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From: "Phloighd" <>
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Subject: Re: unsatisfying X-day - Fun, but...
Date: Mon, 6 Jul 1998 13:00:45 -0400

Modemac wrote in message <6npl8v$>...

>Something tells me you weren't at Brushwood. There were no saucers, no
>floating Heads of Dobbs, and no Rupture. So what did we get instead?
> Lots and lots of naked Yeti of both genders
> Swimming pool baptisms and hot tubs

I can verify this. In fact, if my film hadn't been confiscated by the
Brushwood staff, I might even have proof. While taking pictures of the
"Bob"tismal pool filled with naked chicks, Stang walks up with a vid camera
and asks if I've been takin' pictures of lots of naked chicks, and if I was
gonna go jack off to 'em. Of course, I responded with a vigorous
affirmative on both counts. Shortly thereafter I was offered free film
development on the condition that I turn over every roll I had, as my camera
had been pointed in the direction of underage titty (hell, it didn't look
underage, but hey, who can tell)... Apparently some freak has been to pagan
events for the sole purpose of photographing naked underage chicks. A damn
shame that I get tagged as a pervert for wanting to document the joy of

> Ranting for days on end til guts bled

Or throats bled, in my case. If my voice hasn't returned by Wednesday, I'll
need a visit to a doctor or preferably Doktor.

> Frappy, lots of frappy (however you define it)

Uh huh. Some journalists I ran into apparently saw nothing but the
prevalence of drugs, and ignored the plotting going on in the woods
regarding rushing Sherman and establishing the Western New York Free SubG

> The Battle of Armageddon

Damn holocaustals realized how dangerous I was before I could take anybody
out, but I did get some damn good hits in. Should'a used that shield as a
battering ram. I hope my buddy got a pic of Stang entirely covered in
bubble-wrap and duct tape.

> Anti-music galore

First time seeing Einstein's Secret Orchestra, they rule. A violin with
distortion and wah-wah is a wonderful thing. Too bad the Con moles hadda
fuck up the sound system causing the evil delays. "Okay, that mic's set,
what else do you want me to check?" "Everything." Sigh.

> Much, much, MUCH more

Much of my X-Day experience is a blur. I remember at one point being
dragged to the woods and brutally gang-raped by gobs of Dobbs... Or maybe
that's a metaphor. Anyway, the anal bleeding has stopped.

>Boo hoo hoo, there wasn't no Rapture, so I guess it just wasn't worth it
>to go down to Brushwood and party naked for four days straight.

Party naked with the likes of people I've never known here in Greebo, Inc.,
I'll say that much.

>Or maybe some people have trouble understanding what's more IMPORTANT!

More important than seizing Xist technology?


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