X-Day is tomorrow?

From: aloomis@whale.st.usm.edu (Austin George Loomis)

"Despair not, ye pinks; in the second year before the Millenium [sic], on
the day of God Come Wednesday, as in the twinkling of an eye will come among
thee the Pahana, which are like unto thy great white brothers."
-- The PreScriptures (Neuronicus 102)

This "8661" story that appears to have gotten started at Brushwood must, then,
be either (a) to distract us out of realizing that the Xists' arrival was
delayed 3 days to fulfill the gangster computer god's prophecy; or (b)
something nobody'll be able to call him on, since even without the Rupture,
Omicron Epsilon will have come and gone by then anyhoo.

Austin, and good day.

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