ANYTHING or ANYONE
: could be a Persav-???What gives?

The thought is that a Shordurpersav is "Short" hence current and with it
The only people who should claim Jesus as a Shordurpersav are those
Jesus freaks.

: are you eating yer own semen again or did you just fergit?

I forget, do you eat semen?

: SSSS ok, I understand yer haste to cut down a cretin made you lose sight
: of the mighty cheese that is BOB.

We never lose sight of "Bob". The Sacred Face is tatooed on the back of my

: All cretins deserve humiliation, and
: self righteous ones all the more. Kill the Crustacean!

Long live the Crustacean!



From: (gggor)
Subject: Re: YOU ARE ALL GOING TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Organization: greenhelle

In article <>, Sternodox <> says:
>Mation <> writes:
>>Your going to CLEVELAND on Sat. Aug. 5th for the SUBGENIUS DEVIVAL!!!!!!!!
>If Doktors for "Bob" ain't there, it ain't gonna be SHIT you stupid
>Rev. Sternodox
>P.S. I'll show up for a plane ticket and $15,000 and a sleeve job from
>Rosanna Arquette.

And I wouldn't go to cleveland to see Rush Limbaugh
suck Phil Gramm's sperm out of Jesse Helms' asshole...and that's
one of my favorite things to see.



From: (Matthew Carey)
Subject: Re: YOU ARE ALL GOING TO HELL!!!!!!

In a previous article, (Svartalf) says:

>On Tue, 25 Jul 1995, Matthew Carey wrote:
>> Screw this "SubGenius" crap.
>Don't you mean you're going off to the Theological Cemetary? Almost all
>the seminaries in the world KILL religion via DOGMA. You won't find
>salvation anywhere in a seminary. Well, you can have fun whilst you
>close your eyes to the world and to reality- I'm going to find my own
>path and do it facing reality HEAD ON.

I'm sorry.

Rev. Matthew A. Carey vision temple : tarzana california
18653 Ventura Blvd., Suite #379 "WE ARE NOT AN OCCULT"
Tarzana, CA 91356 Dealers of fine religious materials.
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