Xist visit report

From: a@invalid.url
Date: Sun, 05 Jul 1998 07:26:39 -0400
Organization: First Church of Solipsism

'Round about 5:30 AM i got up and spent past hour and a half or so making
final arrangements. At 6 i consumed some of the precious last 'frop
available, and kicked back reading cherished segments of 'Revelation X'
while listening to 'Christianity is Stupid'.

Ten minutes before the appouted time, i hiked over to the school grounds.
'What better place to greet the hour,' i thought, 'Than in a place where
so many children have tasted their first piece of Real Slack?' I staked
out a corner in the far schoolyard, under a soccer goalpoast, and lay down
to stare at the clouds.

At that moment, a couple joggers came crashing through the woods and
across the turf. 'Are you okay?' 'Oh yeah, i'm just lying out here to
think about some departed friends.'

The sky was blue and there were two layers of clouds; whispy horsetails
drifted speedily to the west, while puffy clouds a layer above plodded
slowly eastward. This didn't look right.

I compared the motion of the puffy clouds against the treeline in my field
of view. By damn, they *were* moving eastward, contrary to all scientific
and meteorological wisdom!

Shortly after the appointed time, every firetruck and policecar siren in
the city started sounding off. They hadn't stopped by the time i got home.

most holy reverend of
the Only Post Apocalyptic Church of Solipsy

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