Post X-Day Thoughts

From: (Reverend AmphibiousAssault)


Part 1: My Thoughts About The Event

This past weekend was a BLAST! Thank you to everyone who helped to make
it such a great weekend for me! This includes old friends whom I met in
3space for the first time, new friends I made at Brushwood, and, last but
certainly not least: Stang, Jesus, & everyone else who worked so hard to
stage this event!

Part 2: My Thoughts About This Newsgroup

To the stupid idiots who have been posting here all weekend. Anyone with
1/4 of a brain already KNEW there would be no saucers. As for what we
paid to be members of this church, I should point out that there's no
shame in paying the people who entertain you. We all do it everytime we
attend a movie, a sporting event, or whatever it is we like to watch or
do. If I had it to give at this point, I'd HAPPILY give Stang, et al.
another $30 just so they could keep up the good work. I spent a shitload
of money on merchandise this past weekend and I am DAMN PROUD to have
done so. And if you morons don't understand the appeal of spending time
out in the woods with a great bunch of people, listening to entertaining
rants, watching a war with fake weapons, and, my personal favorite,
watching naked women wrestle while covered with fake blood; well then I
guess you ARE as PINK as we've always said you were.

Part 3: What Now?

Well, I for one have spent a significant amount of time catching up on
this newsgroup, and have found most of the posts since July 1st to be a
most wonderful reminder of why I joined the Church in the first place,
and of why I HATE you PINKS so damn much. My clench was FOUNDED on the
belief that the saucers would never show, and we were proven correct on
Sunday morning. So, the Inevitable Revolution begins...a revolution
against all that is slack-sucking. Sister GuerrillaWarfare is outside,
polishing the tanks, even as I write this, and Brother AerialBombing has
just finished fueling up his plane. As for me, all I can say is
this...if you're PINK, I wouldn't go too close to the water.

Part 4: To My Fellow SubGeniuses

Keep the faith, brothers and sisters. The Con hasn't beaten us yet, and
the bastards never will. So there were no saucers...but we had a great
fucking time, didn't we?

Reverend AmphibiousAssault
Church of the Inevitable Revolution
"History Ends Right Now!"


From: (Reverend AmphibiousAssault)

In article <6nujva$4di$>,
> Sometimes I think that you guys are fucking
> serious,and it scares the living ghee out of me.

Don't be scared, Terry....I took your picture at and your
friends will be SPARED.

Reverend AmphibiousAssault
Church of the Inevitable Revolution
"History Ends Right Now!"

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