Ivan Stang is a Genius. Keep the money!!!

From: "VeMan" <victor@noSpam.com>
Date: Wed, 8 Jul 1998 17:22:41 -0700

I joined the Church on July 4th 1998, the day before X-Day. I have been
familiar with the Church since the early 80's when I saw an ad for a $1.00
pamphlet in a telephone booth in Houston. After hearing about the INWO
release, I decided to check out the SubG website, where I was informed about
the impending event about 3 weeks before. I didn't know what would actually
happen. All I knew was that I had to be there. It was the first real
End-of-the-World party I have ever had the privelege of attending. Mostly, I
expected it to be a gathering of intelligent people who could read between
the lines of the SubG literature, people who were mentally flexible enough
to be able to shift paradigms at will, and yes, I at least entertained the
possibility that those damn Saucers might actually show up. Nonetheless, I
did originally purchase a round-trip plane ticket from California to

When the X-Day event occurred, what I saw was an example of high comedy in
action. The fact that Ivan spent some 18 years setting this up is
representative of sheer brilliance, and I am happy to have had the privelege
to be present. I honestly didn't think that anybody there actually took the
whole thing seriously, but from some of the posts I've been reading, I am
apparently wrong, which makes me laugh even harder.
Come on, it was only $30, not your life's savings. He didn't demand sexual
access to your wife or girlfriend. And he didn't poison his flock when he
realized that he might be wrong, unlike so many others in his position. the
best thing about it for me was the whole process of having the veil lifted,
not to mention watching Stang get denounced while drenched in motor oil and
Chicken feathers. I suspect that Stang knew perfectly well what his fate was
to be, and took on the role enthusiastically.

Thanks Ivan, for not only giving us the opportunity to pull the wool over
our own eyes, but for your role in helping us to help ourselves to remove
it, not just for the CofSG, but for every other idiotic eschatological relig
ion- especially Christianity. By the end of the event, something became
quite clear that, for me, probably already was to begin with. If we want to
get to some sort of Heaven, then we better get off our asses and start
building it for ourselves.

Hope your next dream is at least as fun your last one.



From: terrygibson@rocketmail.com

You sound like you had as much fun as I did! Don't
worry about the ones who seem to take the whole
damn thing seriously,if they were'nt bugging us
they'd be in a D&D group somewhere being looked
down on by snotty people in black clothes ( some of
them probably are anyway) I've been around since
1985 and it takes all kinds I guess, the real joy is
the chance at meeting in person some damn fine and
interesting folks. May "The Church" evolve and go on

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From: monsterwax@aol.com (Monsterwax)

Veeman wrote:

"Come on, it was only $30, not your life's savings. He didn't demand sexual
access to your wife or girlfriend. "

GOD DAMNIT STANG! What the HELL is THIS supposed to mean?! Was I the ONLY ONE
that had to pony up his wives and girlfriends for your twisted sexual pleasure?
YOU told me THEY ALL did! FUCKING LIAR!!! Not only did you twist the truth
about X-day, but now THIS! Just you wait....


From: friday@subgenius.com (IrRev. Friday Jones)

Yeah! I had to hand over my boyfriend at least twice! What gives??


From: "Rev. Monkey" <tbeck@truserve.com>

> Yeah! I had to hand over my boyfriend at least twice! What gives??

Wait...so he didn't ACTUALLY take sexual pleasures with any of you FIRST
HAND?!? Man, did i get the shaft then (literally....)

fuck(pattent obcsenity make the world go 'round)

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