X-Day Fuck-Up

From: Ginsu <jch1@voicenet.com>

Well, I don't know about you, but if the Xists' speech patterns are so
drawn out that they make the southern drawl sound like Pope Phred at
Modemac's bulldada auction, it's quite possible that they might take
thousands of years just to say three words. And if they're invisible,
how would you know they were here then?? All you'd have was "Bob"'s word
on it, and you clearly are not buying THAT.

And everyone who is loking for Triple their money back will just have to
wait until they get their AUTHENTIC chance at Eternal Salvation. Since
everyone seems to still be alive, can't we gather that "Bob" DID save the
world, that the Xists DID accept "Bob"'s deal, and that therefore we are
still entitled to our Eternal Salvation, AS PROMISED?? No-one but the
faithless who burned their cards a few hours before Rupture (Did Happen!)
gets Triple Their Money Back.


Count Lewis wrote:

> Possible explanations:
> 1. Bob did fuck up and get the date wrong.
> 2. Due to a typographical error by "someone else" (Stang?) the date
> was 2089 or some other date.
> 3. The saucers literally got lost in space. Perhaps slipped thru a
> wormhole and showed up in a totally different universe or were sucked
> into a black hole.
> 4. Due to a malfunction of their radar device, their saucers all
> landed in Newark, NJ, were immediately "saucer-jacked", stripped and
> put on blocks, and the X-Men themsellves mugged and killed.

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