California X-day '98

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Subject: Re: x-day '98
Date: Sat, 04 Jul 1998 14:33:48 -0700

Tardon Feathered wrote:
> does anybody out there have news of San Francisco celebrations of this
> blessed event? please respond to rugbyrne @

Good question. Today is July 4, 1998 2:23pm in California.
Of course, what else, I waited until the last minute to look for other
celebrants who want to stay up until July 5th, 1998 7:00am.

No big deal. A few days ago I called the number in Texas and talked to
Jesus himself. He said he's gotten about ten calls or so from
California from subg's who are looking for an "X-day eve event"
non-quote, un-non-quote.

Having been at Brushwood in 1997 for the x-day drill, and deciding that
fun was what it was, even though I'm sure I slept through half of it, I
decided to see what's happening here in the SF bay area among subg's.

Answer: Nothing is going on. Nobody has any idea about anything.
California is a desert relative to the world of the subgenius.
I'll be standing, looking at the sky tomorrow at 7:00am and probably
seeing a glow in the east from the burning humanoids in western New York
State, Brushwood.

There's still time to party, but probability looks low on any fun

Mutants don't care.

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