NYC Devival Report(s)

Subject: THANX...KOF-SubG Slackfux DEVIVAL-NYC
Date: Mon, 6 Nov 1995 18:35:32 GMT

Praise "BOB"!!!!!!!! I just wanted to THANK all the ALT.SLACKFUX who were at
the "KOF-SubGenius SLACKFUX Devival" at the Knitting Factory-NYC
this past week. A DEVIVAL sure to be raved about long after X-DAY!

I have never worked and spent so much time, effort and money to
experience that MOMENT of SLACK in my life.
BUT as Clavister said... "It was better than SEX"!

Each of the PREACHERS can re: post their own experience here....


BUT... from where I was it was an ORGY OF SLACK.....pleazure beyond
yer wildest dreams.

There will be an AUDIO cassette and VIDEO cassette available early '96!
Plus I will EDIT up a Rapid-FIRE Soundbite OVERTURE with Mini-snips
of each of PREACHERS and a bit of KOF for the HOUR OF SLACK.

Brother Andre was the OFFICIAL VIDEOGRAPHER for the DEVIVAL and
we will EDIT a video and make it available DIRECT from Extraterrestrial
Records and the SubG Foundation via YOU can

******BLOW BY BLOW....

KID GINSU-- Sacred MOMENT OF NOISE and Slack RANT! =Special THANX to KID GInsu,
who was VITAL in helping me put this DEVIVAL together!

POPE David Meyer-- He's BACK and SLACKER than EVER! It was a true
THRILL to BASK in the SLACK of his SERMON.

KINGS OF FEEDBACK- Heap of ANTI-MUZIK! Not only did we play all the
KOF hits, like NORMAL and USED SLACK..... We completely
BUTCHERED up a few DOKTOR classics in the SLACKFUX Medley.
("B.O.B." +"BOB" is a Sex God+Dobb's Approved+End Times+"BOB" Kills Pinks)
My personal HIGHlite of the SET was during the SONG- KILL "BOB", right
after I BEAT the FUX out of the "BOB" ZOMBIE CLONE with my golf
POPE MEYER appeared and put a powerful HEALING on me and Zapped the
ANTI-bob right out of me! PRAISE "BOB"!!!!
I hope the PURE NOISE of KOF wasn't too much for you SLACKFUX, although
MOST SubG's CLAIM to be into Anti-MUZIK... I fear this PURE UNCUT KOF
SLACKFUX DOSE of NOISE caused SOME to SPURT out PINK GOO from their
FOOT GLANDs and generaly DISTORTING their THIRD NOSTRIL Penatration.

In FUTURE DEVIVALS, I will just SHOW up SOLO with a stripped-down
version of KOF, MUTATED into the "KING(s) OF SLACK"!!!!! (or KILL ME!)

Grand Clavister--Keeper the Keys...enlightened US and performed the
ShortDurMarriage so we could SIN in Peace!

Rev. Nickie DEATHCHICK and WILL O'DOBBS!---- Deathchick Spanking Ritual!!
As I predicted this was the CLIMAX of the show and is NOW a
necklace (Daper as EVER.)....picked the LUCKY VICTIMS, who for
a mere
FIVE BUX donation recieved PUNISHMENT from REV NICKIE.
NICKIE is HOTasFUX.....and is a TRUE Role Model to CONNIE
(Before the show when DEATHCHICK was offered KOF Ear Plugs, she
declined, opting instead to INDURE the Full-blown KOF SLACK
(I did shoot some POLAROIDS of the Deathchick Spank, but the IMAGE
MUTATED and couldn't be captured. You'll have to FREEZE-FRAME
the video.)

After the KOF set Will O'Dobbs (SubG HQ Diplomat and Slack Saleman)
sez to me....."KOF is better than The Beatles" !! ....No wonder "BOB" and
Stang keep Will around, he knows how to lay it on thick. Thanx WILL!

LEGUME..... Yes Dear Friends.... the resurrected rotting corpes himself was
dragged up for a bit of a SPEW......Lookin' pretty sharp for
a mangled ghost, LEGUME set us STRAIGHT on what FAITH in "BOB"
is really about!

As I summoned the HONORARY Bearer of HEAD, KID GINSU up to prepare
the simulated head for launching, our hero LEGUME attempted to
snatch it from KID G's hands and TOGETHER they proceeded to
mutilate the HEAD.
I eventually LAUNCHED what was left of the HEAD to the cries of

PASTOR CRAIG......unleashed FINAL WORD of assorted SLACK SPEW to top

RevDOK BTM...... Then after a FEW BONUS ........PRAISE "BOBs" it was ALL OVER!
My only REAL regret was since I was trying to do ten jobs
at once, I didn't really have enuf time to hang out with
the ALT.SLACKFUX for very long.

Bonus THANX to KNITTING FACTORY (Stevo)......STANG and "BOB"!!!!!!!!

* PS...MY wwweb site is OFF-line for a few days....check it out later!

WWW="OBE-KOF Orgy of Noise" Site:

Rev. Nickie's NYC Devival Report

From: ( Rev. Nickie)

Date: 8 Nov 1995 02:38:18 GMT

Now that my dear Will has gone back to the land of "Bob", I am free to
spend time with all you lovely folks on alt.slack agin.

The NYC Kings of Feedback devival last Thursday was a complete sucess. The
band, of course, was beyond amazing, and I do have to say, DAMN LOUD. I
mean really loud. No, ma'am, even louder than THAT. The highpoint in my
opinion was "KILL "BOB"" wherein "Bob" was well and truly trounced. Plus,
the covers of such classics as Brother Cleve's "Welcome to the End Times"
and "B-O-B" rocked, man. THEY ROCKED!!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!!?? THEY

But the main focus of this Devival for me will always be THE SHOCKINGLY
SubGenius preacher of all time, PERIOD. He may not have graced our
presence much lately, having been on hiatus for several years now, but
I'll tell ya, boys and girls, we sure don't deserve him. HE IS GOD. Nobody
can bring the house down like David Meyer, man.

Will and I had the Unparalleled Privilege of being his on-stage "back-up",
introducing him by coming out and singing "He's Got the Whole World in His
Hands" (after the playing of "Amazing Grace"- truly apt), and shouting at
apporopriate moments. Talk about a "We're Not Worthy!" situation!

There were others such as Legume (or some bad clone of him), P. Craig, and
G. Clavis. Kid Ginsu did an excellent job of MCeeing if I do say so

Oh, and I spanked people for money, including Clavis, and another GIRL,
for those of you who like to have Lesbian S&M fantasies. I may be doing
this again, if y'all are nice enough to me.

The best part is it's all on TAPE, so hopefully you lamos who missed this
landmark, history-making event in the saga of our Great Church will get to
experience some of its grandeur. But what you really missed is the
behind-the-scenes stuff which cannot be told of, let alone discussed in
the video commentary. Some things must remain SECRET.

*you have been blessed by a communication from*
-----Rev. Nickie, FUCKING GODDESS


RevDOK BTM Doktor Spew Diary from the KOF LIVEfux GIGS!


Subject: DOKTORIN' the UN-CONverted SLACKFUX!

Date: Tue, 3 Oct 1995 03:16:05 GMT

KOF heaved out the healing anti-music this past SATURDAY (sept 30) in the time warped retro frontiers of RHODE ISLAND (located somewhere between BOSTON and NYC). The first part of the set was the standard KOF NOISE ROCK TRIP, but then as the audience, (full of SEMI-Normals who had been slaving for the CON and/or studying with CON all day) medicated themselves with magick elixor and imitation frop ....KOF unleashed a powerful HEALING OF SLACK.

I watched the horror on their faces turn into "BOB"-like grins, as I dumped a ton of USED SLACK on 'em, complete with SubG #2 pamphlets.....Jammed a bit on NORMAL and then proceded to KILL "BOB" with my fav golf club!

As we drag the beaten-to-a-pulp zombie 'BOB' off the stage, one NEW CONVERT looked up almost sobbing "YOU KILLED "BOB"!!!!"....I assured her "BOB" would be ressurected in 3 days and NOT to worry. (Although, when I got the zombie 'BOB' back to the studio, I realized that I would need to call in Dok Janor for some Amputation of DOBBS surgery). "BOB" is etched in brains of anyone who witnessed this GIG forever.... or at least 'til X-DAY.

This is really "BOB'S" work...getting unsuspecting dupes to sell their souls to "BOB" at bargain rates. KOF will be back in SURGERY healing the UN-CONverted this FRIDAY (OCT 6) at the MIDDLE EAST here in BOSTON.... DAD TOWNSEND and MODEMAC should be there to witness this HEALING and help PRAISE "BOB"!

THE REAL WORK is CONverted the Semi-Normals.... at these NON-Devival gigs!

Praise "BOB" and SLACKtheFUX OFF ---- RevDOK BTM

*To GO DIRECT to the OBE-KOF SLACKFUX www page...bookmark:



Subject: EMERGENCY Surgery...Amputation of DOBBS!


KINGS OF FEEDBACK- SLACKEDtheFUX out of the crowd of NORMALS...SemiNormals and some wanna be SubGs and EVEN a FEW Full-BLOWN Card Carrying REVERENDs (AKA-Rev Modemac (crossSLACKposting GOD) and Rev DAVE -Non alt.slack-10year REV)
once again this PAST FRIDAY here in BOSTON!!!

KOF closed the show with the CLASSIC "song" KILL "BOB" and the resurected ZOMBIE CLONE of "BOB" took yet another GOLF-CLUB whackin' as I was possesed by the ANIT-bob. The Possesion of BTM was so intense that I broke my sacred FAV GOLF CLUB and nearly DESTROYED DOBBS. BUT of course I repented and LEAD the BELEIVERS in the closing CRIES of PRAISE "BOB"!!!!!!!!!

After the show I relized the ZOMBIE "BOB" was in "major trauma shock mode" and performed EMERGENCY SUGERY into the wee hours. PUMPING in CHURCH AIR ...shotgunnin' FROP, Alien ANDROID Nymho MASSAGE Therapy, along with various DOKTOR Rituals seemed to do the TRICK.

BUT ... BOTH ARMS of DOBBS had to be AMPUTATED (using the Dok Janor AMPUTATION Method). THE amputated VENUS de DOBBs will be RESURECTED in time to delight the LUCK 99 MUTANTS who will witness the KOF SLACKFUX DEVIVAL withPope David Meyer and the who's who of ALT.SLACK at the KNITTING FACTORY -
AlterKnit -NYC on NOVEMBER 2 at 9PM!!!!! I have preserved the two amputated DOBBS ARMSin a solution of PRAIRE SQUID JUICE embolming fluid and will be unleashing these sacred artifacts to the CONGREGATION at the SLACKFUX DEVIVAL!

IT JUST ocured to ME that of ALL the ALT.SLACKfux who have heaved TESTIMONIALS of the SOUNDS of OBE and/or KOF CDs,tapes,records,soundfiles and HoS appearances.......(MORE TESTIONIALS WANTED-Insert HERE>>>>>) ------->
the ONLY mutant from alt.slack to WITNESS KOF "LIVE" is Rev. MODEMAC! Of course this will change after NOV 2 at the KOF SLACKFUX DEVIVAL in NYC. ( NOTE: It is now an official "DEVIVAL" ...earlier posts referred to it as a "MINI-DEVIVAL, but with the inclusion of MEYER and the other ALT.SLACK preachers it is gonna be a SLACKERthanFUX full-blown "DEVIVAL"!!!!!!)

ANY MUTANTS who for some reason haven't experienced the "OBE-KOF Orgy of NOISE" www SITE or the "SubSITE of SLACK" www site must PONDER AND DROOL over every page NOW for Maximum LUCK PLANE INHANCEMENT! BOTH sites are THIRD-Nostril AWARE!

"OBE-KOF Orgy of NOISE" <>

SSSSSLLLLLAAAAACCCCCKKKKK ==== RevDOK BTM +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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