Thank You ALL Who Were There!

From: (Dargalia)
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Subject: Thank You ALL Who Were There!
Date: 7 Jul 1998 03:29:02 GMT
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(NOTE: this guy is NOT any relation to Rev. Ivan Stang)

I Can't Even BEGIN To Say what I felt Over The Weekend!.

First To All Who Were There:

We Had the GREATEST FUCKING FUN DIDN'T WE? Froppin' At Stompin'. And The
Pagans' Were Fun too Eh?. That Drum Circle Will Stay With Me Forever!!
The Rants Were Great The people Greater!. Blood Wrestling, ShorDurMars, The
Pool (No Shitting in the Whirlpool Dammit!!), The pavillion. My Ressurrection
Was A Fun Time I might Add. And Yes I Made It through the Rain ( A Beautiful
Woman Let me Stay In Her Tent On Saturday). Sleeping under that Piece of wood
in Alt.Slack Was Fun And All that were there Fropped Up ( PKITTY We Miss U
BUD!~!!). I Want To Do it Again this week. Maybe they'll be there maybe not!
Modemac, Godfather, P-Lil And the rest ( I Can't Remember. Oh BETSY!! 0-) )
And All I Forgot... THANK YOU!!!

And now for the rest (I.E. Those that did NOT Attend)
You missed the Best Party You will ever see. Next year you might be
there ,but
the INTENSITY was sooo very INTENSE!! U Will never be able to see that again!
But We Will Try Again and get NUDE (ANGELA!!! I WAnt To 'PRESS' Ur buttons

I Fropp'd And Dropped And did it again. Will come back again next year!!!
Kill 'BOB'!!! But not till we Party Again!!!!!

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