what Stang and Jesus won't tell

From: sholland@iclub.org
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Subject: what Stang and Jesus won't tell
Date: Fri, 10 Jul 1998 16:15:26 GMT

free slack

Dobbstown, P.O.Box 75, Renfro Valley, KY 40473

free sex

Dobbstown, P.O.Box 75, Renfro Valley, KY 40473

extraterrestrial contact

Dobbstown, P.O.Box 75, Renfro Valley, KY 40473

conspiracies unveiled

Dobbstown, P.O.Box 75, Renfro Valley, KY 40473

thrills, adventure, science

Dobbstown, P.O.Box 75, Renfro Valley, KY 40473

feral humans

Dobbstown, P.O.Box 75, Renfro Valley, KY 40473

shrunken heads

Dobbstown, P.O.Box 75, Renfro Valley, KY 40473

better living through cannibalism

Dobbstown, P.O.Box 75, Renfro Valley, KY 40473

grow bigger tomatoes the subgenius way

Dobbstown, P.O.Box 75, Renfro Valley, KY 40473

fish sticks for the millions

Dobbstown, P.O.Box 75, Renfro Valley, KY 40473

ftaaaaahhh n'gngghgn

Dobbstown, P.O.Box 75, Renfro Valley, KY 40473

only this time, IT'S REAL...

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From: bluebetl@remove.indy.net (DrBuglove)

In article <friday-ya02408000R1007981259350001@news.tiac.net>,
friday@subgenius.com (IrRev. Friday Jones) wrote:
>In article <6o5emt$ga7$1@nnrp1.dejanews.com>, sholland@iclub.org wrote:
>>free slack
>Used or new?

More than likely "Gently used to go to and from PINK CHURCH every Sunday by a
little old lady from Dallas"

Actually what Stang and Jesus won't tell you is that Jesus din't shave off his
beard, the beard was actually "Bob" in disguise...
What better place to hide and observe than on the face of Da Lord?

For everyone thinking about this KYCotSG, in Rev X it states that we may all
still be here after X-Day if "Bob" cut a better deal. I think that ol'
snakeoil salesman pulled it off and we may be due for a whole sledload o'
Slack! So follow this Freebie knockoff of the CotSG if you want, but for $30
bucks to the sacred P.O.Box, you get Stang, Jesus, and by damned if it doesn't
look like Legume is sneaking back into his Ken suit....(or is that vice
versa?) You get people that aren't wannabe's but THE REAL DEAL! YOU GET THE
this! Triple of Free is ziltch!!! You also get the opportunity of giggling
wildly when you tell your friends that you sent off $30 to an alien death

After reading this group this week, I feel moved to rant....
(even though this is a follow up to Friday's post this is not directed at her,
the people this rant is directed to should be obvious. for experienced
ranters, this is my first, so understand if it's not the best)

Who the hell are YOU to come to the CotSG, filled with YOUR expectations and
then whine and cry when they're not met? If the Xists had come and taken all
the good little SubGenii, you'd whine and cry that your dog didn't get to go,
or your family, or your ball card collection. I came into the Church not
knowing, or even caring about, what to expect. ALL I CARE ABOUT IS HAVING FUN!

I had a blast at X-day! One of the most fun weekends of my life! I get home,
log into this newsgroup to see if there's any cool commentary on X-day and all
I saw was people complaining that nothing happened! I thought to myself, "Ok,
this can't last too much longer, let's check back tomorrow." The next day saw
a few good X-day posts, but now people were screaming for their money back and
starting new churches and trying to steal people into Discordia. WTF????
Something doesn't go their way and everyone shits themselves???? It's no
wonder we haven't heard too much from the High Muckedy-mucks. If I had gone
through all that trouble and came in and saw this reaction I'd feel pretty
damned unappreciated. What's worse is to think that I may have stood shoulder
to shoulder with some of these people at X-day, letting loose a "Praise
"BOB"!" with them! The true bottom of the barrel are the people that STAYED

alt.slack hasn't been all bad this week though, we were first shown a truly
heartfelt departure by Dr. Legume, revelations by both TarlaStar and Suzie The
Floozie, and some hilarious conversations between Andreux and Phred... If
there only was a way to put all the whining posts in a killfile, you'd see who
the faithful are, and who was just along as a joiner, a wannabe, or someone
that just didn't get it.

I got my Slack at X-day, for those that didn't, you shoulda never sent in your
$30 in the first place, but since ya did, I hope they spent it on some of the
things that gave me a smile....


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