X-Day is closer than you may think...

From: Rabbi <maxx@netaxs.com>

According to my calendar, it's the 58th century already. The problem
may be that most pink dumbasses are locked into the CHRISTIAN calendar
and didn't think of looking anywhere else. Guess nobody else thought of
that one.
Of course, after spending a weekend in the woods with about 300
Subgenii, I think I can wait a little longer before splitting saucer for
eternity with most of y'all. What I saw was mostly a bunch of
open-mouthed limp-dicked voyeurs who couldn't find the balls to jump
into a pool filled with naked busty Connieites (Praise Pee Kitty, who
swam the good swim before bowing out. He deserved much better). I'll
take my chances here for a little longer...


From: saint andreux <saint@!bugger-off!prairienet.org>

You know, after hearing about Thursday night, it was
ALMOST enough for me to give up drinking.

Although, I doubt that I'm going to be mixing cheap beer,
amaretto, goldschlagger, jagermeister, tequila, jack daniels,
and gin in one night again for a very long time.

I will say though, that Rabbi has FABULOUS taste in clothes.


1. Dave Lynch - you just can't beat a man in plaid with a plastic spoon
2. Rabbi - that tight leather outfit of yours was just beautiful.
3. Suzie the Floozie - of COURSE.
4. The Girl [tm] - plaid catholic school girl skirts do WONDERS for me.
5. That one spacy girl with sparkly crap in her eyes - before she got
nekkid, she was wearing this very tight half-tee that made her quite
easy on the eyes.
6. Ed Strange - military fashion with black jackboots say STYLE.
7. Betsy Fucking Ross / Pee Kitty - THE SOCKS, MAN!!! THE SOCKS!!!

"the pervert is back!" FIND OUT WHY: www.xenu.net
www.prairienet.org/~saint/ MY NAME IS A BANNED PHRASE


From: i.stang@subgenius.com (Rev. Ivan Stang)

In article <6o00u2$g5n@news9.noc.netcom.net>, saint andreux
<saint@!bugger-off!prairienet.org> wrote:

> 7. Betsy Fucking Ross / Pee Kitty - THE SOCKS, MAN!!! THE SOCKS!!!

Ya'll will be glad to know that those bee-butt-striped yellow and black
socks were one of the most talked-about aspects of the whole event, late
Monday night, when the Barneys and the Stangs sat around for dinner and
compared notes on our various histories of weird events.

The Brushwood staff, and many SubGenii, were awestruck by those damn socks.

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