The Honor Roll

From: Citizen Ken <>
Date: Tue, 07 Jul 1998 23:50:17 -0400

Goddamn, it was assbusting work setting up all the shit at Brushwood
last weekend. It's time for me to thank the hardasses who helped me out

Edward Strange, who couldn't get laid all weekend because I kept going
to his tent and screaming "We got work to do".

Jim Brodie and Dave Peirce, who helped us wrestle with the dead pig at 2

Rev Steve G, who was one generally helpful motherfucker.

Tehuti and Avatar from the Luciferian Liberation Front. Tehuti, for
being strong as 10 strong men when that goddamned pig had to be moved
around, and Avatar, for being such an excellent butcher. The Green
Berets were FOOLS for training guys like you to kill for OUR TEAM.
Also thanks for bringing the sound system. You guys are GODZ.

Thanks also to B.J. Price for somehow running the sound all weekend
without a minute of sleep. Sorry again about shooting you in the back.

A SPECIAL thanks to ANGEL for running around naked and keeping my dick
hard all weekend.

And thanks to everyone who I'm no doubt forgetting.

Ken Narouski

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