Video, Audio, Photos from Event(s): S.A.V.E. M.E.

From: "A.K.A. Whoever'e'wantstobe" <>

S. A. V. E. M. E. (c)(tm)
SubGenius Audio Video Entertainment Media Exchange
Including Photography/Print/Paper ALSO!(Archive&Edit)


This is an initial feeler/bulletin. I made an announcement at
one or two points at Brushwood/X-Day weekend, regarding S.A.V.E. M.E.
While I got information on a number of you on the list that I passed
around, I am quite sure that I did not get information from ALL of you,
and I would suspect that there are a number of you out there that are
not even aware of these efforts.

Basically, we would like to hear from EVERYBODY who was recording
Video, Film, Audio, or taking pictures. In ANY format, Analog, or
Digital. This applies to X-Day weekend, or ANY other SubGenius or
related event. Print/Paper (zines, articles, etc.) and art also of

Oh, also, if you know of anybody who is NOT online, or whom does NOT
read alt.slack (I know I don't.) too frequently who might have done
this, please ask them/pass on the information regarding us.

Our goals are primarily twofold: One, to create an Archive of Material
and Two, to Edit down everything into a final copy for distribution.. as
clearly, as has been said not everybody could get to everything, nor
could you record everything and from every angle that which you WERE
" Things I liked about the End O' The World:
5. Completely IGNORING most of everything that went on, instead
deciding 'ah, I'll see it all on the video ANYWAY'."--saint andreux


A.K.A. Whoever'I'Wannabe

Notes of information:

1)To respond, please email me at

a)Make the Subject line "SAVE ME:furthertopichere" so it's easier
to sort [I run a bunch of different things, and get lots of email.]

2)Stay tuned for a P.O. Box to send things to, I will be getting one
soon enough - I've been trying to get a cool #.

a)Also note: stay tuned for a webpage, it will probably be when it
gets put up:

3)If you want to contact us for any other reason: i.e. you want to
donate/buy us lots more audio/video editing equipment to make this a lot
easier, you can help out in some other way, or you just want to aquire a
copy when we're all done, or whatever, please feel free.. you're more
than welcome. 8)

4)And finally, PLEASE be PATIENT. This is going to take a while to get
together and done well!!

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