X-Day! Froppin' Time / Saucer Time!!!

From: stang@ripco.com (Dargalia)

What Do ya say?!

Started off Thursday with some froppin' and drummin'. Alt.Slack took over the
woods and fropped till 5 A.M.. The 18,000 People that were in the woods had a
Froppin' Good Time.!! We set the forest on fire so the Xists had somewhere to
land. Modemac Got us all goin' By strippin' and yellin' For Janors' Head .
We Kicked out The norms and took over the airwaves to Scream the Truth
For all
to hear in a 2,000 Mile Radius! (P.S... No Defacating in the Swirly Please!)

Fropped out as some Of The 15,000 Unsaved came to pay their Dues and Be
Turned away as we had no Room For the late comers( Although the FRop'/Alcahol
Money was Appreciated). Saw Stang Rant. Got Him In the Blood Wrestling. Saw
him get Gang Raped By some of the Yeti's out of the woods as he Tried To get
away from the Wymin that were Holding his Now Scalpless Head. Hit the
pools and Watched as Subgenii Were Sexecuted By the
Overwhelming Sexhurt urges.
Alt.Slack Took over the Town as we soon had no room from the Splitting of
personalities. Soon had to take over the state as the Elders Needed Space to
lounge around ( I Hate those Damned Commands ! But WOOHOO! Fun For All!)

Found Out I Was Dead And Buried. Had Stang Perform The Laying On Of Hands(
Fucked me good he did!)

Saw some of the K00lest Anti-Music/ Ranting this side of the Other Dimension!
Met the Greatest Subgenii On the planet ( NO Fights!!! Fewer Assholes!!!)

More of Friday ..The Rest showed up. (Renewed Hope For PKITTY. WE Love U
Had Some of the Greatest Weavings of BullDada I have Ever Witnessed in my
Dimensional Wanderings. FRopp'd some more. Saw Janor (Damned!!! he was
Was a Great time had by all.
Can't Remeber much, But the times had by all were
Too Many to put into words PRAISE "BOB" !!! Slacked Off and Had The People
Naked For 5 States around! They Still Don't Know What Happened!

7:00 A.M. No Xists. The look on Stang's Face however was worth the
Disappointment. (Not Really . But Was Funny Anyhow)
Everyone Packed Up and left the Bloated Carcasses of the Dead and dying for
the Vultures that showed up at the End. Said some...May I Dare?! Tearful
Goodbyes. and am Counting the Days till NEXT X-Day!
Thanks Rev. AMP For The Ride!!!
BTW. G. Gordon Gordon! I'll Get Ya Next Year!!! Heee!!!Heee!!!

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