XDAY IRC Bunker Command undernet #subgenius

From: srg@slak.org (SRG)
Date: Sat, 04 Jul 1998 22:00:33 GMT

[ XDAY IRC undernet #subgenius]

We aren't gettin' on no fuckin' saucers. But, judjge not and all
that, a heart felth wave and blown kiss and.......
"Best of Luck Saucer People! Byeeeeeee."

There will be some of us, deep in the command bowels of the universe,
nursing the wires, singing lullabies to the routers and bridges,
keeping it safe and happy for the next thousand years.
We will watch XDAY come and go from vantages of comfort and DO join
us. The more the merry-eeeeeee-er.

We will walk the scorched earth. We will drink your booze and shoot
your guns and we will call them OURS. Car Batteries, solar powered
foil hats, 'jacked electro windfarms, we'll get what it takes to keep
the lines clear and the trains running. And the tv's. SLAK's
crakhead staff of time benders has assured me any show I want is
bouncing in the sky and they will find it for me! Thank you, Men and
Rockford Files, Starsky and Hutch, and the Indian movie reveiw show
"Cinema Cinema" first up! You people will just LOVE Shami Kapoor!
And of course, Mexican teevee 24/7/365. OLE~

It' s glorious, here Warriors! Such simple needs now. I want the
downers and a good sharp stick. Beverage.
And to have Rev Psych gimme kissies when I do something clever.
I love you, Timmy Spanlger!

teetering on small feet shod for fun,
Seester Rosa Gabriel
SRG Force Area 27 Jackal Command -SLAK
see you at 7am, wherever you are.

[ XDAY IRC Bunker Command underent #subgenius ]

We ain't gettin' on no fucking saucers


From: biteme@slak.xus (Ubercommandante)

PLAN I<ç|$ is now in effect.

As of 00:00GMT (ZULU) on 07.05.98, all posts, dispatches, announcements or
other communiques, "official" or otherwise, from "The Church of the
Subgenius," "The Subgenius Foundation," and/or any other so-called
"official representatives" here on alt.slack, www.subgenius.com, or on the
fef.net irc channel #subgenius are to be ignored as irrelevant at best, or
disinformation, ie bullshit, at worst. They will attempt to obfuscate,
confuse, and disrupt the Holy Jihad. SLAK cipher labs and syntax
technicians will be hard at work parsing these texts for any useful data.


In other words...there is no change from standing orders!


Fuck 'em, they left...ALL the toys are ours.

> [ XDAY IRC Bunker Command underent #subgenius ]
> http://exo.com/~area27/irc.html
> We ain't gettin' on no fucking saucers

Rawk on, do0dz!
Ubercommandante X, S.L.A.K HQ
undernet #subgenius.../join us!

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