Have you seen the naked girl from Brushwood? (you know the one)

From: monsterwax@aol.com (Monsterwax)
Date: 10 Jul 1998 04:58:26 GMT

Yes, I know, we weren't supposed to STEAL anything from Brushwood, but I
couldn't help myself. That naked girl with the plastic troll and pink boa was
too much to resist. Great face. The rest was okay too. (Nothing a few weeks of
slave labor wouldn't firm up). So I thought to myself, "Self- she would make a
good trophy next to the freeze dried cat o'mine." so I went for it: I used my
three day old unwashed pair of socks to knock her out and tossed her in the
trunk. The only problem was, in a brief moment of misguided sympathy, I tossed
the socks in the back seat of the car... in the same compartment with ME. Big
mistake. About twenty miles down the highway, I started to lose consciousness.
When I awoke, my car was an wrapped around the overpass column and the trunk
top was missing... as was the naked girl!

Yeah yeah yeah, I told the highway patrol, but I had my hands full explaining
the rotting pig's head and quite frankly, if they found her, I didn't want
sloppy seconds. So be a bud and help me out: If YOU see a naked girl walking
along the highway and she looks even half way cute, let me know PRONTO! You
WILL be rewarded. Thanks.

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