Stang News 2: X-DAY VIDS LOOK GREAT! -- Future Plans, Etc.

Our recovery is proceeding apace. It's Saturday night and I still haven't looked at alt.slack. No doubt the smarty-pants Discordians and Christians are making fun of us. It took hours just to READ my email. I got that one letter from Dr. Legume where he announced he was "quitting" since I must surely be shutting the Church down... I read that and thought, "MAN, Legume must've REALLY gotten high THAT night!" We talked by phone and I said, "Legume, are you fuckin' NUTS?" He said, "You mean you're NOT shutting the Foundation down??" I said, "Hell no! We're finally starting to make money! So what if the Xists flew on by, or whatever happened? We're religious nuts! Since when did logic, consistency or credibility even enter the picture?" And he said, "HUH! I hadn't thought of that."

Folks, I think it was the bucket full of psychedelic mushrooms talking. That and the days of antisleep. I have a funny feeling that the SubGenius world has not seen the last of Dr. K'taden Legume.

This X-Day was an AMAZING cathartic event, though, in which everything took on greater portent than normal, and there was a sense of huge changes happening deep beneath the surfaces of our lives. NO SHIT. Susie's extremely touching post about her naked dance alone under the moon, sobbing with emotion, says it all. I had a very similar experience, alone, on Saturday night. It was a weekend of defining moments... I'm still sorting it all out.


It was like, in one weekend everything moved up a notch. One of our parents died, one of our parents was diagnosed with cancer, but two of my kids "became grownups" practically all at once. Someone else began her new career as a storyteller on X-Day Eve. Jesus shaved his beard. Legume got all mushy. P-Kitty got diabetes. I started my dog Beast on Canine Senior special food for the first time. I editted Super-VHS and shot High-8 for the first time.

X-Day has become our very own New Years Eve, it seems, wherein things get re-evaluated, blessings are counted, old bad things are cast away and new good things are pursued.

I'm still sorting through the documentation. I know I need to get something up on SubSITE but LORDY. There is so much. I have a huge stash of digital photos shot by Ymmot Zepol and Kimskerzerg (the ceramacist) plus what's been posted to a.b.s.. I still need to edit those. And Rev. Zepol brought over all the video that he shot today. PRAISE REV. YMMOT ZEPOL/EL DIABLO!!!! His VHS tapes look GREAT!!! He captured the 7 am disaster PERFECTLY. (I had not realized how BRIGHT PINK those feathers I was tarred with were.) His camera was mounted up high on a tripod on a table, above the crowd, and he got all the most spectacular stuff from Friday and Saturday night. (My High 8 camera was running all the time too, but it's mostly unmanned static locked-off wide shot, visually dull. Ymmot was actively zooming and framing and etc.) I can't wait to see the Battle of Armaggedon videos. I sort of MISSED it, even though I was in the middle of it, because of that bubble-wrap I was dressed in and because I wasn't wearing my glasses. I had no CHOICE but to fight using the Dobbsian Martian Arts of Grutledge, random spazzing, because I couldn't see a damn thing. That and Passive Resistance. I really laid some Passive Resistance on some Holocaustal Ass. I found that it was much easier to lie on my back like a turtle, where I could look up at Friday's crotch as she stood guard over my head. (My vision is only good about that far.)

I always wondered what it was like for "the guy in the rubber monster suit." Now I know. I have renewed respect for GWAR, believe you me.

I'm dubbing a safety copy of Ymmot's footage right now and it is inspiring me to maybe do a quickie edit of this stuff and make it available ASAP.

Incidentally, at the last minute before we left Dallas for Brushwood, I really did edit down the 1997 X-Day Drill footage into one 2-hour tape... $20. It does NOT feature anybody's complete rants, and hardly any complete songs; it's a sampler, stage-wise. But the hard XXX blasphemous weirdo action stuff like the Ugly Parade, the Last Supper, Crucificion and Baptism are well highlighted. I would recommend it for SubGenius "completists" and for those who were there... but definitely not for most SubGenii. It's basically just compressed home movies, not very slick. I only had a day and a half to edit down 8 hours of footage. NOT a professional production.


I shall strive to post some of these pics-n-clips on SuBSITE and/or a.b.s., but I ain't in a big hurry... someone else and I are taking a little mini honeymoon-vacation from EVERYTHING to reward ourselves some MORE! I'll be combing through alt.slack catching the insanity and will post all that shit with the pictures as usual, all in good time.

XX-Day 1999 -- "DOS-EQUIS" -- is already on the Brushwood schedule, folks.

I'm a true die-hard orthodox SubGenius -- the definitive religious nut. I keep up my F.I.B., my Faith in "Bob." I don't CARE how many times my guru "Bob" might fuck up. If "Bob" does it, it's not really a fuck-up. Anybody who did not understand that implicitly from the beginning was DEFINITELY in the wrong church, and I wish them better luck next time with some other saucer cult. I have some bad news for you, though -- most of the other saucer cults are NOT sex cults ALSO, and they don't have nearly as many COOL BANDS!



Can anybody send me a log of the July 5 Sunday Nite IRC Devival? Or other IRC discussions of X-Day, ON X-Day?

Since most of the non-whiners were actually AT Brushwood, I would imagine that some of it must be what I'll consider a hilarious orgy of sour grapes. This is my chance to add to my collection of Examples of Human Stupidity, big time.

My plan now is to assemble a new section for SubSITE, the X-DAY X-CUSES section, wherein will be stored all the pics and, more importantly, all the feedback, accusations and speculation. For me, sitting back and collecting the expressions of disbelief, scorn, anger, disappointment, etc., will be almost as good as piloting an Escape Vessel would have been. Some select few of you may recognize the intrinsic value of all this X-Day controversey as a GUSHER of HUMAN GULLIBILITY RESEARCH MATERIALS. The guy who makes fun of us because "we believed "Bob"" generally has NO IDEA that in so doing, he's actually proving what we've been saying all along, and, in a way, adding another feather to our cap.



GOD DAMN IT, now I'm gonna have to fulfill my obligations to preach at that Starwood festival in two weeks... AT BRUSHWOOD AGAIN!! I had SO hoped I'd be able to simply RECREATE BRUSHWOOD on my Escape Vessel with only the FUN pagans aboard. BUT at least I'll get to have a nice EXCUSE DEVIVAL with Einstein's Secret Orchestra and Rev. Bleepo Abernathy. Also, I'll get to meet Paul Krassner. He recently had the same idea as I had for a book of funny and/or horrifying first-hand drug trip accounts. I contacted him and told him that I had already collected a hundred such accounts. So I guess BUMMERS will finally become a reality, albeit under a different name.

GOD DAMN IT, I also had to produce ANOTHER HOUR OF SLACK!!! FAST!! By TODAY! So Hour of Slack 639 is a copy of Susie the Floozie's Final Armageddon show, exactly as broadcast on WREK Atlanta. Another BRILLIANT COLLAGE EDIT by the FloozeMeistress!!

Thursday night's EINSTEIN'S SECRET ORCHESTRA radio show on WCSB Cleveland ( -- broadcast Internetwide in AudioActive) was a POIGNANT one indeed. Dr. G. Gordon Gordon was still in Dallas so he joined Chas Smith, Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Princess Wei R. Doe and myself for a post-X-Day X-Cuse orgy which produced more on-air crack-ups than we have ever experienced. Since ESO Radio pretty much *IS* The Hour of Slack lately, we'll eventually have replays on SubSITE on on our valued broadcast stations.

Wave on, wave on.

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