X-Day Hangover

From: 1136767@skytel.com (Dr. Derek Robb, Kaiju Hakase)
Date: 7 Jul 1998 06:53:20 GMT

Well hey. So the saucers didn't come. What's important isn't whether
something is TRUE or FALSE, but if it is FUNNY. And, dammit, 7am, July
5th, 1998 at Brushwood was PRETTY DARNED FUNNY. Stang stripped, tarred and
PINK FEATHERED by a mob of angry subgeniuses and then thrown into a lake
filled with LEECHES and SOLID WASTE, while screaming "I just work here!"
and "You've got me confused with someone else!" and words to that
effect... well, it certainly made it worthwhile.

My condolances to anyone who did not attend the brushwood x-day shindig.
It really was one of the best frickin' parties anywhere ever. and... YOU
MISSED IT! Nyeah nyeah. Was this "woodstock for our generation"? HELL NO.
This was X-DAY. No good comparing it with the lingering deluded memories
of a bunch of baby boomers, this was its own gargantuan shindig. Plus, it
had VIOLENCE and RAMPAGING and.. well, more naked insane bloody people
than you could shake an exploding stick at.

Of course, i assume folks have already mentioned the BIG X IN THE SKY over
brushwood at around 630am on the 5th.... now that was just swell.

Plenty of good ol' GENIUNE MUTANTS to make the party worhtwhile, and just
enough CATCH-PHRASE SPEWING ASSHOLES to feed that healthy sub-g HATE that
puts such a spring in our step.

I'm pretty much still a wreck from the festivities of it all, so this
description really doesn't do the party justice.. but, if you were there,
you know what i'm talking about... if not, you have no idea what you've

And, if you're reading this, i'd just like to say to the weird naked guy
in the towel who babbled for hours about having sex with cartoon
characters, i intend on building a room in my house for you so i can pull
you out for parties and suchlike. I salute you, you frickin' weirdo.

You can't fight City Hall, but you can for goddamn sure blow it up.

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From: notr@aol.com (NotR)

>Well hey. So the saucers didn't come.

That's what YOU think, Pinkboy.

--In space, no one can hear you laugh.


From: bmguth@mtco.nospam.com (Reverend AmphibiousAssault)

In article <3Njo1.13010$kV3.8361883@news.giganews.com>, edi@iah.com

> Was Stang mutitilated?

Well, not at Brushwood, as far as I know...but something must have
happened at some point in the past, because when the ladies stripped him,
he only had ONE PENIS!

You think humans fear Lorena Bobbit???? Yeti have SO MUCH MORE TO LOSE!

Reverend AmphibiousAssault
Church of the Inevitable Revolution
"History Ends Right Now!"


From: friday@subgenius.com (IrRev. Friday Jones)

In article <MPG.100c5dbbe4d9b9fd989688@news.mtco.com>,
bmguth@mtco.nospam.com (Reverend AmphibiousAssault) wrote:

>In article <3Njo1.13010$kV3.8361883@news.giganews.com>, edi@iah.com
>> Was Stang mutitilated?
>Well, not at Brushwood, as far as I know...but something must have
>happened at some point in the past, because when the ladies stripped him,
>he only had ONE PENIS!

He _claimed_ the rest had retracted in fear.


From: "kevbob" <kevbob.AlLsPaM@ecsis.net>

Eddie Johnston <edi@iah.com> wrote in article
> Was Stang mutitilated?

not that i noticed,

but seeing him vainly try to break his watch reminded me of seeing trent
reznor call out a roadie with a screwdriver to pry apart his keyboard, when
he couldn't break it on his own.

"the middle just got a whole lot harder."


From: i.stang@subgenius.com (Rev. Ivan Stang)


EXCUSE ME!!! But I seem to remember that I whipped that watch off, whapped
it on the Pulpit with excessive force, and it splattered in tiny fragments
all over the place on the first or second try. VAINLY?!?!? The god damned
thing splintered like a supernova!

The reason I remember this is that it was actually a fairly expensive
watch, and I had certainly not planned to smash it, but damn it, in the
last 2 minutes before X-Day, knowing full well what I was about to undergo
(having approved the feather and tar requisition forms), I HAD TO BELIEVE
motherfucker in total spontanaeity. Someone else was PISSED that I did it.
Her mom had given it to me as a present. But it was the most sincere
possible gesture, and unless I am remembering all wrong, you musta been
halucinating. I remember marvelling out loud at the delightful spray of
tiny parts that that watch made when it exploded.

I still haven't replaced the watch, either.

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