shot by KIMSKERZERG (the lady selling SubGenius Ceramics in the booth by the stage). Rev. Kim is the sister of Professor Insanity. We stayed at her COOL COOL house in the HOT HOT WEATHER in St. Louis, between Brushwood and Dallas.

This photo: 6:59 am July 5 1998. We are counting down to X-Moment. The rather ILL-FATED X-Moment, GOD DAMN IT! From L to R: Dr. Dynasoar, Rev El, Mary Magdalene, me, Papa Joe Mama.


7:02 am, July 5, 1998. L2R: Dr. Legume, Lou Siffer, me, Dr. G. Gordon Gordon, someone else. Legume is leading the crowd in the burning of their membership cards, calling me a charlatan in the wake of the non-Rupture. As if I was the prophet, and not Dobbs. HEY -- I just work here.
Shot by Kimskerzerg.


Kimskerzerg shot of IrRev. Friday Jones in her full battle regalia. My dream come true. An army of luscious full-bosomed redheads saving me from evil while I lay wrapped in a secure cocoon.

Unfortunately, this secure cocoon of bubble wrap, proved hotter than the ZONTAR THING FROM VENUS monster suit of legend. When not shooting pictures, Kimskerzerg was bringing me water to sip through a straw so that I would not suffer heat exhaustion.

It made me LEAK in my MOONPANTS, as did the sight of Friday Jones and Rev. Susie the Floozie standing guard over my head while I lay on my back, kicking fitfully like an overturned tortoise, as seen in the next pictures.


Action shot of Friday and Susie protecting me during the Battle of Armageddon. I AM one lucky son of a bitch.


What REALLY makes me the luckiest son of a bitch in the world next to "Bob" is someone else, seen here in the foreground helping prepare my frail little arthritic wizened Ivangelical body for its upcoming brutal savaging by beer-swigging Holocaustal rednecks.

Mrs. Stang recently quit her job and has started her own bizarre Connietite cult, for which she and her minions are constantly recruiting more "somebodies," as her followers are called. Her cult gained about 300 people on X-Day Eve when she belly-danced in an arcane Connietite ritual.


This picture sums up why the Ivangelical path is the One True Path (as opposed to Holocaustals and F-U-menicals). WE HAVE BEAUTIFUL SUPER-HERO ANGELS WITH GIGANTIC TOOTHED VAGINAS -- ON OUR SIDE!!! Sister Susie the Floozie's battle armor is seen in all its glory in this excellent photo by Kimskerzerg. During the third round of the Battle, Susie was injured and I had to apply mouth to "mouth" resuscitation.

NOW to gradually begin uploading the pictures shot by Ymmot Zepol, aka El Diablo.

Sunday afternoon, X-Day -- furious with Dobbs' utter failure, Dr. K'taden Legume wrenches the neck of the Dobbs Homunculus which he himself had so painstakingly built.

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