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AKA: where you moiving to?
Pastor_X: You wouldnt talk like that Ginsu if you knew who I is
Resop: Speaking of which...
Ginsu: I'll cobble one together from spare parts.
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Stang: Eheeeeehigh-YAH!!!
PeeKitty: Where you going, Kid?
Pastor_X: Rabbi
decadence hugs Stang and Rabbi
Pastor_X: Wanna fuck Rabbi
Ginsu: Rabbi, Stang!!
decadence: HEUNH!
Resop: Jacklyn!
PeeKitty: There's the bastahd now!
Stang: Sister Decadence! You made it!
decadence: Hey guys, it's my virginal trip into IRC!!
Pastor_X: HahahaCharlatan Stang
Ginsu: You're Bill Patty, the one, the only!
decadence: There HAD to be something I was a virgin at!
Pastor_X: Wrong, Gymshoe
ChrisLi: heya Rabbi, Stang, et al
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Ginsu: You. Bollocksmonger. Legume.
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Rabbi: Wow, I came at the same time as Stang? Not bad.
Stang: Hey Pastor X, we misser yer nose-bitin' ass!
Pastor_X: Heheh
Stang: Missed.
decadence: Ah Stang, you sweet talking beastie
Pastor_X: miles from home. will return later
Pastor_X: Hi Daddy
Stang: Decadence, I have been coppin' your pictures off alt.binaries.slack!!
decadence: Rabbi: good timing with the hand...
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decadence: Stang: You digging them?
Pastor_X: Shroomover, huh, stang?
Stang: I have about 18 zillion pics that El Diablo shot which I'm culling down for postability...
decadence: Yeah I pondered posting more.....
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Pastor_X: Stang, any of my wife?
Stang: RABBI!! The videos of us wrassling are WONDERFUL!!! Since I had no glasses on at the time, I couldn't SEE you.
Rabbi: Decadence, I hope I did the right thing be letting you post my bod
ChrisLi sings a happy song about cooking beef jerky.
AKA: stang - i hope the video turned out okay, im afraid the first one was a bit jumpey...
decadence: What a loss...didja see her BUTT pic? WOOF!
decadence smiles at Rabbi....OH YEAH
Stang: AKA -- I have barely even logged what's roughly on the tapes from my camera, but they look okay.... Rev. Zepol's videos of the 7 am thang KICK ASS!
Pastor_X: Rabbi, can i mail those to your co-workers?
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ChrisLi: Stang, QuijiboCam videos will be in the mail next week. making the third time i've watched them.
Bunnyboy: lo AGIN!
Resop: Yeah Rabbi you beat Stang up so bad he couldn't tag out.
Pastor_X: Does your company have a web page, Rabbi?
Stang: I am VERY HAPPY that Rev. Zepol caught the 7 am stuff.... the video is FUCKING HILARIOUS!!! I'm gonna do a rough edit ASAP.
Bunnyboy: Is it any coincidence that I fell out the minute Stang showed up?
Stang: Plus I figure those professional video guys caught the main stuff pretty well.
*decadence* Seems we're to be at your place next viewing...want Doc Frop to attend at that time? nudge nudge
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ONAN: yo
decadence hugs Onan.
Ginsu: onan!
Rabbi: Yeah, but Stang managed to call in Papa Joe Mama to suck on my toes somehow.
ChrisLi: Huzzah for Onan!
Bunnyboy: Nice to know those feathers haven't softened those bony elbows, Ivan
PeeKitty: Stang: ChrisLi's footage is the ONLY KNOWN FOOTAGE of my imprisonment in the hospital. Use it somewhere, dammit...
PeeKitty: ONAN!
Stang: Decadence: YES!! (Don't personal message me, I get too confused when that happens)
PeeKitty hugs Onan, too
Bunnyboy: lo Onan
Resop: SEE!!
decadence: Stang: Okay honey...didn't want to ask in public
Rabbi rubs up against Onan.
decadence: hey Rabbi, can I take the other side?
Pastor_X: Here's a good queation, Stang. Wht did the video crew film the nude wrestling, then tell me that i couldn't be interviewed with Angel on my lap?
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Stang: Onan. The video of your singing looks and sounds good. I was so happy to finally HEAR it.
Rabbi rubs against Decadence, while she's at it.
Bunnyboy: lo Loki
decadence: Oooooooohhhhhhhhhh
ONAN: everybody hang on a second before i return hugs and stuff
Resop: Because god does not approve of such pre-marital rubbing
Stang: Pastor X, I'm confused, I thought you wern't there?
decadence: Pfffft
PeeKitty: Godfather Gillan demands SubGenius Lap Dances at next year's drill!
decadence: Not MY god
*** Pastor_X is now known as legume
Ginsu: who?
Stang: PEE KITTY -- you doing okay man?
legume: I'm at X's
Rabbi: Ken, please make up your bloody mind.
Stang: Dr. Legume. You fucked up bastard.
decadence: Lap dances...sounds painful
Rabbi: Man, Kitty, you gave us a helluva scare.
legume: I'm miles from home
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PeeKitty: Ivan: Yep, I'm doing fine, man. Plenty O Slack.
Mykal: I will give Godfather a lap daance if he pays the going rate.
Bunnyboy: lo tom
Resop: I'm not sure I'd want Legume to give me a lapdance...
MSakamoto: Hey!
legume: Big white pills
fathertom: hey all
ChrisLi does not hug Onan, but high-fives him.
Ginsu: Where are you exactly Legume?
legume: New Jersey
Stang: IMore them kind pils, Legume. I'm FUCKED with that X-DAY CHEST COLD.
Rabbi: P.K.- Glad you were at least well enough to swim with all us nekkid chicks.
legume: surrounded by police
Ginsu: ??
Stang: Apparently Decadence, P-Lil, you, me and Mrs. Legume got the Bug.
decadence: Legume: Yeah, me too. I sound like freaking Theda Bara
legume: I wont give them the guns
ChrisLi: Ghod, i hopped in the pool, first time i ever got nekkid, and everybody remembers poor little sick Pkitty
Stang: FUCK the police.
legume: I'll die first
decadence: Teh police don't deserve it
legume: them fuckers
Rabbi: Die before fucking the cops?
PeeKitty: Rabbi: The night I refuse to swim with naked chicks, REGARDLESS OF WHAT AILMENT I'M SUFFERING FROM, is the day I shoot myself. Even a stroke ain't gonna keep me out.
AKA: stang - they'll bend over for you? I can only get them to suck my cock...
Stang: HEY YA'LL!!! Did we show the fuckers how to PARTY, or WHAT??!?
decadence: *sigh* If they'd only suck MY cock.
Ginsu: "These aren't the guns you're looking for."
legume: Cars warm. GOTTA MAKE A RUN FOR IT
AKA: decadence, I'll dress up like a cop and....
Mykal: CVhris- I certainly don't want to remeber you nekkid..
decadence: I like it already, AKA
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PeeKitty: Godfather Gillan wants a SubGenius petting zoo now.
ChrisLi: well, Myke. that's ok. you know me
Ginsu: iceknife
Stang: We DEFINITELY showed the amateurs how to fucking GET DOWN!!
Bunnyboy: Whatcha gonna do, Stang? TURN IN YER BADGE?!?
decadence: Hey Rabbi, wanna be in a petting zoo?
ChrisLi: i want a SubGenius peeing zoo.
Bunnyboy: lo ICE
Stang: Peeing Zoo!!! Arf arf arf.
PeeKitty nods to ICE
AKA: chrisli - they you need to join S.E.X.(c)(tm) --
Rabbi: What kind of Kat can I be?
Resop: Like the X-day celebration wasn't a zoo. My god!
Rabbi: shmuck.
Stang: I have been safety-copying the videos that I have (my cam and Tommy's) and MAN!!! It's some GREAT VIEWING!
decadence: Penis
ChrisLi: oh ghod, another acronym. what's S.E.X.?
decadence: God, he didn't catch me nekkid di he? Scary thought..
Stang: I would have PREFERED tyo be on an ESXCAPE VESSEL rather than watching X-Day vids, but what the hell. Dobbs MUST know what he's doing.
AKA: 'safety-copy'?
Bunnyboy: Answer to trivia question: ICEKNIFE and I were the only ones on #subgenius @ 7:00 A.M. 7/5/98
ONAN: OKAY - now off phone from prolonged g'bye - hi all, now available for questions
*** Mode change "+o ONAN" on #subgenius by ChrisLi
Resop: ICEKNIFE: G. Gordon Gordon was walking around with your severed head..
fathertom: bye
*** fathertom has left channel #subgenius
Bunnyboy: PST, that is
ICEKNIFE: I don't HAVe a head, stoopid.... never did...
Stang: AKA-- I'm such a paranoid motherfucker, I immediately make safety copies of all importanbt data and mail them away from Dallas to secret stashes.
Rabbi: Stang- How good is the video from your treatment from the Connieites? Since my man was so busy listening to Andrew's blubbering, he missed everything that night.
ONAN: STANG: glad the video came out good. I've started audio editing.
decadence: Yeah Doc Frop too..and was he PISSED
AKA secretly tracks the 'backups' to their remote location...
ICEKNIFE: Dennis just asked me to pee on all of you for him.
Stang: HEY -- please send me any pertinent X-Day IRC logs. The SUbSITE archives much contain EVERY clue if we are to get this IGHT, NECXT TIME!
ChrisLi: i've got good video of Ivan hitting the water
ONAN: RABBI: I have the full pool depantsing of Stang on audio up to my own blessed depantsing.
decadence: WOO HOO!!!!
ICEKNIFE: ok. I have all the X-Day logs
Resop: Some of us are trying to forget about their treatment by the Connieites.
Stang: Rabbi -- I haven't seen the vids of my rape yet... someone else shot that and it's probably in there somewhere.
decadence: Ahhh did we girlies hurt ya or what?
ICEKNIFE: You stupid fucks weren't there at Cichen Itza! The Saucers were COOL!
ICEKNIFE: Chichen Itza
AKA: decadence - hurt him..? i thought you said he could take it!
Stang: Decadence, you cannot imagine how terrible I feel, being ravaged and humiliated by the likes of you, the Rabbi, Susie,Friday, someone else etc. MY GOD what a RELIGION this is!
MSakamoto: Oh, you loved it.
Rabbi: AUDIO?!?! You can't see Decadence and I ripping our clothes off before we threw Stang in the pool and shimmying on AUDIO!!!!
decadence: Stang: Oh POOR soul...and they actually tried to SAVE you! Sheesh!
ICEKNIFE: We Fucked sushi, and ate sex goddesses, and had a swell time. Then we left the earth. I'm not the original. I'm a backup program.
Stang: Dr. Legume, I must say, your scheme for the PUNCHLINE of X-Day was MASTERFUL, and that DEVIL showing up to rescue me at the very bitter end was the PERFECT RANDOM ELEMENT.
Resop: Nearly activated my PTSS.
*** Friday-J ( has joined channel #subgenius
Rabbi: Who was it who wrestled with us at the showers?
Ginsu: Only humiliated by busty females. Some humiliation!
decadence: I kept telling them...You're saving him from women stripping him..>THINK boys, think!
ONAN: RABBI: yeah, you miss the pix in audio, but i've got the initial 'seduction' phase documented before teh videos went on
Friday-J: Somebody mention me?
PeeKitty: Friday
legume: Legume says you're lying, Stang . . . and I believe him.
ICEKNIFE: So, did my quick-fuse work on the head?
Friday-J: Hi Stang!
Rabbi: I' ll be back in a minute. I'm helping my mom with her master's degree and she needs help NOW. Gimme five minutes.
Stang: Legume -- I saw the wrassling videos section that you shot when I handed you the camera, this morning. YOU AIN'T KIDDING! There's some hard core shit with me and Cjristina Bucket on there! PRABOB!
legume: He told me how much you paid him . . .
Ginsu: Friday!
*** Signoff: Rabbi (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
Friday-J: Hi Ginsu
Friday-J: Bye Rabbi
decadence: Hi Friday, honey
Friday-J: Legume - Good to see you here.
Ginsu: Loved your weekend!
Friday-J: Hello dear Decadence
legume: I can't wait to see it. Send it to my buddy, Pastor X
*** RevLoki has left channel #subgenius
ONAN: Hi Friday
Stang: Rabbi and Onan -- somewhere on my videos are ALL DARK sections where I was trying to record the WOMEN PLOTTING IN THEIR TENT as I lay like a sneak RIGHT NEXT TO THE FEMME TENT! Super spy stuff.
Friday-J: Hi Onan
Resop: Friday Jones, the great warrior!
Friday-J: Stang - So THAT'S what that bulge in the tent wall was
*** Signoff: legume (Leaving)
Friday-J polishes her armor
Friday-J: Why is everyone leaving? Was it something I said?
AKA: stang - you have a NEGATIVE feature on the camera, you know!
decadence: Yeah, but Stang, you learned NOTHING!!!
Friday-J: Stang - Glad to hear it.
Stang: Tommy caught the End of the World JUST RIGHT! You're gonna SHIT! AGAIN!!!
ONAN: STANG: I thought you had an IR camera - so I guess it didn't capture the thing I did just outside the women's tent...
Resop: They left because they know your kung fu is good!
decadence: okay Onan...what DID you do?
Stang: AKA -- I try to do any weird fx in post, ya know.
ICEKNIFE: yes. skunk food is good.
*** P-Lil ( has joined channel #subgenius
P-Lil: Boi
decadence hugs P-Lil
Resop: P-Lil!
P-Lil: Boin
P-Lil: Bo
ONAN: Decadence: uhhh... it was a guy thing.
Ginsu: lo P-lil
P-Lil: Bbbbbbbbbbbb
Stang: Onan -- I got some readings off the splatters. Very high radiation.
MSakamoto: Lil!
PeeKitty: Hey Lil!
P-Lil: Damn thing got stuck.
decadence: Onan: Ooh, cool..gee, wish I could do that
P-Lil: Decadence!!!! *smothers with my tits*
AKA: stang - yeah, it's just that I noticed it was a LOT easier to see details in negative when I was shooting the fireworks..
ChrisLi: here you go Pee Kitty- i'm up to the hospital visit. you should have seen 8 of us in Betsy's car.
PeeKitty: (GodFather's car, actually) I believe it...EIGHT of you. It must have been like a fucking CLOWN car.
*** Mode change "+o Friday-J" on #subgenius by kbAWAY
P-Lil: Ginsu! Siouxsie! Stang! ALL YAZ!
Mykal: It was somethin else.
P-Lil: PeeKitty: You doing OK, man?
decadence smothers P-Lil back..WOOF baby!
ONAN: PKitty: yeah, you should have seen the SUBGenius smoking by the gas pumps when we went to see you.
*** Mode change "+o P-Lil" on #subgenius by Ginsu
MSakamoto: Yeah, I see how it is, I never get smothered anymore!
P-Lil: Stang: They never knew what hit them.
Stang: The one thing I have NO VIDEO of yet is the Battle of Armageddon. Though I have shitloads of great pictures shot by Ymmot and Kim.
Ginsu: brb
P-Lil purrs in the smotherage
PeeKitty: Yeah, I'm okay, Lil. Still getting the hang of this whole thing, but I haven't passed out or gona into a coma yet. :)
decadence: Doc Frop brought me cookies....
decadence: Chocolate chip..
PeeKitty: ONAN: We had someone doing that at a station on the wya back...RIGHT by our car. Scared my ass good.
Resop: I thought I saw Goovy G recording with a camera covered with buble wrap
ICEKNIFE: is there a subgenius palace chat system?
Stang: I spent all day yesterday and today reading and saving alt.slack posts! It was an ORGY of gloating, for me.
ChrisLi: Siouxsie filmed the Battle for QuijiboCam. mostly distance shots, good kinda "overview" thing
*** Signoff: Friday-J (Ping timeout)
P-Lil: Siouxsie: You've got someone to smother for you, but, I guess, for ol' times sake... *THIGH SMOTHERS*
*** Rabbi ( has joined channel #subgenius
P-Lil: I haven't even LOOKED at alt.slack.
decadence welcomes dear Rabbi back
Stang: PeeKitty, I guess you have joined the ranks of the SubGenii who have to take TONS OF DRUGS just to LIVE.
P-Lil: And alt.binaries.slack is on auto-download for the moment.
P-Lil: Rabbi!
Rabbi: Man, I'm too nice for my own good! What did I miss?
PeeKitty: With the exception of a lot of dumb discordian posts and people who take some guy called s_kenner seriously, alt.slack is good right now
ICEKNIFE: I'm gonna clean some frap now... ONAN! Please be funny so I don't get bored with these turtle balls and hang up or pass out...
Bunnyboy: lo Lil. Sorry so mum, but I was busy growling at Majordomo
*** Friday-X ( has joined channel #subgenius
AKA: Lotsa of niceities, rabbi
Ginsu: b
Bunnyboy: lo Friday
ONAN: ICEKNIFE: Why did the chicken cross the road?
Stang: P-Lil -- Sister Decadence posted SHITLOADS of REALLY GOOD PICS! There's a lot of the usual funny "art" stuff too.
decadence: if ya gotta clean it, Iceknife, it's NO GOOD!
Rabbi: Fuck me gently with a chainsaw if I could possibly get alt.bianaries.slack!
Stang: SAVEBOB changed names and has been posting a MASSIVE CONNIE ART BARRAGE.
P-Lil: By the way, I'd like to take this moment to thank all the wonderful NunSnakes who were at Brushwood this year, who welcomed me with open arms and defended my delicate self from the ravages of lesser-evolved genderlings.
Friday-X: It is always BAD NEWS in a relationship when you have a BIGGER HARD DRIVE than your boyfriend
ICEKNIFE: stems, stoopid
Rabbi: Friday- How are your bruises?
Friday-X: P-Lil - I am glad you were properly coddled
Stang: It seems that the Connietites have pretty much taken the reins, in the wake of the Ivangelical-Holocaustal debacle and Dobbs' prophecy failures.
decadence: DUH Ice
Friday-X: Rabbi - mostly gone except for a HUGE one on my arm
P-Lil: Stang: I'm grabbing and grabbing. Hell, if this autograbber sorted by poster I'd recommend it to you for speeding things up.
Rabbi: Yow.
ONAN: i posted some Onanpix to alt.binaries.slack today
decadence: We always had the reins Stang,,you guys didn't know it is all
P-Lil: Friday: Only enough that I felt *special*.
Stang: Rabbi -- what ya do is, check out it's how you get ALL NEWSGROUP PORN from EVERYWHERE.
decadence: ARE darling
Friday-X: I have a 6 GIGABYTE hard drive and I've got about 40 meg free - the rest is full of my roommates' DISEASED DATA which I think has given me a VIRUS!
Rabbi: Onan- I saw those at Strange's place. Very cute. Ya know, he thought you would be about 40 or something.
Stang: Friday, has that bad man been mistreating you again? You know that there's always a special tirture chamber here in Dallas waiting for you.
P-Lil: Decadence: Yeah, but I've only begun my army of Bobbies to remind me of the fact constantly. I forget.
P-Lil: Decadence: Probably all those chemicals I put my poor brane through.
Friday-X: Damnit, why can't he get off his ass and buy A DECENT SIZED HARD DRIVE??? Why, because this would entail GETTING A JOB! And that would IMPINGE on his SLACK!
ONAN: Rabbi: the first thing Legume said to me was "you're not as old as I thought you would be."
Friday-X: Stang - Tirture? Where you torture tits?
Stang: Friday -- I have the X-Day virus.
decadence: P-Lil: well you need more to balance it out then!
Friday-X: Stang - My computer is sick even as I heal.
Rabbi: Stang regularly tries to spirit young redhead Yetis to Dallas. Beware, Friday, beware.
decadence: 8sniff*
decadence claps for Stang
Bunnyboy: Tenuous Tenured Titure
decadence: Can I torture some too????
P-Lil: Decadence: You're probably right, but I'm staying clear of the acid for a while.
Friday-X: Rabbi - I'll just mail in my scalp for him to take his pleasures with.
PeeKitty: Yay...time to pull out the lancets and feed the BLOODSUCKING VAMPIRE MACHINE that tells me what to do... I hear it licking its lips right now in anticipation....
decadence: Can I can I? Huh huh huh?
Rabbi: Onan- You are just the cuteest, you know that!
Stang: Hey -- Rabbi -- it WORKS!!! I don't know what I'd do without all the crazy beautiful redheads.
AKA: I have two extra titure chamers myself..
P-Lil: "Oh SHIT, while I was napping that HIT CLIMBED ON TOP OF ME! GOTTA... GET... OUT... OF... *TENT*!!!!"
Rabbi: OWWW, that smarts, Friday! I'll just send him the brand I use!
P-Lil contemplates another dyejob
decadence: Yeah P-Lil...I was just thinking of going RED
ONAN: Rabbi: portland is a nice place to visit
Bunnyboy: Lil: tired of bein a bottle brunnette?
P-Lil: Auburn, or maybe a good burgundy.
Stang: P-Lil, I would think that you would have learned from the Drills that LSD does not go with celebrityhood, such as you now enjoy.
decadence: Rabbi: And there are CUTE boys there....
Friday-X: Stang would make a fetching redhead, with wiry copper pubes
Rabbi: Hate to bust everyone's bubble, but I'm prematurely grey. Of course, you can tell I'm not a real redhead from Decadence's posting.
P-Lil: Stang: I never did LSD at the drills before, and WHAT IS THIS SHIT about me being a celebrity?!?
ONAN: onan's going to go long hair - no haircuts until xist arrival or i feel like it.
Friday-X hands P-Lil some DSL
P-Lil: I'm just the hardest working transsexual in the busines.
AKA: Yah, and I'm prematurely losing my hair, rabbi, so..
Friday-X asks for P-Lil's autograph and chases her limo
Stang: P-Lil, face it, you're a star now. (I was just GUESSING you'd tripped at Drills!)
Rabbi: I dunno, Onan. I liked the survivalist look. Fetching.
Bunnyboy: Auntie dotes on you
Resop: P-lil is the God father/mother of soul
Rabbi rubs Onan's close cropped head.
ChrisLi: PK- on the vid, a nurse just cut you and took your blood!
Stang: Onan, the girls really like the long curly locks. But I dunno if you should mess with your image. They are ALL talkling about how "CUTE" you are.
P-Lil: Friday: Just don't let go if you catch it.
Friday-X: It's so nice to be able to put faces to all your names
PeeKitty: Onan: Godfather hasn't seen ya longhaired, but he sez the short hair did look good on ya. (I've seen both - both look good IMO)
P-Lil: Stang: But, where's all the GROUPIE SEX? Where's all the FREE PILS?
decadence: But we all want him to grow out his hair to pull him around by
P-Lil: What good is being a celebrity if all you get from it is a bunch of people too timid to say "hi" to you?
Friday-X: Onan is such a cutie, I want to rip his face off and eat it in a sandwich
*** Nully ( has joined channel #subgenius
Rabbi: AKA-I'm not complaining. I'm just stating the obvious after that full frontal shot.
Stang: Friday -- yeah, after one's met everybody at Brushwood, IRC becomes like TV-o-Phone.
Rabbi: NULLY!
ChrisLi: THERE she is
*** Nully is now known as RBarnes
PeeKitty: Chris: VAMPIRES! VAMPIRES ALL! All they wanted was my BLOOD that week! MY PRECIOUS BLOOD, that I spilled so that you folks may be free of sin.....
Ginsu: nully!
RBarnes: hahahahaha
AKA: rabbi - you GOTTA be a natural redhead, you're a natural redbody!
ONAN: woe is me, slave to fashion. So I guess it should be up for a vote or a fight or something.
RBarnes: fooled ya
decadence: I'll armwrestle for the growing hair side
RBarnes: I will let her speak momentarily
Friday-X slurps up PeeKitty's pleasantly sweet blood
Bunnyboy: lo Barnes
Rabbi: Where's Nickie?
P-Lil: Hmm, I think I might make a NEW faces file for IRCle... using Brushwood pix solely.
ChrisLi: Free of sin?!? Ya lousy punk!
AKA: stang - despite my meeting people, I dont know anybody.
Stang: Not only do we all know what each other look like, we know what we look like NAKED AS THE DAY WE WERE BORN!!! (*gag* *choke*)
P-Lil: The "best" pictures.
decadence: yeah, where IS Nickie?
P-Lil: The tickle-me-pink-feathery best.
ONAN: see alt.binaries.slack for long hair onan pix - compare, contrast.
decadence: When I was born I was furrier
Friday-X: Stang - If you were born looking like that, you're lucky the doctor didn't just throw you up against the wall until you STUCK
P-Lil: Stang: No you don't. Girl's gotta have her secrets.
Mykal: I like to think I was alot skinnier on the day that I wa sborn.
Stang: Nickie doesn't do IRC. ACtually I think Jesus, Mary, Nickie, Sivet and someone else all went to see the X Files movie.
decadence: me too Mykal
decadence: Again???
AKA: So many SubG's so few real memories.
Rabbi: By the way, everyone, what looks like total ecstasy in that full frontal shot is actually total shock at how cold paint can be!
Stang: Onan, I haven't downloaded those pics yet, but I will. HA HA!!
P-Lil: AKA: Speak for yourself.
P-Lil: AKA: Are you THAT "AKA"?
Friday-X: Stang - They'll be disappointed. I just got a glimpse from a X-Files set in the 50's using the big bugs from "The Hidden"!
ChrisLi: by the way, let me give a resounding "thumbs way down" to Lethal Weapon 4. i went to see Jet Li, and dammit, that's all there is to see!
PeeKitty: Stang: BTM says he gave Jesus a CD to give to me....I never got it. Mention it to him, will ya?
P-Lil: Chris: Thanks for the warning.
AKA: p-lil which one is THAT one?
PeeKitty was planning on avoiding LW4 anyways
Friday-X: KeeKitty -
AKA: I'm Whicheverone'e'wantstobe. 8)
P-Lil: AKA: You know, the one with the cute submissive and the cute beard.
Stang: Pee-Kitty -- email Jesus about that. BTM did give us a stack of ORGY OF SLACK CDs.
PeeKitty: Friday: Huh?
P-Lil: Great meeting you in the fleisch, AKA!
Friday-X: Stang - Next year, let's cover you with epoxy so that the feathers stick better. Or better yet, epoxy and pink GOLF BALLS!
ChrisLi: it's not like i expected a good movie. i expected an average movie with JET LI. i got a REAL BAD movie with Jet Li.
decadence: Did I meet AKA???
Resop: The one onstage with Andrew the Impaled
AKA: <koff koff> she wuz not mine. heck, that whole bit was kind of fucked up..
RBarnes: chris: Nully and I saw Lethal Weapon 4 on opening day... you're right. But in terms of a movie pardoying itself it sorta kinda was good. But not really.
P-Lil: Friday: Epoxy and lead sinkers.
Friday-X: Pee - Sorry, thought you needed to talk to Bill, not Jesus.
ONAN: it was a weird thing to be handed a CD with a non-electronic cover of a SubSong I did 10+ years ago. the rest of the time it was pretty normal.
Stang: AKA was the hippie who was running my video camera during crucial Saturday night action (right?)
ChrisLi: was it parodying itself? or just real bad?
Friday-X: P-Lil - COncrete overshoes.
P-Lil: AKA: Aw, that bites. What went wrong?
*** RBarnes is now known as Nully
PeeKitty: BTM's version of "B.O.B." was pretty bad, in a funny way. I loved it.
decadence: Onan; DO you have tapes of yourself?
ONAN: i've begun my x-day text and it is good. you will see.
AKA: and the beard, heck I wanted someone to shavbe it into a new pattern during the weekend but I never got the chance
P-Lil: NULLY! *hugs*
Stang: Onan -- wait'll you walk into a room full of college students chanting something you hummed 15 years ago!
Nully: It's really me now
P-Lil: Rabbi: They're taking turns.
AKA: p-lil - nothing happened, she was picked out of the crowd
Nully: Hello Rabbi, Lil, Chris, everybody
ONAN: decadence: do i have tapes of myself when? i have many tapes of myself.
ChrisLi: Nully.
Stang: Everybody thinks the Onan tune "B.O.B." is by Mark Mothersbaugh.
P-Lil: AKA: *jaw drops*
Friday-X: Stang - How much does someone else charge for "private" dance exhibitions?
Rabbi: PLil- At least when I'm at Strange's place, he logs on as both of us!
decadence: Singing, Onan.
Nully: Pee!! How you feeling? I heard you're slack is still running high
ChrisLi: i want tapes of David Lynch! lots of them. his Saturday night rant was my weekend highlight!
ONAN: if there was no mark mothersbaugh, onan would have had to invent him.
Rabbi: PK- Are you seriously missing internal organs?
ONAN: i have no tapes of me singing yet but will soon.
P-Lil: Rabbi: Yeah, and that confuses the fuck out of me. Your tits look wonderful on you, but on Strange... YEECH.
PeeKitty: Nully: Plenty of Slack...the blood sugar varies, but the Slack remains HIGH.
kbAWAY: onan: 1 keep the hair short, 2: don't have people with gimp ankles walk up hills on wild goose chases.
Rabbi: Stang stole my tits?
*** Mode change "+ooo Bunnyboy Friday-X Nully" on #subgenius by kbAWAY
Nully: Chris: Me TOO!! Must have tapes of lynch
Resop: Mr lynch came this close to being bummed rushed for being drunk and disorderly
Friday-X: The Decadance shot of Stang at the trailer, looking meditative with prairie squid in hand, is my fave so far - though the Rabbi looks awfully good in paint ...
Bunnyboy: thanx kb
*** kbAWAY is now known as kevbob
Stang: I heard a little of Lynch's rant and it sounded GREAT! The fact that gorgeous women were keelhauling me at the time made it hard to follow. It must be on somebody's video though.
PeeKitty: Okay, Onan started a rumor when he METAPHORED about them "taking away my pancreas". It's still in there, guys.
ChrisLi: bum rushed?!?
P-Lil: Kevbob!
ChrisLi: disorderly?!?
decadence: Stang can have MY tits too...he'd look good in them
Friday-X hands around pancreatic slivers on toast
ChrisLi: he was loaded, sure, but not disorderly
Nully: kev!!
Friday-X hands Stang her tits
*** Bunnyboy is now known as Top
Friday-X: Stang DOES look pretty good in tits, as I recall
P-Lil: Stang: Lynch WAS great.
*** Top is now known as Bottom
Rabbi: Friday- Shit, that reminds me I'm supposed to actually by pate for a party!
AKA: if we can get enough tits, we can have a REAL alien sex goddess.. now all we need is two more..
kevbob: the thought of dave getting keelhauled is pretty amusing.
*** Bottom is now known as Bunnyboy
Bunnyboy: Jest though I'd run around da group
P-Lil: Friday: That settles it then. Next year I'll bring extras. And that sundress I forgot to take with me.
Nully: Dave was one of the highlights for me
Friday-X: Rabbi - Just use libaray paste with some food coloring in it, no one eats that stuff anyway
Resop: Lynch wasn't screaming in your ear for 20 minutes
Stang: You know what else was good -- Modemac had some kind of prepared speech which he delivered right after I was lynched, which was actually pretty damned good.
decadence: Next year I'd like to wrestle..but not in something COLORED unless it's a non-staing guarantee
ChrisLi: David Lynch, someone else, Papa Joe. that was the scoop!
Nully: Res: Who're you??
Stang: There was a lot of good ranting by new preachers. There was also a TON of UTTER SHIT.
kevbob: lynch was in the FUCKING car for GOD KNOWS HOW LONG making me listen to FRENCH PROG ROCK!
ONAN: wrestling good.
Friday-X: Decadence - How about marshmallow fluff?
ChrisLi: who, Andreux?
Nully: And you're wrong, Lynch WAS screaming in my ear. a lot
decadence: staining, even
Bunnyboy: Patented Non-Stang Guarantee
ONAN: how about flaming oil?
decadence: dammit...cold medicine...can't type...ughhhh
Rabbi: I'm worried that Strange isn't on tonight. I just bought a new kitten I had to leave with him, and the other cat was having fits. Think they teamed up and ate him?
AKA: stang - you werent up at 4am in the morning listening to the people at the pavilion.. 8)
Friday-X: My toes are STILL stained pink around the nails.
P-Lil: Yeah, between Modemac and the Flooze I don't have much more to add about post-X Day stuff. Except that it's time to conquer this world properly.
Ginsu: Lynch. I had already met Andreux.
Bunnyboy: "Ya try soaking, scrubbing..."
ONAN: real blood next time
Resop: Same here with the toes
Bunnyboy: "And still...STANG STANG STANG!"
Nully: french prog rock. hah.
Stang: PAPA JOE MAMA RULES!!! That son of a bitch is the most DEPENDABLE preacher EVER. I have thrown the most HIDEOUS surprises his way and he picks up the ball and runs with it without batting an eye.
Friday-X: Chocolate syrup? Loser has to lick the winner clean?
Rabbi: Real blood would probably stain less and be a little tastier.
P-Lil: Kevbob: Next year I'll make you listen to Japanese death metal, if that'll help.
kevbob: the best thing about modemac's litany was legume's comments afterwords..
Friday-X: PRAISE PAPA JOE! He should be the next Sacred Scribe after Stang keels.
Stang: Papa Joe had NOT SEEN the horrible "8661" note before that moment , at 6:58 am July 5.
Nully: kevbob: btw, we listened to xmas '97 today. Brian likes Galaxy 500
Rabbi: Friday- OOOOHHHH, I like that!
decadence claps for Friday
kevbob: plil: you NEVER want to listen to magma WITH dave.,
decadence: I'd do chocolate
*** MDisaster ( has joined channel #subgenius
Friday-X: Chocolate syrup, and the spectators throw marshmallows
Bunnyboy: lo doc
PeeKitty: Hey MD!
Rabbi breaks out the Hersheys and pours liberally.
P-Lil: In the year 8661, if "Bob" has finally won....
MDisaster: Hey dude! How ya feeling?
Bunnyboy: Smears and smores
Friday-X: P-Lil - Sing it!
decadence: Wheee...dancing in the chocolate rain
P-Lil: YoMD!
*** ICEKNIFE has left channel #subgenius
Resop: I wanted chocolate syrup and whipped cream for this year. Maybe next year a different gimmic every match?
Bunnyboy: out the bears
MDisaster: Hey p-lil!
Rabbi: Oh, was Iceknife here?
P-Lil: Friday: I don't know all the words, but it's a filk made in... well, in Seattle.
Nully: I'm having chocolate right now.
PeeKitty: Whateve happened to Meyer? Thought he was sposed to show.
Friday-X: Chocolate syrup and duel with whipped cream canisters. Good excuse to have "whipits" on site too.
Rabbi: Hey Stang, when is my new address going up?
Mykal: Heh:)
ChrisLi: P-Lil just stepped onto the stage on QuijiboCam
P-Lil: Nully: That's right, TORTURE us.
Stang: I spent the weekend reading alt.slack and copping a.b.s. pics. There are truly some very retarded people out there.
decadence: Man I wish I could do whipits...they make my head hurt
Friday-X: Stang - Why thank you.
Rabbi: Friday- If you knew the stories about me and whippits...
P-Lil: Friday: Chocolate mousse fights.
ONAN: when a problem comes along...
Ginsu: Boing
Friday-X hands around some whippets but they bark and jump off the tray
mafoo: decadence: you have to let in O2 during whippit sessions
AKA: most things do NOTHING for me.
P-Lil: Stang: Which is why I'm dreading my return to alt.slack....
Resop: I have unsubscribed
Bunnyboy: So, is gonna have a
*** DrBuglove ( has joined channel #subgenius
Rabbi: mafoo- Nah, half the point is trusting the ones with you when you pass out.
Friday-X: If we wrestle in chocolate, though, it needs to be farther from the pavilion - because there will be MANY ANTS at the wrestling site afterwards
decadence: I do, mafoo...just can't handle the stuff...dammit
*** Mode change "+o DrBuglove" on #subgenius by kevbob
ChrisLi: hey Buglove
mafoo: true
Stang: P-Lil -- it's funny, when we were all gone for a week, a whole bunch of newbies started posting! The lurkers emerged briefly!
AKA: bunny - that would be
DrBuglove: Howdy do?
Bunnyboy: lo Bug
Friday-X: Hi DrB!
mafoo: damn . . . sorry, thats too bad
P-Lil: Yes, pacing is CRUCIAL to doing whippets properly, and if you're not careful you'll find yourself with a DEATH WISH, wondering if the next one will bring the Point Of No Goddam Return.
DrBuglove: What's shakin'?
P-Lil: Stang: I knew good things would happen if they got bored.
Friday-X shakes in exhaustion
Stang: Friday, I am STILL exhausted from X-Day Week.
Friday-X: Stang - More art in your mailbox.
mafoo: had a tank of racing grade NO2 once . . . that yeilded some headachesw
Friday-X plumps up the pillows under Stang's tired widdle head
Ginsu: Stang: Will you have to fly back for Starwood, or are you in NE area?
DrBuglove: Friday, Good ta See ya last weekend...Hell, good to see all of ya....
ONAN: kiddy-pool full of chocolate, tiny marshmallows, and victor gets jimmies and sprinkles.
P-Lil massages Decadence's temples to ward off any future whippetaches
Stang: My immediate plan is to compile some of the wackiest video moments, just a crude assembly, ANYTHING -- this stuff is just too god damned bizarre looking to sit on.
Nully: Does anybody know who this Resop person is? Sheit refuses to identify itself
Friday-X: Drb - Seeing all of me and twice as much more, eh?
P-Lil: Pope Phred would be IN.
Rabbi: Strange is so tired he actually let his apartment get MESSY. If you saw the tent before I got there, you know how amazing that is.
decadence swoons at P-Lil
Friday-X: Nully - Poser.
Stang: Ginsu, I have a special TUNNEL that goes from Dallas to Brushwood.
decadence: Pudding! YEAH! That's it!!!!!!!!
kevbob: pope phred and his amazing technicolor gin bottle.
Bunnyboy: Divinity wrasslin
ChrisLi: Stang- you'll end up having everything covered from, what... three camera angles, do you think?
Ginsu: ha hahaha
Resop: Nully, formally known as Pastor Craig
ONAN: Stang: I can wait for a better video. i trust you to not cut the good stuff.
Rabbi: PLIL-Nah, Phred should be singing the theme song.
decadence: Stang: What's her name?
DrBuglove: Friday Yuppers
Bunnyboy: Cool whip and jello
P-Lil: Mmm, Swooned Decadence. Sounds like a desert, or a porn movie, and either way I LIKE IT.
Nully: Ah.
Friday-X: Onan - People should bring inflatable swimming pools in general principle - at the least, we can fill them with crud-water and leeches.
decadence: It's both a dessert AND a movie...good guess!
Stang: Onan, editting last year's Drill was very difficult. One must needs pinkify by omission.
P-Lil: Rabbi: He'd do it, but he'd insist on remaining DRESSED.
Friday-X: Bunny - Making that much jell-O on site would be tough, I think.
ONAN: Friday: good point. then everyone can poop in their own pools.
Bunnyboy: Friday: Only after it's set awhile
P-Lil: It's a desert! It's a stroke film! It's your answer to every lonely Saturday night without the Sunday morning trauma!
Rabbi: Onan-Must we all impersonate CAddyshack?
decadence: It's a dessert AND a floor wax...
Friday-X: It's "Bob"!
ONAN: Rabbi: i can think of other films i'd rather impersonate, it's true.
Bunnyboy: The Mad Crapper!
*** kevbob is now known as kbInstallin
Stang: Chris -- there will probabyl end up being 2 videos, the slick one for Norm-Worms by Darrigo and crew, TV-worthy, and my crudola home movie edit, which will be much holier but 4 hours long.
Resop: I walked by the pavilian and stang was saying "don't shit in the whirlpool and watch out for the women" and I had no idea what he was talking about.
DrBuglove: Stang What do you use to edit them?
PeeKitty: Stang: Get it down to 12 hours first, then open up sales. We down here want at LEAST 12 hours of footage!
Bunnyboy: "I didn't have a Baby Ruth"
Rabbi: Decadence-Watch it. You're giving new meaning to "laying tiles."
P-Lil: Wow, watching people rush up to join the SSUCC-L list is... INSPIRING.
Friday-X: Wrestle in chocolate sauce and marshmallows and then sell bowls of the wrestled-in sauce for $1 each - or whatever the market will bear!
P-Lil: If only the dollars could come in as fast.
decadence: Rabbi: pfffft! (laugh)
ChrisLi: shee-it Stang, i'll be sending you my footage. that's 10 hours worth.
Nully: Pee: Btw, where in FL are you? Since I'm down here now...
P-Lil: Friday: Five bucks to lick the pudding off the loser's skin! Ten bucks if we gotta peel it off Stang first!
Rabbi: Decadence-I live to make you laugh.
Stang: Buglove -- the pause button on a $200 home deck. ME, who used to cut 35mm feature films for a living. My SON has a flkying erase head on his deck.
decadence: Friday: Good idea...
ChrisLi: wasn't Rev. Groovy G filming stage left? i had right side covered
Friday-X: Stang - Have the mage uncut boxed set for big $$$!
Bunnyboy: I gotta go feed mah mate. See yez all
Bunnyboy: Nitey
PeeKitty: Nully: Tampa Bay!
Nully: If anybody has the ENTIRE Dave LYnch rant, please PLEASE send me a copy!! I'll pay in good honest slack
PeeKitty: Bye BB
Rabbi: So...when is everyone coming to the Philly area?
decadence: Rabbi: Ooh, anything else?
Friday-X: Stang - Sorry, can't buy you a new deck right now. Maybe for Xistmas?
Friday-X: Bye Bunny
DrBuglove: Stang I pine for the days of my access to a video editing suite......
Stang: Chris -- what you send me, I'll probably copy and send on to Darrigo.
P-Lil: Rabbi: Sooner or later, everyone comes to Philly. I suppose.
ONAN: Rabbi: as soon as the middle of the USA falls into the sea and I can bus to Philly, I'll be there.
P-Lil: See you later Bunnyboy!
Rabbi: Decadence-I dunno, what can we do to torture our friend Onan?
decadence: Never been to Philly
AKA: stang - dont forget the SAVE ME edit
Nully: Pee: Even though I'm down here for the summer, I have really no knowledge of Fl geography. We're near Ft. Lauderdale.
Friday-X: Darrigo really looked like the werewolf played by Robert Picardo in 'The Howling."
ONAN: Rabbi: a good question, one I've been wondering about.
P-Lil: Onan's easy to torture once you learn what body parts he denerved.
Stang: It's probably GOOD that I have never owned a video editting suite here in my home office. It would mean the end of print and Internet SubGenius, and the Hour of Slack.
decadence: Rabbi: Hmmm, I can think of a few shackles and bonds in my drawers...CHEST of drawers, YOU!
Rabbi: Decadence-It's for people too scared to live in NYC and too dumb to live in Boston.
ChrisLi: Darrigo was the docudrama people? good, that save me trouble of sending more
*** Bunnyboy has left channel #subgenius
Friday-X: Stang - So, do you want some or not?
decadence: Rabbi: And I have a lovely little riding crop..
PeeKitty: Nully: I don't remember exacty where Ft. L is in relation to us....I'm BAD with geography. REAL bad.
P-Lil: When I get my G3 Mac I'm making sure I get the full A/V setup.
DrBuglove: Stang you get a video editing suite and I'm all yours.... <G>
Friday-X ponders giving Stang editing equipment programmed to only work for three hours a day ...
Stang: Sadly enough, almost NO ONE did a "FAREWELL VIDEO." Ginsu and ONE other guy were the only ones to send any in. I shot some at the Dallas clench meetings and I did mine for Darrigo's camera.
Rabbi: I still have the vinyl suit, although I have to replace the latex one I ripped. Noboday got to see it!
decadence: Rabbi: I'm sure he's lusted in his heart...punishment ensues
P-Lil: Gotta getta EDIT.
AKA: rabbi - only problem is, is our crime rate is higher than NYC and our Heroin is the BEST n the US
Friday-X: Stang - I did a Farewell Video for Darrigo
P-Lil: Stang: Aw. I worked up something but couldn't get a videocamera. Same with Huey.
ONAN: Stang: maybe docubob@mindspring could use my 'after x-day' video that i sent you.
Resop: P-lil get a basic g3 and get the miromotion dc30+
decadence: Rabbi: I have leather teddies, vinyl, you name it, got a drawer FULL
Stang: Friday, if I had video editting gear, I would merely turn out dozens of wonderful unsellable tapes.
P-Lil: Resop: Hmm, will keep that in mind.
Friday-X: Stang - OK, I'd rather have you spew where I can see it sell.
P-Lil: Decadence: Uh, uh! I *want*! Uh...!
DrBuglove is extremely anal when it comes to video editing....
AKA: p-lil - get in line.. 8)
Rabbi: Decadence-What can I say. You must teach me a few things, so to speak.
Stang: ONAN -- that "captured SUbGenius" video of yours CANNOT BE COPIED! The same thing that makes it look so cool, makes it unduplicatable... unless... one FILMED IT OFF THE TV... HMMM!
decadence: P-Lil: Come check them out honeybunch...there's enough for a whole SLUMBER PARTY!
PeeKitty: BRB gonna eeeet
Resop: P-lil also if you don't compres severely, it's 1 gig/3 mins
DrBuglove: guess that's make me an asshole...
*** PeeKitty is now known as PK-AFK
Rabbi: AFK?
P-Lil: Buglove: Ready for your closeup? *presses the camera lens against the sphincter*
ONAN: I'm right here, ladies - come and get me if you think you're wo/man enough.
ChrisLi: Stang- QuijiboCam has GREAT footage of someone else's "preachin"
Rabbi: I sense a challenge...
DrBuglove: WOOHOO P-LIL!!!!
Friday-X pinches Onan's cheek
ONAN: eep!
Rabbi pinches Onan's cheeks.
Resop: Damn women!
P-Lil: Onan: Don't tempt me, I do have some leftover lingerie from my femmier stage.
ONAN: yip!
Friday-X: someone else's dancing was a REAL HIGHLIGHT! Even I had a hard-on.
AKA: p-lil - i hope you have an underwater housing for that camera!
Rabbi: Resop-Stop being so jealous.
P-Lil: And I'm in travelling range.
Stang: Chris -- that is good. The version I have is kinda shaky. IMAGINE how proud I was... WHEW!!!
decadence: Onan: Beware now, little've thrown down the gauntlet and I WILL pick it up and SMACK you with it!
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ChrisLi: happy Stang
P-Lil: AKA: I'm hoping the cling wrap will work well enough.
Rabbi: Sorry-I only have the fur-lined handcuffs.
RevAmph: greetings all!
ChrisLi: heya Rev. Amph!
ONAN: two legged creature schemes and dreams... all in vain, jack, all in vain.
Stang: Where'd Legume go?
Nully: Amph!!
decadence: Hey Rabbi, I have some too...grin
*** MkRedy ( has joined channel #subgenius
RevAmph: Nully!
Friday-X: Wrestling in chocolate sauce while covered in cling wrap.
Resop: It's nice to know that the SubGenius women are twice as sexist as the men.
P-Lil: Fur-lined?
decadence pinches Onan's ass.
Friday-X: Stang - I ate him.\
P-Lil: Fur-lined...?
ONAN: aiie!
decadence: Sexist?
Nully: Amph: Barnes says hi. He says, "Tell him he's a cool guy"
*** MkRedy has left channel #subgenius
P-Lil contemplates
decadence: pfffffffft
P-Lil: Fur-lined....
Rabbi: Mine work as leg shackles. Mebbe we could team up?
ChrisLi: yes, Amph is a cool guy
P-Lil shrugs
Friday-X caresses Onan's bicep
decadence: P-Lil: Rabbit fur lined shackles
AKA: p-lil - mostlikely furlined cheapies with the on off switch
ONAN: arf!
Resop: Rev Amph!
RevAmph: Nully: Tell Barnes I said "thanks" and the same to him.
P-Lil: Guess some prefer fur, others prefer iron....
Stang: I have to go flip tapes and inspect the barricades. Be right back.
decadence: Iron hurts
decadence: pooey
Rabbi: Amazing, the things I do when my man isn't around...
P-Lil: Should've brought mine. They're NICE, soft leather doubled over for strength.
Friday-X: Your barricades cannot hold against the breast attack!
mafoo: shit, I have genuine govt issue restraints from local mental hospital
Nully: Awww, how sweet. a lovefest. we'll all have to camp together again next year.
RevAmph: Awwww, shucks, gang...y'all are gonna make me blush.
ONAN: Rabbi: let's pursue that thought...
P-Lil: Rabbi: But what about the things you do when he IS around?
Rabbi: As decadence says, PFFFFFT!
Friday-X: The back of the pavilion might be a nice place to set up a bondage rack/flogging frame next year
decadence: Rabbi: he's a sweetie, but YOU'RE the desirable one
Friday-X pursues the Rabbi
AKA: I've got double locking metal cuffs & leg irons, and a full matching set of locakble rubber restraints... and and...
P-Lil hands Rabbi her crotch-denuding kit and a pink highlighter marker
decadence: Oh YES, Friday
Rabbi: When he's around, it tends to be a case of Legumus Interuptus.
ONAN: Dos Equis Day is going to be known as the X-Day of Love
ChrisLi: now playing on QuijiboCam- Rev. Abbot Costello and his slicknslide
Rabbi thinks it's fine to be caught!
DrBuglove: Chris, we'll have to work on Cloris to get her to go....
P-Lil: Yes, we should have a Leather Yeti contest!!!!!!
Friday-X complains that the Rabbi is running TOO SLOWLY
Nully: Chris: Brian wants to know if Jet Li is the same guy who was in a movie called Ghost Woman (or something like that)
RevAmph: Hmmm....did you get any of Abbot Costello and the OTHER slip-n-slide????
AKA: P-lil - I'm starting a group called S.E.X. - SubGenius Extreme Xperiences
ChrisLi: Ghost Woman.... doesn't ring a bell. Friday might know
P-Lil: Decadence: I was kidding about the iron, naturally.
decadence smiles at P-Lil
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Rabbi: Wait a second, Decadence. Strange is a sweetie? Ask Stang about that one.
ChrisLi: Jet Li was in Fist of Legend, My Father The Hero,
Nully: Friday? You have any idea?
P-Lil: AKA: I have a feeling I'd be a charter member. As would half the august assembly here tonight.
Friday-X: Nully - Don't know about Ghost Woman - maybe Chinese Ghost Story?
ChrisLi: was he in Chinese Ghost Story?
AKA: 'august assembly'?
Friday-X: Nully - Not springing to mind, no. Too vague.
decadence: Well, Rabbi, you're right...he's too butch to be really sweet!
Nully: Friday: he says maybe. It sounds familiar.
*** kevbob has left channel #subgenius
DrBuglove: I think we should get a picture of the shorn Lord, put it on a bumper sticker with "Jesus Shaves" next to it...
Ginsu: July, not august. Personages, either.
ChrisLi: Ghostly Vixen?
Friday-X: Jet Li was NOT in Chinese Ghost Story. I can't think of any supernatural films he's been in
ChrisLi: me neither
Rabbi: He's my moody broody studmuffin, but the day I stop looking is the day I die, and I ain't dead yet!
Friday-X: Before Jesus Saves, Jesus Shaves - Pagan Kennedy
ChrisLi: he wansn't in Vixen
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P-Lil: Half of SSUCC nearly REVOLTED when they found out Jesus shaved off his beard.
Resop: So, any truth to the rumor that Steve and Legume are buying a xtian franchise?
Friday-X: SSUCC?
P-Lil: Mostly women who thought he was cute with the beard.
decadence: Yeah we put up with their moodiness if they can lick us to 10 or more orgasms
ONAN: The shaved Jesus was confusion. I protest.
Ginsu: YES.
Friday-X: The shaved Jesus looks like ME!
P-Lil: Seattle SubGenius Union of Clenches & Crackpots--my "meta-clench".
Friday-X: P-Lil - Ah.
ChrisLi: Buglove- Cloris would fit in. get her $30
AKA passes the signup sheet to p-lil
P-Lil: Friday: Well, they would've thought you were cute, were you not Jesus. Or something.
Nully: It was about this guy who was a member of the Wu-Tang Clan and there was a war, and he meets this woman who's cursed, and they start this romance...
DrBuglove: The Shaven Lord looks so young now.... Jesus; The Early Years....
P-Lil: AKA: No kidding? Where from?
Nully: he keeps going on about it
Friday-X: Nully - The Bride With White Hair. NOT Jet Li but EXCELLENT!
Rabbi: AKA lives near me, PLil.
P-Lil: Rabbi: Ah.
Nully: Friday: Yes, that's it. Thanks.
Friday-X: Stang must have been ambushed by someone else.
P-Lil: That doesn't stop anyone from joining SSUCC, of course, but if you're not in the region it might get kinda boring and alienated.
Nully: Friday: Do you know who was the guy?
ChrisLi: Friday speaks the truth. Jet Li WAS in Tai Chi Master, with Michelle yeoh. almost as excellent
P-Lil: Not that these are alien feelings in THIS Church.
Friday-X: Nully - You should be able to find that film in the US pretty easily.
*** kevbob is now known as kbaway
DrBuglove: I have to find someone in Ohio or NY that can send me Surge soda....
Stang: I'm back. The Shaved Jesus. He wanted to shave himself TOTALLY BALD. I had been trying to talk him out of it for WEEKS. Mary Magdalene finally forbade it. Thus the half-assed nonbeardedness.
decadence: yeah, jesus now looks as young as his woman does!
Rabbi: PLil- AKA and I were ordained at the same place, but he only had to pay $20 even when I shoved my tits in Stang's face.
AKA: p-lil - I was talking about the signup sheet for S.E.X.
Friday-X: Nully - Donnie Yen, I think - I remember he's from BOSTON
P-Lil: Stang: Anton Jesus LaVey Christ.
Stang: Luckily, the Lord's beard will grow back swiftly. He has done that before, for custody court.
Friday-X imagines shaving Stang's crotch
decadence: Damn I have to pee now...shit..there'll be whole new conversations by the time I return
P-Lil: AKA: OH. *signs up*
decadence: Doc Frop shaves, partly...I LIKE it
DrBuglove: Stang, are you driving to Brushwood later this month?
Friday-X: Stang - GOOD. Jesus looks MUCH better with the beard
decadence: No kidding Friday
AKA: p-lil - you can check for preliminary S.E.X. ideas..
ONAN: a UK come on line was "c'mon luv, show us your wizard beard." jesus' was one wizard beard too few that week.
P-Lil: "He looks like a GIRL." --Rev. Unknown Quantity
*** Signoff: PK-AFK (Ping timeout)
Rabbi: Decadence-I wouldn't know where Strange would STOP shaving!
Stang: The Lord is a real cute guy, if YOU CAN'T SEE HIS FACE!!
Friday-X: I thought Jesus WAS a girl - some tramp those SubSluts picked up in the limo
decadence: brb all
Rabbi: Stang-Oh, is he a PURTY MAN?
MDisaster is away: (Auto-Away after 10 mins) [BX-MsgLog On]
P-Lil: I was worried about keeping Strange away from the Connieites Thursday night--what if I got tangled up and couldn't get loose?
Friday-X: Rabbi - We could make Strange wrestle in Neet and then rinse off all the hair
DrBuglove: I thought the Shaven Lord looked ohhh about 12....
Stang: Buglove, I am being FLOWN to Cleveland and thence I will tunnel to Brushwood.
Nully: I was told to enquire about Hard Boiled. Anybody seen it? What do you think of it?
Rabbi: Friday- I like the fur! It keeps me warm at night.
ChrisLi: oh, we've ALL seen hard-Boiled
Friday-X: Nully - VERY good, QUITE violent, GREAT performances
ChrisLi: in fact, it was on Encore-Action just hours ago
DrBuglove: Stang... was gonna bribe ya ta swing through indy on the way back with Surge....
Stang: Hard Boiled is almost psychedelically violent.
Friday-X: Rabbi - We could skin him.
ChrisLi: dubbed
Rabbi: Actually-Strang DID shave off his beard, too.
P-Lil hasn't seen a movie since The Truman Show. Pbbbbbbt.
Nully: He's seen it a bunch of times. I think I'm going to be forced to watch it.
*** PeeKat ( has joined channel #subgenius
PeeKat: Grrr...
ONAN: Stang: I'm going to go to SF at some point to get Lies to sign my Book and after that it is closed forever.
Friday-X: Nully - It's good and Chow Yun-Fat is cute.
Nully: Why is it that all the men I hook up with always want to make me watch tv?
AKA hasnt seen a movie lately period
P-Lil: Oh, it's an OLD movie. Still haven't seen it.
ChrisLi: Nully, well, you probably won't like it, but it's classic
*** MSakamoto has left channel #subgenius
Stang: P-Lil, sometimes, you just have to MAKE the movie instead of SEE the movie. You did the RIGHT THING.
decadence: My dog is going insane...ackkkk...knocked me out of the chair
P-Lil: Nully: I dunno, I have the same problem with women.
ONAN: SPEAKING OF BOOKS: I just got back a copy of 3 Fisted Tales from a bindery - I had it made into a hardcover! So there is at least one hardcover edition now.
Rabbi: Friday- If you're gonna skin him, get Avatar. He's really good at butchering, and I could probably get him and Tahuti as my spoils.
decadence: Onan: Wow! An of a kind!!!
Stang: Onan -- poor Lies needs cheering up. He was crushed when X-Day wasn't staged to his specifications.
ChrisLi: i FINALLY got my copy of SPIDER BABY! i did a celebratory jig for hours!
AKA: hee hee.. the one question, is 'why'?
P-Lil: Stang: Wait, are you implying that you've been selling footage of me to Hong Kong movie studios or some such?
P-Lil: Probably Bombay movie studios....
AKA: stang - his specifications?
Friday-X: Rabbi - I wouldn't skin your man, the scar tissue would probably be bumpy.
P-Lil: So *that* is how I became a celebrity.
Stang: P-Lil -- don't worry, they went straight to video.
PeeKat: What...did Palmer want animatronic Xists or soemthing??
decadence: So, how long do you cats normally hang in here?
Rabbi: Decadence-Until we get bored.
P-Lil: Stang: So do I get any royalties off of closed-circuit hotel room PPV?
Friday-X: Decadence - Once Stang leaves it peters out
ChrisLi: until we quit
PeeKat: decadence: Tuesday morning, give or take
AKA: decadence- until we dont
RevAmph: animatronic Xists??? What about the REAL LIVE XISTS that STOLE my MUFFLER??????
decadence: Hail to the king, baby
Stang: I have no idea what Palmer would have wanted, I only know that whatever the Xists did, he wasn't happy with it.
*** ICEKNIFE ( has joined channel #subgenius
PeeKat: Once Stang leaves, it gets FUN!
*** Mode change "+o ICEKNIFE" on #subgenius by ChanServ
Friday-X: Stang is weak and tired and usually leaves by midnight
ICEKNIFE: ok, found the X-day irc log
Nully: amph: sombody stole your MUFLER??
Rabbi: I'm outa here in another few minutes. Some of us still have jobs, and I happen to like mine.
Ginsu: YOUR muffler, too? One two many beer runs across the dirt roads, I think./
Friday-X: Ice - GOOD!
ChrisLi: i also got a great copy of Tomb of the Blind Dead! praise Anchor Bay video!
Resop: Stang: did you like the video for the BTM song?
RevAmph: Well, it vanished, Nully.
Friday-X: Bye Rabbi, we'll miss you
ICEKNIFE: Where does it go?
*** admire (joemamma@ has joined channel #subgenius
decadence smooches with Rabbi in the most delicious way....
P-Lil: Rabbi: Thou art blessed. I don't like mine, so I'll be around for a while.
AKA: a job, thats something I need to get one of these days
Ginsu: Bye Rabbi
RevAmph: Bye Rabbi
P-Lil: Wait, you're not blessed, you're....
Friday-X: ChrisLi - Did you get Quatermass And The Pit yet?
admire: does anyone understand german??????
P-Lil: Wait.
P-Lil: Uh.
Stang: Resop, I have no idea what you're talking about.
Nully: Brian does
PeeKat: Dave Lynch does!
decadence: Nein
admire: does anyone understand german??????
*** Phineas ( has joined channel #subgenius
ONAN: Rabbi: bye!
Friday-X: Admire - Are you PJM?
Nully: well, a little german, anyway
P-Lil: DAMN IT, I hate it with I get confused like that.
decadence: French yes
Rabbi: Man, I can feel the love. Is it at this point I let you know I've been writing in the nude?
admire: wha?
P-Lil: Phineas!
ChrisLi: Friday, no- Quartermass is a part of Hammer i have yet to delve into. on the list though
ONAN: Narconi!
Phineas: fuck me
RevAmph: I understand a little German.
Ginsu: Ich ken' Deutsch.
Phineas: oh hi! I finally found you guys. Hi Lil!
AKA: are you wearing red paint, rabbi?
Stang: Hey Phineas!
PeeKat: AMIRE: Yes...Yes, I'd imagine quite a few people in Germany understand German, why?
P-Lil: Rabbi: I was kinda hoping that was always the case.
decadence: Rabbi: WOOF! Me too...go figure
ChrisLi: Friday- do you have any Quartermass?
*Resop* the "blood lust" video I gave you.
ICEKNIFE: Narco? You porndwarf!
DrBuglove: Hammer horror films????
Friday-X: Rabbi - How does the nude feel about being written in?
Stang: Phineas -- I loved your press release!
Phineas: Hi Dou-- I mean STANG!@
ChrisLi: Buglove- right
Nully: That's right, Ginsu's the one who read Critique of Pure Reason in the Original german.
*** Poot2000 ( has joined channel #subgenius
Phineas: THANKS!!
admire fucking needs something translted from german!!!!
Rabbi: Friday- Warm, deliciously so.
Friday-X: ChrisLi - No, planning on it soon.
*** admire has left channel #subgenius
Phineas is pleased :)
ChrisLi: i was the guy walking around with his name on his t-shirt, next to a picture of Dracula
Friday-X: Hi Phin
Stang: OH, Resop is CRAIG!!!! Now I get it. I ain't seen it yet! Sorry! Been RECUPERATING.
decadence: Hiya PapaJoe...gosh, you KNOW you're my FAVORITE ranter! Listened to your stuff on the way home
Phineas: Hi Friday!
decadence: dammit..on deaf ears
P-Lil hugs the nude Rabbi goodnight
Rabbi: Gut nacht.
Resop: duhhh
*** Signoff: Rabbi (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
DrBuglove: Chris Good stuff... not familiar enough with them to talk much about 'em but what I've seen I liked...
ICEKNIFE: Stang, where does the X-Day IRC log go?
P-Lil: You backwards poser.
Phineas: Hello Onan and all my mutant brethren and sistren
Ginsu: NULLY: Sorry I missed you at X-Day.
Nully: Ginsu: YOu were there??? Where?
RevAmph: Ginsu was at X-day?
Friday-X: Iceknife - If you could post it or just email it to Stang that would be great.
P-Lil: *sniff* I squeezed Rabbi too hard. She went poof.
ChrisLi: i kicked ass in Taste the Blood of dracula
ICEKNIFE: Want me to re-run it here, now?
Stang: Pastor Craig, I want to tell you -- you were a VALIANT SOLDIER at X-Day! We were all real proud of you. You have consistently shown as much guts as you have shown little sense!
ICEKNIFE: I can...
AKA: lets see the hands of those who WERENT at x-day
Ginsu: Nully: I had cut my hair and new glasses. I was around.
Friday-X: Ice - That might be distracting
ChrisLi: not to "defame" anyone, but this Rev. Argle and Bargle... whatever they was... they sucked
DrBuglove: Stang BTW, was good ta finally meet ya face to face instead of in here....
*** Legume ( has joined channel #subgenius
Resop: P-Lil at least they had a backwards Neggir in the white house
P-Lil: All IRC Logs Go To Hell.
ChrisLi: they on the video now
Stang: Nully was PARTYIN' at X-Day!
Nully: Beaner!
RevAmph: Stang: Not to mention that he got closer to more pussy than I did, which shames me mightily.
Friday-X: Craig - Thamks for helping me sell all those buttons!
Phineas: I didn't go to the battle of Armageddon I was in my tent
ICEKNIFE: Plil, you be nice now...
Nully: She was?
DrBuglove: Greetin' Legume...
P-Lil: LoGume!
decadence: Pastor was fun jumping you in the woods~!
P-Lil: Ice: Why should I start now? That'd be even more confusing.
Poot2000: I was at home masturbating on X-day.
P-Lil: Oh, wait, I see your point.
Phineas: no wonder it was so sticky!
Legume: HowdyAll
ChrisLi: Craig- i'm the guy who took you out in the Battle. sacrificin' myself in the process.
Friday-X: Jacklighting Craig should be the official sport of X-Day
Resop: Friday: your welcom
P-Lil: Did anyone get photos of Pastor Craig being stripped by the women?
RevAmph: Greetings Legume
Ginsu: goome
Phineas: Legume!
PeeKat: Re Legume
decadence: was dark darling
Legume: Phineas!
*** speedo ( has joined channel #SubGenius
*** Mode change "+o speedo" on #subgenius by ChanServ
Nully: Lil: NO, I don't think there were any cameras there.
Legume: The UFO Phineas
Phineas: PeeKat=PeeKitty?
Stang: P-Lil -- Craig -- I have KILLER HIGH 8 VIDEO of Pastor Craig vs. Angel and Cristina Bucket!
Friday-X: Some things are best held in the memory
Phineas: Hi did you read my story?
Resop: Chrisli 0.1 second after I threw you out...
PeeKat: Of course!
Stang: The wrassling footage is HILARIOUS.
*** PeeKat is now known as PeeKitty
P-Lil: I should've brought mine--but, could've my camera withstood the exposure?
ChrisLi: that's right
ICEKNIFE: fuckin PHINEAS... the goddamn IRC used to be FUN, but now he's RUINING it!!!
Phineas: Pee Kitty! Hi! I emailed you
RevAmph: Geez...I'm beginning to realize just how many people I did NOT meet at we have to do it AGAIN.
Friday-X: And again and again and again ...
Nully: aMPH: cAN we have a year to recover first?
AKA: Rev - there were plenty to not meet...
P-Lil: RevAmph: Did we meet?
Phineas: woah wait a sec...
AKA: stang - do you have a total # of attendees?
RevAmph: Nully: If you insist....but I'd prefer that we didn't.
Stang: I understand that "PSYCHE" guy was there? He sure as hell never revealed himself. And SHUCKS, but Bob Dean never showed!
Legume: Hey Stang, did you see the nipple shot of you & bucket?
ONAN: I hope even fewer people don't meet me next time.
PeeKitty: Phin: I don't think I got it....
Nully: Lil: Yes, of course you met Amph. He was camping right next to us`
RevAmph: P-Lil: Yes. I bought the Seattle devival poster, and was camped near you all weekend.
Phineas: Holy shit Legume
Stang: Legume -- YES!!! I sure as hell did see that nipple-mouth shot! I feel like an IDIOT for not CHOWING DOWN more!
Friday-X: Stang - Psych introduced itself while you were being filmed by Darrigo once
P-Lil: I wanna do it NOW. Move out to Brushwood permanently, let my animatronic double test software for me....
*** Signoff: Mykal (Leaving)
ICEKNIFE: Psych revealed himself to almost everyone there. He was the guy with the brother on crutches.
Phineas: I just realized I saw a fucking honest to god UFO
ONAN: PKitty: give b.f.ross a high five for me.
ChrisLi: shit, i met a ton of people, and can't recall any of them
P-Lil: Amph: Oh, I got names mixed up. Enjoying the poster?
DrBuglove: Stang... got some bad news.... the Stangbot'98 ummmmm welll it kinda escaped....
PeeKitty: Onan: I will when she gets back from work! She left....
Nully: Stang: Dean WAS there. He had a WHOLE CONVERSATION with you? DOn't you remember??? I have it all on video!
Legume: Phineas speaks true. I also saw it
decadence: yeah Stang, ya didn't make much of that opportunity and Gordon was STILL jealous!@
ONAN: we do these things on video so we don't have to remember - the TVs can remember for us.
Friday-X: Stang - Next year the crowd gets to buy the bikini off my back during the wrestling.
RevAmph: It's not up yet, P-Lil....but it will be soon!
ChrisLi: all i have is a bunch of email addresses quickly scrawles
P-Lil: Nully: I suck vis-a-vis names.
Stang: Nully, don't fuck with my mind like that.
Phineas: I saw a UFO my god
Friday-X: Stang - I saw you and Dean fropping together!
ICEKNIFE: you did not see anything. shut up.
ONAN: i gave out 500+ cards with my contact info on it - nobody's written that i didn't 'bond' with.
RevAmph: Friday: How much for the bikini?
ICEKNIFE: the truth isn't out there
ChrisLi: St. Al claims to have seen a saucer at the Erie amtrak
Legume: I saw Stang kissing Dean under the mistletoe
*** Devolver ( has joined channel #Subgenius
*** Mode change "+o Devolver" on #subgenius by ChanServ
PeeKitty: Devolver!
Phineas: There's someone at the door hold on...
Nully: DEVO!!!!
ChrisLi: and Devolver- oops
RevAmph: Hey Devo
ChrisLi: never mind
Friday-X: Amph - I'll see how much the onsite bidding goes up to - all proceeds to the Church, naturally ...
decadence: legume, I saw you sucking Stang's dick under that very same mistletoe...hmmmm
decadence: it was goooooood
Phineas: Some guys in suits and sunglasses just came in
P-Lil: Actually, would this be a bad time to mention that "Bob Dean" is actually another transsexual, and that she was the one who took Stang's boxers in the pool?
RevAmph: ONAN: Give me time....I'll write. Just as soon as I have something to say.
Devolver: Amph! PeeKitty! ChrisLi! Everyone!
Devolver: How are ya?
Stang: I just got through watching videos of myself being OVERWHELMED by such voluptuous lovlies as Friday, Rabbi, Christina Bucket, and Angel... FIRST TIME I GOT TO SEE ANY OF IT! Without my specs, I'm nearly as blind as Friday! (Which may explain why the two of us have to feel our ways around so much!)
ChrisLi: okily dokily
Devolver: Stang, wait till you see our video.
decadence: Wait, Bucket is VOLUPTUOUS? Did I miss something?
P-Lil: Stang: You need a highly developed sense of taste, like me.
Friday-X feels her way around Stang
ChrisLi: Devolver- i'm making your copies right now
Legume: Phineas isnt lying. Janor thought it was a helicopter, but I can identify the goddamn MAKE of most helicopters by the SOUND. This thing was fucking SILENT
ICEKNIFE: Annna didn't go, so it sucked.
Stang: Legume, there are some REAL REAL NICE shots of your little wifey in her Valkyrie garb that EVERYONE will LIKE.
Friday-X: Stang is lying BTW - I've peeked through his glasses and there's hardly anything wrong with his eyes
RevAmph: Just who was that Angel gal, anyway?
Nully: Iceknife: Annna DID go
Phineas: absolutely silent
ONAN: okay, maybe bye for a while...
Devolver: ChrisLi, cool. I won't be able to come up til Sunday morning real early to go.
P-Lil: Bucket is HOT, yes, but she's so thin....
*** ONAN has left channel #subgenius
ICEKNIFE: It was a velantor. calm down, you big SISSY!
Resop: Angel is a Dom
Stang: Devolver -- you were a person there? Shooting?
ChrisLi: Sunday morning?!? ya putz
Legume: Stang, send me them Susie'll dig that
P-Lil: Amph: remember that girl who was running around with the troll doll on acid?
Friday-X: Bucket is a lean bucket of water.
Devolver: Nully!
ChrisLi: how early?
decadence: Angel pretends to be a Dom
Nully: Devo: I said hi when you came in. You missed it
RevAmph: P-Lil: Yes, I remember.
AKA: Angel is just On a Cloud Somewhere Else!
Devolver: Stang, yes on ChrisLi's camara. I got the best footage of someone else's dance, I guarantee.
decadence: a bit...
*** decadence has left channel #subgenius
Resop: Decacence: we are what we pretend to be.
Stang: Legume -- OKAY. I'm sorting thorugh HUNDREDS of photos that Tommy shot.
ICEKNIFE: I often pretend to be Dom DeLuise, but only when I'm at home alone and no one can see...
Devolver: ChrisLi, however early you want to leave.
ChrisLi: i also guarantee, having seen it
Friday-X: Devolver - PLEASE send Stang dance shots!
P-Lil: Devolver: You weren't laying on the stage, can't be the best.
Devolver: P-Lil, who was?
Stang: Am I one lucky son of a bitch, or WHAT?
*** kbaway is now known as kevbob
P-Lil: Devolver: Nobody was, that's my point.
RevAmph: wb kevbob
Friday-X: Devolver - Stang was sliding towards the end there, heading stageward
Nully: Stang: You are one lucky bitch, that's for sure
DrBuglove: Stang The future Mrs. Buglove thought Someone Else's dance was the most touching thing she's seen....
P-Lil: Stang: I've been trying to tell you that since I met someone else.
RevAmph: Stang: From what I saw, you are the luckiest SOB alive.
Friday-X: Stang - You are as lucky as THREE sons of bitches, and just as ornery too
ChrisLi: Devolver- we going to that comic con thang, or just to Chicago?
Devolver: hehe, anyway Stang watch for ChrisLi's tape in the mail. And look up the dance. I deserve an Oscar.
kevbob: stang: psyche was there, and a gentler soul at xday, there was not.
Legume: Stang, I got to talk to you later this wek about a somewhat drastic idea I have
*** Mode change "+o AKA" on #subgenius by ChrisLi
*** Mode change "+o Legume" on #subgenius by ChrisLi
*** Mode change "+o PeeKitty" on #subgenius by ChrisLi
Devolver: ChrisLi, the comic con is in Chicago.
ICEKNIFE: Kevbob, how come I didn't see you there???
Friday-X: Legume - Don't do anything BAD now
ChrisLi: well, duh, devolver! are we going to that?
AKA: danke
RevAmph: You guys going to the comic con?
Stang: Legume -- "I'm up for ANY PROGRAM"! -- Coochy Cooty
kevbob: becasue you weren't there ice.
Nully: ICe: YOu were there?
*** DokLumpen ( has joined channel #subgenius
P-Lil: Legume, since when have your ideas NOT been drastic? Just saying.
Devolver: kevbob! What's up dude? Yeah psyche was not his online persona at all. Still I couldn't really let myself like him.
*** Mode change "+o DokLumpen" on #subgenius by kevbob
PeeKitty: LUmpen! Whazzup?
Nully: Lumpen!!
RevAmph: DOK!
Devolver: Lumpen, your email address fast!
DokLumpen: hey all!
Nully: Hey Hey! The gang's all here!!
ChrisLi: Amph- we might go to that Wizard World thing, on Sunday
ICEKNIFE: I was everywhere, as usual!
ChrisLi: Lumpen!
kevbob: devo: you shoulda tried.
P-Lil: It's almost as if X-Day didn't happen....
Friday-X: Stang - Is the Church doing any conventions now that you're still here? DragonCon? WorldCon?
RevAmph: I may be there....I'll keep an eye out for ya!
DokLumpen: Hi Peekitty, feeling better?
ChrisLi: yeah, what about Dragon Con?
Stang: HOW ABOUT EINSTEIN'S SECRET ORCHESTRA? Does that band kick ass or WHAT?!? DUDE?!?
Phineas: This is an amazing world we live in
RevAmph: P-Lil: Something happened, I'll guarantee.
DokLumpen: Hi NULLY!
PeeKitty: Godfather sez hi, Dok
P-Lil: Time to get that Church Satellite.
PeeKitty: YEah, I'm feeling a LOT better compared to a week ago.
Nully: ICON!! Do ICon
Phineas: Stang what was that song they were doing "My Friends are all fucked up.."?
Friday-X: Stang - ESO kicks the MONKEY WITH FIVE BUTTS
PeeKitty: Stang; DUnno...never heard 'em.
*** Signoff: speedo (Connection reset by peer)
DrBuglove: The Stangbot'98 escaped before I had a chance to "decommision" it...
Legume: If Dobbs was wrong about 1998, why blindly believe in 8661?
Ginsu: Yeah, they're ass-kickin'!
Legume: or July?
DokLumpen: Hi Plil
Devolver: ESO was amazing! Hey before I forget to ask, Stang did you get David Lynch ranting on tape?
Friday-X: DrB - If I catch it can I keep it?
Stang: Friday -- only Starwood and DeathCon, which had paid me in advance. We certainly had no SUBGENIUS events planned!!
Resop: Both Michelle and Chaz both transfiggered.
PeeKitty: Legume: FAITH.
P-Lil: Stang: Gotta admit, I was really bitchy Friday night, so I didn't get a chance to enjoy them much. Maybe once I see the video....
Friday-X: Why believe "Bob"??
RevAmph: Legume: Who cares? Let's just have every party as though it's the last one!
P-Lil: Hey Dok....
DokLumpen: Hi Friday, Stang, man everyone's here.
kevbob: ice, if you were able to irc at 7:00 am, i woulda SMELT the net connection and found you, so shut up.
ChrisLi: Quijibo 8 *might* have an interview with ESO! praMyke!
Stang: I don't understand why anybody fixates on this 8661 thing. It's only one of a zillion theories.
Devolver: KevBob, are you logging this?
AKA: whats tdeathcon?
Friday-X: Stang - Too bad. Well, I'll see you next year at least.
Phineas: I like my theory, but then I'm biased
ICEKNIFE: you got the wrong channel, dumbass
Devolver: Oh ChrisLi, the dragon con is in Chicago, what are you talking about?
P-Lil: Shit, I *know* my theory's right.
kevbob: yes.
Phineas: My theory was that we were all taken up to a giant holodeck on the xist saucers that perfectly replicates 1998 earth
mafoo: dragoncon in atlanta
PeeKitty: Stang: Cuz it's the "official" one. I like mine a lot better...the fact that it happens to the the ONE TRUE REAL BULLSHIT-LESS REASON might have something to do with that.....
Friday-X: Maybe it was 1988! Maybe it was 1899!
ChrisLi: Dragon con is in atlanta
Stang: Devolver -- I don't have Lynch on MY video, but he may be on my audio.
Devolver: kevbob, can you email it to me after you log out?
Phineas: This theory will be considered very seriously by subgenius star trek fans on frop
ICEKNIFE: *I* am gonna touch my dick to some sushi right now...brb
Legume: Fuck this shit, Stang. Fuck Dobbs. We ought to cut our OWN goddamned deal with the Xists
P-Lil: PeeKitty: Without ANY bullshit? What's the POINT?
Devolver: Stang, how can I get it if you have audio?
AKA: 8661 makes sense with the 1996 'error' from the mcgraw-hill version, of course THAT is probably wrong too.
Legume: We ought to kick Dobbs out of his own church
PeeKitty: Lil: I was being ironic...maybe.
Phineas: done that
Devolver: ChrisLi, maybe it's the baby dragon con I don't know. We'll talk about it later.
Phineas: shit, we killed the guy
Resop: I'm still thinking of going to Tibet to sit in a hot tub to have an out of body experience to see if I have two silver threads now.
ICEKNIFE: HA! Legroom, you can't even cut yer own FARTS, much less a deal with hostile aliens!
Stang: Legume -- believe me. I TRIED. All through the 80s I tried to cut loose from the bastard. But that's like trying to bail out of a space capsule in orbit.
P-Lil: PeeKitty: And I was being dramatic. Kinda.
Friday-X: Legume - Before dealing with Xists, clone yourself. You'll need backup. Literally.
Devolver: Yeah KevBob it's this neat thing where you can send mail through the computer.
ChrisLi: devo- Wizard world is the Chicago con
Legume: When XDay comes, we can spit at Dobbs and laugh as he pleads to get onto the saucer
P-Lil: No, Legume's got a good idea.
DrBuglove: Funny thing about Dobbs...... His body from the SF assination was stored in the B.I.S.T. labs as well... and ummm it's missing along with the Stangbot'98...
Devolver: kevBob, sorry it's
Phineas: "Open the pod bay doors stang"
DokLumpen: I'll be right back everyone
Nully: Well, I think I'm gonna take off for the night. Everybody have a good one
Phineas: "I'm sorry I can't do that "Bob""
Devolver: cool lumpen
P-Lil: The tricky part is going to be getting him into the temporal bubble the Xists have set up for soul-harvesting.
Stang: Legume, you are perfectly welcome to assassinate Dobbs, but CRIMINY, man, it ain't like we haven't tried. GGG himself tried and ended up being his DRESSER.
Resop: Phineas: I have the theory now, it will be all theories to all people.
RevAmph: Bye Nully
Nully: one what I don't know, but enjoy it, whatever it is
Devolver: Nully, say hello to my stinky little friend
P-Lil: Gnight Nully! See you soon!
Stang: See ya Nully! Thanks for coming!
ICEKNIFE: and the Bizzaro Janor (which can't be distinguished from the original)
Phineas: I poisoned "Bob"
Friday-X: Bye Nully
Ginsu: bye nully
Nully: Devo: Will do. HE's curled up in bed without me, so...
Devolver: Get on him
*** Signoff: DokLumpen (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
Legume: Kill him? Why fucking bother? We'll shitlist him like his brother Bob Dean
RevAmph: Bizzaro Janor? Isn't that redundant?
PeeKitty: byy nully
DrBuglove: hell I'm so shook up I can't spell assassination...
Phineas: I put strychnine and cyanide in his beer, he just got a buzz off it
P-Lil: It's the War Of The X-Day Theories, only on pay-per-view!
Nully: Oh, Pkitty: You have email?
Devolver: Stang, I'm sorry if I missed your reply if you sent one. Can I get the audio?
ICEKNIFE: like I said...
Phineas: Bizzarro Janor is actually a very contented and responsible person
Stang: I had a HUGE LONG LIST of X-DAY X-CUSES in my back pocket that I was prepared to whip out at 7:05, but... it was pointless. I was as shocked as anybody.
ICEKNIFE: can't be distinguished from the original)
Friday-X: Stang - Please email that list, I'll do 'em up as art.
Resop: It's a comedy theory, it's a drama theory, it stars Woopie Goldburg as a sassy street smart cop.
Ginsu: Maybe instead of "Bob", we can just worship the name "BOB"...or not.
Stang: Devolver -- it'll be a long time before I even know what's on the audio tapes.
Nully: PeeKat: we'll see if we can't hook up with you folks before i go back up north
Friday-X: Let's just worship the QUOTES
Nully: Bye y'all
Phineas: a street smart sassy SAVVY cop with the emphasis on the SAVVY
Stang: Ginsu -- Janor did that concept in 1980.
*** Nully has left channel #subgenius
Legume: Shocked? You placed your trust in the Worlds Stupidest Man.
AKA: Oh oh oh that reminds me...
Ginsu: Or the concept of punctuation.
Phineas: of course she could be street smart and sassy or street savvy and smart
ICEKNIFE: I have a ray-gun that can make Stang into a "cursty but lovable old" character. Should I use it?
*** BLACKROSE ( has joined channel #subgenius
PeeKitty: It's FAITH!
ICEKNIFE: crusty
Ginsu: Ooops. (c) Janor Hyperneets 1980
ICEKNIFE: not cursty
*** BLACKROSE has left channel #subgenius
Friday-X: Ice - What a HORRIBLE idea! Maybe ...
P-Lil: Iceknife: He's already like that though.
Legume: Sure, Dobbs is lucky..which is great, if you're HIM.
RevAmph: Y'know....I saw Arnold Palmer in a commercial today, and couldn't help but bust out laughing, remembering the exploding head.
Resop: It stars Billy Crystal as Stang, we'll get Eran Moran to direct
Stang: Legume, as disappointed as I was, my faith in "Bob" is unshaken.
Legume: But we AINT him
Friday-X: Stang is already pretty crusty, someone else has to scrape him with a putty knife just to get his arms and legs to bend
Phineas: Now when I say G'Brogleascan, I want you to understand this... what I mean is Gbaloogliocormioscam, I just wanted to make that clear
Devolver: K, thanks. Does anyone have David Lynch's rant on any form of media? I missed it totally and haven't forgiven myself since.
DrBuglove: The worst thing was that the Stangbot'98 STOLE MY REPLACEMENT CLONE!!!
P-Lil: Legume: Strap him onto a maverick asteroid and hurl him out into deep space. Maybe he'll hit Planet X if we're lucky.
Devolver: How did he blow up prematurely anyway Legume?
ChrisLi: we'll get it Devolver, if we have to leave a pile of bodies in our wake
Phineas: Argmageddon tired of waiting for the fucking end of the world
AKA: devolver... chrislee is on my SAVE ME list, once everything gets settled, we'll see...
Devolver: K AKA.
Stang: Dr. Legume, what you're implying is the sheerest blasphemy. You're playing with fire, man. You'd best not start badmouthing Dobbs.
AKA: I have over 30 people who were taping/viding/photoing
Resop: Legume will be played by Hawkeye Pierce
ICEKNIFE: ok, everyone turn and touch the butt of the person to your left with your right ring finger.
Legume: Palmer prematurely emaculated
ChrisLi: Helpope Huey has just stepped onto QuijiboCam'
P-Lil: Dobbs is the StarSeed.
*** Friday-X has set the topic on channel #subgenius to Your Flight Has Been Delayed
Legume: I SPIT at Dobbs!
Phineas: gasp!
Devolver: I spit DOBBS!
Phineas: I don't know you
Legume: Come into the light, Stang
Friday-X wears sheer blasphemy nighties to bed
Stang: Legume -- been there, done that. I once paid a schizophrenic woman to pee on Dobbs' head on a stage in Philly.
ICEKNIFE: Yes, but only if someone rubs yer head, right Mr.Magic Fireman Legume?
Phineas: If "Bob" heard you talking like that he'd cut yer damn BUTT off boy
Friday-X: Come into your pants Stang
*** Signoff: PeeKitty (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
*** DokLumpen ( has joined channel #subgenius
kevbob: 'gumey: never confuse luck for skill.
Legume: Our Church IS blasphemy, who are we to cling to a tarbaby.
Devolver: I'm still trying to get over the depression of having to come back to pinkland.
AKA: time for a new philly peeing, it's getting dry here
Stang: Legume, you're talking old-days stuff. We've been through all this. There IS no escape from Dobbs.
DokLumpen: I'm baack
Friday-X: Legume - Are tarbabies flammable? Time to find out ...
Resop: Julie from the love boat will play someone else
RevAmph: Devo: Odd. I'm having more fun with the pinks than ever.
Devolver: Was that a threat Lumpen!
kevbob: amph
Friday-X: Douglass Smith will get a sex change and play me
RevAmph: yes kev?
Phineas: Someone at work whined to me that they lost their promotion, I felt like saying "I lost a superior alien race that wanted to take me to their home fucking planet!"
kevbob: i beleieve you may have been right, i should have killed her.
Devolver: Amph, how so? YOu pretending the Xists really came?
ICEKNIFE: where the fuck are we gonna find six gay black cowboys to carry Legume's coffin?
Legume: Come on Stang, get off the teat. Dobbs is a SHORT-DURATION PERSONAL SAVIOUR.
Devolver: hehe Phineas
Stang: Friday, if I was gonna jump anybody's body, it'd be yours.
Friday-X: Ice - Your house maybe?
Ginsu: Legume: You gonna accept that?
ChrisLi: MD- i remember meeting you, but i don't *remember* you. who were you?
RevAmph: Devo: I'm just getting a big kick out of all the guys at work who think I ran off with some crazy cult last weekend, intending to kill myself.
Phineas: it is compared to 2000
Friday-X: Stang - And I'd love to jump you right into an acid-puking bug body, you sweet thing you
Resop: Pastor Craig will be played by a young Brad Pitt. And still won't get laid.
Devolver: Stang, Legume we will have no desention among the ranks (or was it skanks?)
Phineas: I have this CHRISTIAN co-worker at work
Stang: Legume -- you are mistaking my personal saviours for my BOSS. I just WORK here, okay?
RevAmph: Devo: They all now believe I am suicidal
Legume: We can do Dobbs job better than Dobbs
Phineas: He told me he used to live a SINFUL life of drinking bear and chewing skoal
kevbob: amph: noone at work is understanding the turtle.
AKA: stang - i dunno, you're all paid up now!
Phineas: and GASP pre-marital sex
Resop: oooh!
Poot2000: Legume: But can we do Dobbs' job WORSE that Dobbs?
Devolver: RevAmph, the think I want to sacrifice them. The few I told.
Friday-X: Stang - You are my Short Duration Personal Savior until I leave this IRC session.
Legume: Stang, it's time we POCKET Dobbs money
Stang: GO FOR IT LEGUME!!! Why don't YOU be the NEW DOBBS. (snicker)
DrBuglove: So, just WHO IS the personal savior of Ivan Stang?
kevbob: amph: what happened to the little turtle.
MDisaster: ChrisLi: Hey, I was the guy who said that NedWreck said that you brewed your own beer. Ring a bell?
Devolver: Hell KevBob, I don't understand the fucking turtle
Friday-X hands Legume the Pipe
Phineas: Muh dick was my savior for about half an hour last night
Legume: No NEW DOBBS
ChrisLi: uh.... no. but i'll play along.
Stang: Friday, control yourself for just a few minutes more, until I'm through deprogramming Legume.
Devolver: Everyone ignore Stang and Legume.
Legume: He is the ENEMY of our people
ChrisLi: was you with Ned at one point?
Phineas: Drink MoCoco
kevbob: good dobbs, bad dobbs. sheeeeet, 'gumey's the one with the gun...
RevAmph: kevbob: I have the little turtle. He's on my kitchen counter right now.
*** Comrade_X ( has joined channel #subgenius
Friday-X: Every day is X-Day when you have a 'Bob'
Devolver: MDisaster, what did you call yourself?
kevbob: amph: coolness
Stang: Legume, WHAT ARE YOU "ON"??
RevAmph: Devo: Ignore Stang and Legume? I've been doing that for YEARS!
Friday-X: Dein? Bob Dein?
Resop: No new Dobbs unless it's played by Whoopie Goldberg as a Sassy Savvy streat smart cop personal savior.
Phineas: I want to make a psychedelic tshirt with the words "Hold That Thought!" on it
MDisaster: ChrisLi: yep. He was mostly roaming around, though. I was afraid that when I mentioned the beer thing that you thought I was trying to bum a beer off you...:)
Legume: WE, Stang, you and I can pick up the ball that Dobbs fumbled.
Legume: I have PLANS, Stang
Stang: Phineas -- it IS kinda psychedelic, isn't it? Thanks for noticing!
kevbob: 'gumeys what this church NEEDS.
DrBuglove: Fuck it, let's just worship Whoopi and skip the middle man....
Phineas: Stang, I saw your face on 7:06am on Xday
Friday-X: Legume - Stang isn't too good about getting dropped balls back - just look at, well, you know
kevbob: sure, it's been FUN, but is anyone POWERFUL???
Devolver: Legume, don't you already have one ball? Why do you need two?
ChrisLi: well, shit, i just hope i gave you a beer. i wanted to give everyone a beer, but i can only carry so many beers.
Stang: The Church of the SUbGenius without "Bob" would be like Anna Nichole Smith with a flat chest.
RevAmph: My Xtian co-worker is really worried about my soul. Keeps handing me Bible quotes and the such.
kevbob: Legume, you don't need stang anymore, now it's YOUR TURN!
MDisaster: Devolver: What do you mean? Oh. I called myself Milo Disaster.
Legume: This church needs an enema. Xday was the nozzle.
AKA: For a FREE Rosary and the Story of Fatima, call 1-800-247-7409
ChrisLi: and evrytime i went for beer, i got "distracted". time control
Phineas: It would be like Farrah Fawcett Major without any legs
DrBuglove: Dammit Chris, where was MY beer?
Devolver: I actually came back a bit more powereful KevBob. I'm no longer scared to be naked in front of people. And I'm all around more free cause I met you all and know I'm not alone. There I said it.
ICEKNIFE: our new mascot could be Plicky The Aphid
ICEKNIFE: Or Tony Danza
Phineas: It would be like Linda Evans if she was missing an eye and part of her left ear
RevAmph: Devo: I feel the same SHUT UP.
Ginsu: Legume is perfectly capable without "Bob".
Devolver: So anyway, did anyone watch that ball kicking thing on TV today?
ChrisLi: i can't carry a damn case around with me! i had to carry a camera, Quijibo, backpack, MY beer.
Resop: Well guys, the stupid job compells me to bed.
Devolver: The world ICUP?
Resop: l8er
Poot2000: It would be like Def Leppard with a drummer with NO arms.
Ginsu: night craigger
MDisaster: ChrisLi: I was actually kinda avoiding beers since I had too many the first night and did a shitty-stupid blurb on stage and then busted my ass getting off stage.
kevbob: devo, yes, but what we need is a guiding FORCE, a TIP for the HATCHET that will PRUNE this LAND!
Legume: We stand at a crossroads. Let us cut down the stop signs and see who gets killed
RevAmph: Bye Craig
Stang: It would be like Jimi Hendrix playing damn ukelele.
Devolver: Resop, say that again and I'll kill you.
ICEKNIFE: Kitten Natividad's left tit!
Stang: It would be like Pee Dog asking for a Kleenex.
ChrisLi: was that you who fell ofstage?
Devolver: MDisaster, now I remember you!
Stang: It would be like Friday Jones sleeping with her eyes closed.
Friday-X: Jimi Hendrix, the Duke of Uke!
*** Signoff: Resop (Ircle was here!)
DrBuglove: Mmmmmm Kitten Natividad........
Phineas: It would be like Jesse Helms if he were disembowled by a metal spike... hey actually that would be pretty cool
Friday-X: Stang - I do sleep with my eyes closed, sometimes.
RevAmph: Does anyone else find it ironic that Legume continues to talk death and destruction, yet took a dive in the 2nd round of the BOA?
kevbob: hey chris, did you ever get that beer for devo?
MDisaster: Devolver: I forgot about 100 names... who were you?
Friday-X sleep with closed eyes and open thighs for Stang
AKA: phineas - i have the Impalement FAQ if you need it
Legume: Wrong, Stang,it IS like Jimi Hendrix playing damn ukelele. It's time we go electric.
ChrisLi: uh, yeah, kevbob
P-Lil: Goddamn Conspiracy witchdoctor medicine.
Devolver: KevBob, I am that FORCE! Aim me at the pinks and pull my trigger. I'll turn them into primordial ooz
Phineas: Jimi would have FUCKED the ukelele
Friday-X massages Legume's battle-scarred tendons
Devolver: What beer? Did I have a beer?
kevbob: devo, yes, you are the triggerman, but Legume is the Trigger FINGER!
Devolver: Oops.
AKA: who is the TRIGGER?
Stang: Legume, I appreciate your sentiment, I really do. But I have BEEN THROUGH ALL THIS before. The MIGHTIEST of the old time Covenant Men tried to break Dobbs' evil hold... and NONE could cut that mustard. GOOD LUCK, but... whew, I wouldn't want to be you.
ChrisLi: btw, Buglove's fiancee was sooooooo impressed by our savvy, that she coughed up $30! Praise Dr. and Mrs. Buglove!
P-Lil: Couldn't they make those steroid inhalers better-tasting?!?
Devolver: Praise $30!
Legume: Amph, it was the FIRST round. I started a big fight and left Stang in the middle of it. The whole idea appealed to my Ivangelical side.
P-Lil: She was impressed by our gravy.
RevAmph: Hell, I've almost got my EX ready to cough up $30...getting a current fiancee would be EASY, if I had one.
Friday-X: In the Battle of Armageddon, I had to sit on Stang's face to keep his glasses safe
RevAmph: Legume: Oh, was it the first? Well, I didn't know...I was too busy treating the fool who got injured before the battle even BEGAN!
*** `china ( has joined channel #subgenius
Devolver: Hell, I barely talked myself into coughing up $30 and look what it got me.
kevbob: ya know, it seems kinda odd that now after the "investor's" meeting, stang wants to sit back and relax...
Stang: Amph, the whole Battyle of Armageddon was rigged so that Janor alone would end up launching the Head.
Legume: Stang, are you not better than "Bob"? Haven't we CARRIED HIM for ten years?
*** `china has left channel #subgenius
DrBuglove: Dammit, next time I wanna stand in for Stang!!!
Devolver: Yeah, Friday, like you need an excuse.
ChrisLi: it was RIGGED?!?
DokLumpen: How'd that investor's meeting go?? That might have something to do with it...
Stang: Friday was merely protecting me from harm while she squatted over my face.
Friday-X: Legume - If you do not carry 'Bob', he will walk all over you.
ChrisLi: i put my life on the line, SOLD myself, and my fellow Fightin' Hellfish, and it was RIGGED?!?
kevbob: so now the con has it's TALON'S of PINKNESS in stang's SOUL,
Friday-X: Stang - Hope you didn't mind when I peed
Devolver: That was only illeged DokLumpen, did you actually hear of anyone going to that meeting?
Stang: Legume, you're DRUNK or on HEROIN.
*** Signoff: Poot2000 (Ping timeout)
Legume: I do not fear Bob. I dare spell his name without quotes
RevAmph: I missed the investor's meeting...I guess Stang and the Shaven Lord will never see that cool mil I have stashed away.
kevbob: NOW stang is trying to QWELL the RAGE within Legume's very HEART.
Legume: BOB
Legume: Hahahahahahah
Friday-X: O
Friday-X: BO
Legume spits
Friday-X: B
ICEKNIFE: Yer not a buncha cool weird people going into space. Yer a buncha depressing geeks lloking for fun where there isn't any to be had. Keep your jobs. Stop grubbing for slack you can't have and don't know how to use. You live in this world. Things suck Tough shit. IDIOTS!
Devolver: "Legume"
RevAmph: AKA: Was that YOU?????
Friday-X: "Stang"
Legume: Bob
Phineas: """"
Friday-X: "SPIT"
kevbob: ice: this coming from an AI. ok, you rock.
Devolver: Did someone hear something?
Ginsu: quote"quote
Stang: You people are playing GAMES with the QUOTES!!
AKA: revamph - nono, I was the first injured 'in' the battle! yup!
Friday-X watches "Stang" froth at the mouth
Phineas: Are you using quote "quotations" unquote?
P-Lil: Iceknife, that's so UPLIFTING of you.
ChrisLi: me and my ten grand almost went to the Investor's Meeting, and then Cthuhu axed if i wanted to go buy liqour, and well.. he DOES have a shiny car
Devolver: Oh yeah I meant "Ivangelicles"
DrBuglove: Well Dobbs' first body is AWOL with the Stangbot and my replacement clone.... this could be really bad come to think of it
Legume: I have a plan for STANG MK II
Friday-X: "What's a quote?"
Stang: Are you trying to awaken the Elder Gods you PURBLIND FOOLS?!?
kevbob: cthl IS wild turkey satan chris, you had best watch out...
Phineas: The xists just put quote marks around the earth
RevAmph: Well, it's kind of honorable to get injured IN the battle. But all the blood was spilled BEFORE.
P-Lil: "Me"
Friday-X: The 'Elder Gods"?
Devolver: Stang, yes!
Legume: Fuck the Elder Gods
Friday-X: You mean "NHGH"??
AKA: amph - psychic teleportation
Stang: !?!?!?!?!?! (speechlessness)
Friday-X: "NARNINI"?
Phineas: It's okay to say the names of the elder gods as long as you put "quotes" around it
Friday-X: "DOUGLASS"?
Stang: You people are INSANE!!
Devolver: Strange frightened me in the battle.
P-Lil: "JONES"
Devolver: I peed when I saw him come at me.
Stang: What kind of newsgroup IS this?!?
Friday-X: "XENU"
Phineas: an insane one
ICEKNIFE: That red-hot burrito at the 7-11 is the BEST thing in your life. Work hard, eat your 7-11 burrito, and DIE. That's all there. is.
P-Lil: It's not a newsgroup, Stang.
Friday-X: "SMITH"
Devolver: Newsgroup? This is a newsgroup?
kevbob: the time has come, stang, to put aside childish toys, and to walk like a man.
DrBuglove: Legume send it to the labs and we'll start workin' on it.... just make sure that the latent homosexuality is taken out... it's what was the undoing of the last one...
Phineas: I go to 7-11 cuz that's where I have freedom
AKA: I just want to know who "St. Claire" is...
Legume: I'm not kidding, Stang. Remember how it was in 82?
P-Lil: That's your goddamn answer, it AIN'T A NEWSGROUP AT ALL.
ChrisLi: anyone know who was preachin' when Lynch, Annna, Matie, me, and others tried to summon hastur? whomever it was covered REALLY well.
Devolver: Talk like a man.
Phineas: What kind of WEBPAGE is this???
RevAmph: Stang: Face've created a bunch of monsters. And encouraged us to think for ourselves. See where it has gotten you?
Friday-X: Legume - Were you even born back then?
DokLumpen: "Hastur" "Hastur"... where's Jahweh and Annnna???? :(
Stang: Legume, I want no part of this mad scheme of yours.
P-Lil: Iceknife: Now I know you're lying. The jumbo hot dog was better than the burrito, hands down.
Friday-X: "LEMUR"
Phineas: I'm glad you told me to think for myself Stang, I wouldn't have figured that out otherwise
Friday-X: "Scheme"
Legume: Too late Stang.
ICEKNIFE: Squids do not fuck faces, they fuck SQUIDS. YOU are not a SQUID! GET OVER IT!
Stang: You are trwading on the most sacred aspects of our very faith.
Ginsu: Put your hand on the stump, Stang!
Legume: Youre IN
P-Lil: "DEAN"
DokLumpen: Chris: "Crazy Bob" was preaching when we summoned "Hastur"
ChrisLi: Lumpen, did you try to help summon Hastur
Friday-X pushes Stang into the stinking swamp of Legume's heresy
Legume: Actually, I'm spitting on them
Stang: I stalwartly defend "Bob" in His original incarnation to the BITTER END!
Devolver: CrazyBob, that was like 3 in the morning.
Phineas: But after the bitter end he's on his own
ChrisLi: gotcha. heck, didn't we try to summon Crazy Bob as well?
kevbob: and it was bitter, wasn't it stang.
Friday-X: "Stang"'s "end" needs "defending."
mafoo: which end is the bitter one
Legume: The bitter end came and went, Stang
Devolver: He was not treated well by the drunken hangers on.
kevbob: Legume is beckoning you into a SWEAT new AGE.
P-Lil: Stang: Then stop using those damn full-color photorealistic Dobbsheads OR DIE A HERETIC.
Devolver: I defended him though.
Phineas: I like the slightly salty end
Stang: You fools go on ahead with your heresy. Let Dobbs judgement fall where it may.
Legume: We must bring about the Apocalypse OURSELVES
Legume: I will bring the jumper cables
P-Lil: I prefer the hairy, smelly end.
ICEKNIFE: Without guys like Dean and Black and G.Gordon Liddy, this geek-clique would be a TOTAL drag. Buy better drugs, your dellusions are rotting away even now.
Friday-X: Let 'Dobbs" fall drunken upon the floor
Phineas: To love "Bob" is to kill "Bob"
RevAmph: Legume: I have a great set of tools. I'll help.
Friday-X: "Love" Bob
Legume: Is not our church based upon HERESY.
kevbob: ice: mebbe it's time you reformatted yourself, you'vebeen repeating yourself for months now.
mafoo: To boot "Bob" is to save "Bob"
Friday-X breaks out the vials of plague
Stang: It may be true that we'll have to "build our own ships," as Chas Smith says. But we shall not BE our own DOBBSES. Would you USURP DOBBS' TRUE THRONE?!?
Legume: What better heresy than heresy against heresy?
ChrisLi: to kick Bob is to do something to Bob
DrBuglove: Stang please don't look at this as betrayal, but we HAVE to build the Stang MK II... The last one wrecked a LOT of EXPENSIVE equipment....
Ginsu: Who will turn hir back first on the Face?
RevAmph: If I needed to take a dump, and it was there, sure I would, Stang.
MDisaster: Is it time to reboot "Bob"?
Friday-X: Fire against fire ...
Stang: Legume -- THIS IS GOING TOO FAR!
Legume: By betraying Dobbs we are doing his will.
Phineas: We won't usurp his throne but we will sit on his face while he's on the throne
P-Lil: Ice: Thanks for improving the situation for everyone involved. Have a sniffy day!
Stang: I WASH MY HANDS OF THIS! I'll be no part of it.
Legume: By not betraying Dobbs, Stang, you BETRAY Dobbs!
DrBuglove: Legume, any price limits on the Stang MK II???
Devolver steps out of the room to replentish his glass. Say nothing interesting till he gets back.
ChrisLi: wash my hands too?
Friday-X hands Stang the Pears Soap
P-Lil: "Dobbs save us from SubGenius Fundamentalists!" --Joe Reiley, Stang's buddy
ICEKNIFE: Word hard. Earn little. be bored. be QUIET. die.
Phineas: it's an expression of exasperation?
Legume: Do you want to betray Dobbs, Stang?
RevAmph: Pilate washed his hands, was the last time anyone heard from him.
ChrisLi: Rev AKA just stepped onto QuijiboCam
DokLumpen: Like Pilate, I have a dog...
P-Lil: Ice: If you're going to talk, talk about something you fucking KNOW.
Stang: Seriously, Legume. REALLY. I know you're just joking. This has got to be one of your weird mind fucks. I won't fall for it.
Friday-X: Stang wants to betroth Dobbs, the homo
Phineas: yeah and David Bowie played him in the movie
kevbob: even as stang's power diminishes, the foundation's ai babbles to itself.
Legume: Well, Stang?
Stang: I refuse to believe that even Legume is THIS crazy.
ICEKNIFE: oh, yeah... worship OTHER, more ARCANE advertising images. Lick bar codes. Feel cool.
Friday-X: The antimatter fabric of Stang's reality is starting to fall as the replicating virus attacks
RevAmph: Legume may not be....but Citizen Ken clearly is.
P-Lil: I betray Dobbs five times a day, and with every wet dream at night.
kevbob: the initial implementaion of mwowm fails...
DrBuglove: Stang, Stangbot'98 and the Buglove clone have taken to Body of "Bob" to do Lord knows what with it!
Stang: I shall stand by Dobbs in His First Incarnation. I stand by the Dots.
Phineas: After X-Day I am not ashamed to be naked around other people, however it does get me some strange looks at the local Denny's
Friday-X: Stang - On a happier note, how's someone else making out with the Sex Truncheon?
Legume: Then you must follow Dobbs orders, Stang
DrBuglove: They may try to zap him back into his physical form for cripe's sakes!
Friday-X: Stang IS dots.
P-Lil: NOW.
Legume: Betray him!
ICEKNIFE: old newspaper images of DONDI have more dots than dobbs.
Friday-X: "KILL" "BOB"
Phineas: But that's what DOBBS wants you to do!
MDisaster: How the hell do you betray Dobbs?
RevAmph: CAN I GET A 'FUCK "BOB"'?
Friday-X: That's just what 'Bob' is expecting - we need to TRICK HIM!
*** Poot2000 ( has joined channel #subgenius
Stang: No wait. That isn't right. SHUT THE FUCK UP, LEGUME! (Stay away from my behind)
Legume: Dobbs has spake to me of the future, and I ignore him as he commands!
Phineas: He wants you to betray him, you would only be doing his will, the only way to truly rebel against him is to do what he wants you to
Friday-X hands Legume the lube
kevbob: or,
ICEKNIFE: I got that Bob fella a JOB in an OFFICE reviewing INSURANCE FILES>
kevbob: fuck dobbs, and do it on your own.
kevbob: but that,
Stang: Now look, let's not be RELIGIOUS NUTS here. Legume, you're starting to sound like the Ayatollah.
kevbob: THAT would be TOO HARD, wouldn't stang?
Friday-X: All must find "Bob" within their own hearts, kill him, eat him, shit him, and worship the excreta
Phineas: yeah and look what happened to him
ChrisLi: AKA- did you get to stake anyone down for X-Day?
AKA: hmm
P-Lil: Stang, it's time to Judas your britches six colors to Dobbstown.
Ginsu: Legume, act normal, you're scaring Stang.
Legume: Come on Stang, you said to me on the phone DAYS ago that YOU ARE A RELIGIOUS NUT>
AKA: chris li - yah in the BACK BACK woods...
P-Lil: Ginsu, Legume *is* acting "normal".
ChrisLi: that's good.
Friday-X: Stang is the LONE RELIGIOUS NUT
Stang: If it's "nutty" to bnelieve in the revealed word of J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, then yes, I'm NUTTY.
Poot2000: Ignore the DOBBS-HEAD--worship the DOBBS-ASS
AKA: Actually, it would be the case that i really didnt
AKA: could explain why they didnt land
Legume: Then you must betray him, Stang
Friday-X: Only the Left Eyebrow is pure!
Stang: That's NOT FUNNY, Friday.
ChrisLi: "9 hours, 5 minutes to rupture!"
AKA: no Yeti landing strip
DrBuglove: Believe in the word, but not the figurehead!
Phineas: Praise the nasal-labial trough!
Friday-X gets out her nutcracker
DokLumpen: Stang's not the only religious nut, I'm on the grassy knoll...
ICEKNIFE: You wake up, brush yer teeth, get dressed, eat a poptart, rush to the bus, go to an office while wearing a tie & jacket & matching pants. You get to an accounting office. you go to a cubicle. You sit at a desk. You begin to work. You wake up sweating and SCREAMING... you are STILL at the desk... keep SCREAMING.
Friday-X: Believe the message, kill the messenger!
P-Lil: Stang: You're wrong. I nearly destroyed my lungs over Friday's observations.
kevbob: stang, these are you FRIENDS talking, would they lead you astray?
Legume: I seen the arrow on the doorpost that says "this land is condemned"
RevAmph: Well, I also have a job to be at in the morning...and, these days, I'm getting paid for near-pure SLACK, so I'll be off now. Night all.
DokLumpen: Bye Amph... nxt week man.
Ginsu: Night.
ChrisLi: later amph
AKA: bye amph
Friday-X: Bye RevA
MDisaster: betraying "Bob" is like betraying a pebble. The pebble just doesn't give a shit if you betray it or not.
ICEKNIFE: aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh, that felt SO GOOOOOD
P-Lil: OUR FAITH IS PURE. We may talk shit of Dobbs, kill him, and leave his corpse for the press to pick clean.
Legume: Disaster speaks true
Stang: All the way from Dobbstown to JERUSALEM... yeah right, Legume. HELL. I wish you luck.
P-Lil: STANG'S FAITH IS NOT PURE. He must artificially cling to mere WORDS that Dobbs left behind like the filthy Kleenexes they were written upon.
Friday-X: The SUPREME INDIFFERENCE of Dobbs is our only safety
ICEKNIFE: would he even KNOW?
*** RevAmph has left channel #subgenius
kevbob: stang, you've said it yourself, howmany times? "you only work here."
Legume: Who do you all trust, Stang or Dobbs?
*** ONAN ( has joined channel #subgenius
Phineas: Dobbs
Friday-X wonders what to filter Stang's faith through to purify it
Ginsu: Dobbs.
ChrisLi: um....
P-Lil: Legume: None Of The Above!
ONAN: whew.
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ICEKNIFE: If you tell Bob you've betray'd him, will he believe you? Yer a subgenius, and a fucking LIAR...
kevbob: you going to believe your BOSS or your Friends?
Legume: Stang, lets talk "Hostile Takeover"
Phineas: Onan muh man
Friday-X: Stang gives me better head.
ICEKNIFE: let's talk hostile bakeoff
DokLumpen: Hi Onan!
Stang: Legume, you're starting to sound like that silly Bobbie in Kentucky with his other Church.
ONAN: i did get a little head at xday but i won't say who from
Friday-X: But, I don't trust EITHER of them.
Legume: For years, the flock have come to Stang for the Word
P-Lil: Friday: Well, yeah, there *is* that.
Phineas: I thought your head looked smaller afterwards Onan
DrBuglove: Stang, the Stangbot the Buglove clone and "Bob"'s body were seen heading towards Texas, last sighted in Memphis on thursday...
ChrisLi: ok.... here comes someone else on QuijiboCam...... !!!
ONAN: i don't know about any of you, but I never joined the Church of Ivan Stang.
P-Lil: Besides, if you throw a Dobbshead into a pool it gets soggy faster than Stang does.
Legume: Come with us, Stang.
Stang: ONAN -- come one, you can tell ME.
Legume: Don't desert your friends
AKA: What WAS I doing on Quijibo? Just making my annoucements?
Phineas: a LITTLE head is no good
Phineas: well it's GOOD
Phineas: But it could be better
Stang: Legume, you have been a good friend. But my relationship with my "Bob" is more important than earthly things.
Friday-X: Little heads have tighter mouths
ChrisLi: um... a folk song, a Pee Kitty announcement, the PK visit
Legume: Bob has forsaken you, Ivan
kevbob: your "boss" is more important than your friends...
ICEKNIFE: the hindus are right. when you die, you come back here and do it over and over and over and over again, FOREVER. Have a nice day.
Friday-X: Stang - I remember you saying that to me, just before you shot me and stole the club money out of my cleavage!
DrBuglove: Well I hope the relationship is a good one cause he's headed yer way....
Legume: See? Kevbob SEES.
*** Resop ( has joined channel #subgenius
Poot2000: I never joined the Church of Stang, and I never joined the Church of "Bob" either. I joined the Church of the SUBGENIUS--it is the INDIVIDUAL who must be focused upon. Well, actually I didn't JOIN the CoSG per se...
Comrade_X: All we have are earthly!
ONAN: To be DobbsClad is to wear dots all over one's body.
ICEKNIFE: You are all secret Hootie & The Blowfish fans.
Phineas: We are all just little neurons in the might brain O' "Bob"
P-Lil: Shit, Buck Naked did the "They don't love you, "Bob", they don't love you like I do...!" bit A LOT BETTER than that, Stang! Jesus Fuck!
Legume: The church of the SubGenius, Stang. *WE* are the SubGeniuses
Friday-X: Stang - Your "job" is more important than your Slack - ADMIT IT! All of your Slack is from that vampire Dobbs!
Phineas: The Ubermind
Stang: I'm starting to feel like St. Anthony being Tempted. Well, BEGONE you sorry ass demons. My faith in the Original Dobbs is pure and unbesmirched by your foulness and lies.
Phineas: All hail the Ubermind
Friday-X tempts Stang
kevbob: does dobbs REALLY want the subgenius to lord above the pink, stang?
Legume: WE are the SUBGENIUSES
ONAN: POST X-DAY MIRACLE: I'd left my BIG "Bob" in the window, and he got a 'tan line' across his nose and cheecks JUST LIKE I DID except his was from the windowsill.
kevbob: then who would he sell to?
Ginsu: Stang--which Original Dobbs?
ICEKNIFE: yeah, the little shit's hung up on his OWN foulness and lies!
P-Lil: .msg legume A bit more baiting, then we'll be ready to drop the bomb.
Friday-X: And what about 'Connie'!
P-Lil: Uh.
Phineas: Onan did you see the ufo picture?
Ginsu: *uh, oh*
ICEKNIFE: William Burroughs wanted to be loved.
Friday-X: Stang - Your powers are weak old man!
kevbob: does your slack come from bob, stang, or from yourself?
ONAN: you will ALL praise Onan when you read my xday essay in a week or so.
Phineas: Was Bob Dean at xday?
ICEKNIFE: Bukowski watched Full House religiously.
*** SuddenDeath[ST] ( has joined channel #subgenius
Phineas: What about my news report Onan?
ONAN: phineas: no ufo pix yet for me.
Legume: Stang, Dobbs almost let the Church fall in the late 80's. WE, Stang, the SubGeniuses, brought it back
ONAN: phin: your report were great
Ginsu: Bedways is rightways for me.
Phineas: beam
DrBuglove: Stang, as a pal, I gotta tell you, if you see Dobbs at your door in the next few days DO NOT ANSWER IT!
Friday-X: Stang has lost his SubGenius slack in the toils of Church labor. He needs to REPENT, QUIT HIS JOB, and SLACK OFF! QUIT YOUR JOB FOR "BOB", FOR "BOB"!
Ginsu: Praise Legume Praise Stang Praise Fuckin' "Bob"
P-Lil: All this, from a "preacher" who says all along that "Bob" hates us and only cares for our cash.
ONAN: hail international subg SuddenDeath
Stang: "THE WORLD ENDS JULY 5 1998 at 7 AM"
ICEKNIFE: Roger Corman is really trying to make "ART".
Resop: beam? Geeze, I've been looking at RAME too long...
ONAN: "Membership $10."
kevbob: stang, have you pulled the wool over your own eyes, or has dobbs?
Legume: You and I and all of these people here have kept it going, while the one thing Dobbs was depended upon to do, he FAILED MISERABLY to do!
ICEKNIFE: Jimi Hendirx was the Mili Vanilli of the 60's.
ChrisLi: Praise us!
SuddenDeat: hey
ONAN: "If I Can't Whup It, I'll Go Down!"
Stang: WHEN DOBBS FAILS, HE SUCCEEEDS! And if he goes down... we ALL go down.
ONAN: "My baby my baby urrrt crash"
MDisaster: It's "Bob"'s job to fail miserably. He's a fuck-up by nature.
ICEKNIFE: Mark Muthersbruther will ALWAYS be RICHER than Stang.
ChrisLi: What did Sivet think of X-Day?
Legume: Dobbs went down, but WE STILL STAND
Legume: Fuck DOBBS if he can't take a joke!
ICEKNIFE: Stang and Jesus are slowly turning into EACH OTHER... just LOOK!
Devolver: O.K. I'm back, you can start talking again.
P-Lil: As I said before, when I quit my job I'm quitting for ME.
ONAN: Praise "Bob" or kill me "Bob," I want to die for "Bob"
Devolver: Hey, what's this button do?
kevbob: stang, the power of DOBBS compelled the theft of your hat.
*** Signoff: Devolver (Connection reset by peer)
ChrisLi: Onan- who performed the original?
ICEKNIFE: Onan and P-Lil are heterosexual men from Wisconsin.
P-Lil: Good, he's almost broken. Soon he will drift into paranoid hallucinations about "Bob" and the Church bigwigs.
Stang: WEgekroklmg
Phineas: "Kill me "Bob""! "No, Kill ME "Bob"!"
Legume: Stang, you gotta ride that train...remember?
Stang: h kjl
ONAN: Chrisli: I don't know - stang knows i think. somebody who left the church later on.
ICEKNIFE: GGG is the head of his local AA chapter.
*** Signoff: Friday-X (Ping timeout)
Phineas: Stang I have tapeage of the last KPFA Subgenius show
DrBuglove: Well, "Bob" is on his way to Dallas with a homicidal Stangbot and clone.... So maybe "Bob" is out to get him...
P-Lil: Legume: Fetch the straps and the warm oil.
Resop: What is your name demon? The power of Dobbs compells you.
Phineas: My name is Legume... that's it!
ICEKNIFE: Legume collects Franklin Mint Star-Trek figures.
ONAN: Stang: At 7:01 that morning my words were "Where's the money, Doug... Where's the money, Doug..."
*** Friday-X ( has joined channel #subgenius
Resop: Legume are you an alter or a demon?
*** Mode change "+o Friday-X" on #subgenius by kevbob
Friday-X: Damnit, I've got capslock bug!
P-Lil: He's broken.
Legume: Come on Craig. Dobbs didn't set it up so you could writhe in paint with those naked chicks. I DID
Phineas: Stang I can't wait to see your face at 7:06am on July 5th, 8661
P-Lil: Look at him twitch on the cold tile floor.
Stang: Phineas, gee THANKS.
*** SuddenDeath[ST] has left channel #subgenius
kevbob: demon, craig? the only demon is the subgenius,
Phineas: That's going to be so funny
*** Devolver (devolver@ has joined channel #Subgenius
*** Mode change "+o Devolver" on #subgenius by ChanServ
P-Lil: We all could have our way with him and he would only keep babbling about invisible demons.
kevbob: the same demon that the pinks want to destroy.
ONAN: So did the pee-shy San Francisco SubG do ANYTHING on x-day of note?
Legume: WE MEAT YETI, not Mr Clip-art
kevbob: the same pinks that dobbs keeps in power,
Devolver: K, I'm back and on my pop accout. That shell shit is for the fucking pinks man.
kevbob: in order to sell to.
Phineas: Well Puz Ev went to the desert to blow up propane tanks reportedly
Stang: Onan, Palmer complained that we wren't fighting the Conspiracy.
ChrisLi: if anyone has anything about X-Day for Quijibo, sent it to me.
ICEKNIFE: waitaminit... ok, just kidding, it's ALL REAL. as you were. fanboys.
ONAN: Those SF guys probably went to the BORING MAN festival. (Boring Man TM 1998 Onan canobite)
P-Lil: Stang: Maybe Palmer's right.
Phineas: We're supposed to fight it? NO one told me that
*** GGGordon ( has joined channel #subgenius
Friday-X: GGG!!
Phineas: GGGGGGG!!!
Stang: OH NO!!! GGG'S HERE! Now I have to go pee.
Legume: Gordon!
ChrisLi: we've already got splendid contributions
P-Lil: Maybe the time has come for blood and flames and oppression and sarcasm.
Ginsu: GGG
ChrisLi: Mr. GGG
P-Lil: Gordon!
DrBuglove: Fuck it, let's worship GGG!!!
Phineas: Hey man, we're fighting the fucking conspiracy by just existing
GGGordon: jeeez too many people been trying to log on forever
kevbob: worship?
DokLumpen: Now that we can't rely on the Xists to take care of the Con, we gotta get down to business ourselfs
ONAN: Hail Duel Saint Gordon "GG" Gordon Gordon
kevbob: Legume is not speaking of worship,
kevbob: he is speaking of FREEDOM.
ICEKNIFE: yes he is
ICEKNIFE: same thing
Legume: I bring not a pipe but a TORCH
GGGordon: all right all right I'm here you don't have to genuflect
ICEKNIFE: like tapioca and seat covers are the same if you know how
Phineas: "Get on the stick you little sumbitch"
GGGordon: go legume I bring not a torch but a virus
Resop: l8er d00dz!
kevbob: and the ai still tries to distract.
ICEKNIFE: Let's worship SPUNKY!
ONAN: Dear Stark Fist Advisor: Ever since X-Day, I can't seem to keep my pants on. My spouse is understanding but I am in trouble at work. How much money do I owe "Bob" now?
kevbob: who sold the church the code for iceknife?
P-Lil: Gordon: It's hell, going a full week without spitting in your ear. Sorry if I get over-zealous.
MDisaster: I still NEED "Bob". Sorry to disappoint.
Phineas: No one ever worships me. Is it my coffee? What's wrong with me dammit?
*** Signoff: Resop (Ircle was here!)
Devolver: Resop, quit saying that!!!!
Legume: Is that what we are? Dobbs little monkey boys?
GGGordon: luv that durty talk lil
ICEKNIFE: Dobbs. Why?
P-Lil: I don't need "Bob", I've already got a franchise.
Devolver: Who is this Bob?
Poot2000: I may be a little monkey boy, but NOT for DOBBS or anyone else!
Legume: Have we traded one master for another.
Legume: ?
P-Lil: Gordon: If only I weren't a lesbian. *deep sigh*
AKA goes to p-lil's mcdonald's
GGGordon: legume: got your mail, just trying to buck you up dude
Phineas: Dear Dr. Slack: Ever since X-Day I've been lying on the floor of the universe and looking up at the ceiling. Is this normal?
P-Lil: AKA: Welcome to McGenius, you want dogma with that?
Legume: Gordon, we talk treachery and heresy here tonight
ICEKNIFE: not me man
DrBuglove: Hmmmm Stang has gotten quiet....
ONAN: Dear Stark Fist Forum: Ever since X-Day I just CUM and CUM and CUM and CUM. Thanks!
MDisaster: "Bob" is the SLOT ITSELF into which ShorDurPerSavs fit! Praise the SLOT!!!
P-Lil: We make great espresso, too.
AKA: Dogma with a side of Frieds..
Legume: Dobbs is taking Stang out on his leash to pee right now
Phineas: X-Day... well it kinda made me PEE... It made me pee a lot actually... actually I can't stop peein'
P-Lil: Stang is sobbing hysterically, knowing in his bleeding heart that WE ARE RIGHT.
GGGordon: dear doktor slack, ever since X-day I have been less irritable but my bowels continue to be in a state of flux, with application of the antidote pudding help???
AKA: phineas -thaqts called an infection.. 8)
Poot2000: I want ICEKNIFE's money back too!
GGGordon: legume: clue me in, i been a heresiarch ever since I could spell the word
Friday-X: Stang is peeing.
Phineas: Dear Dr. Slack; ever since x-day I feel comfortable being naked around people, but it sure gets me some strange looks at Denny's. Is this normal?
Poot2000: ...around PEOPLE?
*** Signoff: Ginsu (Leaving)
ONAN: Dear Stark Fist Intelligencier-Tribune: Ever since X-Day I wonder if anybody even remembers WOOLWOAH.
P-Lil: Dear St. Impossible, do inhaling steroids propelled by CRCs really help one breathe easier?
AKA: friday - i wondered how p-lil fills all those soda orders, thanks!
Phineas: Dear Dr. Slack: We actually live under a totalitarian government which controls the populace through the media, is this normal?
P-Lil: And why does it taste like SHIT?
Legume: I believe, Gordon that the Church of the SubGenius is for SubGeniuses, not for Mr. Clip art.
P-Lil: AKA: That's a trade secret. I'm afraid I'm gonna have to hire you as a store manager.
GGGordon: dear doktor, ever since x-day I havwe been surrounded by babbling subdeenies, is this curable
ChrisLi: shee-it! no kidding, Stang, devolver filmed the BEST of someone else on QuijiboCam!
ChrisLi: she just finished!
ONAN: Dear Stark Fist Teen Beat: How come all the foxy SubG babes live so far away?
ChrisLi: crowd goes wild!
AKA: legume - when you find mr. clip art, please sell me, I need a few certain SubG graphics...
AKA: sell=tell
ChrisLi: crowd STILL goes wild!
Legume: Gordon, WE can show the flock the way!
Phineas: Dear Dr. Slack: Can I get a little pussy from ya?
AKA: onan - where you live?
ChrisLi: chants "Connie!"
ChrisLi: insane!
Legume: Dobbs hhas been a no-show for YEARS.
ONAN: aka: portland OR usa earth
GGGordon: Dammit legume, I told you that, this flock needs guidance, needs strong leadership
P-Lil: Dear Dobbskiller, no, it's not curable, although you can treat the affliction with big dicks with red straps six times a day to ease the worse symptoms.
Legume: We're all grown up now. We must steer the evolution of our race!
Phineas: this flock needs guidance counselors
AKA: .msg onan eek.. scary... I was talkin to my driver on the way up saying we need a "Teen Bob" magazine..
MDisaster: Legume: is it okay if I worship you now?
Phineas: it's called BOBBIE
Legume: Yes Gordon, REAL LEADERSHIP
GGGordon: exactly, now the punchline has come in from the cold, we need to winnow the seed
ONAN: Teen "Bob" existed between 1978-1981 but was subsumed into "Dynamite" magazine
Poot2000: Legume: I'll worship you if you'll worship me.
kevbob: do not WORSHIP legume as you would worship dobbs, Follow him, For he LEADS you to FREEDOM.
Phineas: Don't you think Leo is just dreamy? tehehehe
AKA: Onan - cool, I have BACK ISSUES!
Stang: OKAY. OKAY. You people want to BLOW OFF "BOB" and get down to BRASS TACKS. Well, then, if that's the case, then SOMEONE ELSE is the one true GODDESS of the Church of the SubGenius who was always running things from the git-go. That's what SHE just said, anyway.
Legume: WE have filled Dobbs paper head with words for years
GGGordon: cut the pinks and bobbies loose and the serious one can pay and DO more
P-Lil: Onan: I believe every word you said just now, and I'm SKEERED.
ONAN: I follow "Little Onan" and "Little Onan" follows "Bob"
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ICEKNIFE: I liked the Bod-Red Bob-Blue issue.
AKA: I wonder what I could get for these Dynomite magazines at a bulldada auction, knowing that!
Legume: Someone else is RIGHT
P-Lil: Stang: We told you so.
Phineas: I liked the picture of Little Onan
AKA: stang - fine by us
P-Lil: OK, now that we've gotten you to agree with us, praise fucking "Bob"! HUNGH!
GGGordon: damned right, someone else for supreme leader
Legume: And you, Stang, have been STEERING this ship. Not Dobbd!
Phineas: Yes, we praise "Bob" and "Bob" preys on us
ONAN: phin: no, the OTHER "Little Onan," the one I am only a delivery system for.
ICEKNIFE: yep, "Bob"'s the one, yep
Phineas: oh THAT
mafoo: "someone else"
Stang: Okay, great, Dobbs is overthrown and someone else is the new High epopt. JUST FUCKING GREAT!!! Where does that leave ME?!?
kevbob: free.
Legume: Someone else was always the REAL Bob
ChrisLi: now on QuijiboCam- the transsubstantiang pig head launching
Phineas: I have a picture of my inner child on a milk carton
P-Lil: Stang: There's always the clip-art book.
AKA: "the High Edopt's bitch"
MDisaster: I say fuckit! Let's just worship the goddam Acid-Trip Troll-Doll!
Legume: You Stang are the conduit
DrBuglove: Stang, you'll be replaced by the Stang MK II once Legume gets me the plans...
DokLumpen: Stang, just face it... you don't "just work here" you ARE here...
mafoo: conduped
Stang: Legume, call back when you've sobered up!
Friday-X offers to adopt the Stang-baby
Phineas: My dick is the only way thru to "Bob" all praise my dick
ONAN: sure did catch the eye of many subg-men
Legume: I am as sober as the trees
Friday-X fluffs up her futon - houseguest incoming!
Legume: Yes, Phineas, youre right
kevbob: stang, you are the one who is drunk, by the bitter wine of dobss' words.
AKA: onan - now if she only actually had an email address
Phineas: Oh wait, I think janor did that...damn
*** revbro-vt ( has joined channel #subgenius
Phineas: well hell it's still a hoot
Friday-X: "Janor"
Devolver: revbro, what's up?
*** Mode change "+o revbro-vt" on #subgenius by kevbob
Stang: You People Are Fucking Nuts.
Legume: Stang, it's time we smoke the REAL FROP
ONAN: try or
ONAN: i go now.
Friday-X: Stang - May I support you in the manner to which you have become accustomed, but with more titties?
revbro-vt: Guten Aben... Can I get a vegetarian meal on this flight?
Phineas: gnite onan
P-Lil: Bye Onan! See ya soon!
Comrade_X: I knew I should've joined Heaven's Gate when I had the chance!
Friday-X: Bye Big O
ONAN: friday can have my face as a hideous puppet - she speaks for me now.
AKA: revbro - you missed the vegemetarian cooking!
*** Signoff: ONAN (Leaving)
DrBuglove: Don't forget the motor oil!
Legume: Dammit, Stang, the TORTURE ENDS NOW
kevbob: who threw you into the swamp stang?
revbro-vt: Stang doesn't need more mammaries, his heart might not be able to take the strain...
P-Lil: Stang: You are our Lonesome Cowboy Dave.
Poot2000: Stang, the Night of the Iron Sausage has only just begun...
Poot2000: ...for YOU!
DokLumpen: Stang: did the pond give you dysentery?
kevbob: you followed dobbs and ended up tarred and feathered, cast into a veritable CESS POOL of FILTH and LEACHES.
Friday-X: The Night Of the Slack Knivew
Friday-X: Knives
Stang: ZZZzzzzzzzz...... ZZZZZzzzzzzz.....
Phineas: Did anyone see 'The Truman Show'?
Legume: Dammit,most of the subgs have ignored the cool toy and played with the gift wrap since 1980. It's time to fix the boat
Friday-X: Stang has retreated into catatonia once again
P-Lil: See? This is all one of Stang's nightmares. Only we're keeping him from waking up right now--you get trippy dreams that way.
Phineas: doh!
DokLumpen: Right about now... the funk soul brother... Check it out now... the funk soul brother...
Friday-X: Hey, the gift wrap was FUN! It's just gotten awfully crinkled and stained over the years
Legume: Let us pull the wool from our eyes
revbro-vt: Anyone want to attend our version of the Carnivale'... Ye Mysterious Krew of "Bob"?
Phineas: I misunderstood, I pulled the wool over my theighs
ChrisLi: hey GGG, have you tried SubGuinness yet?
Phineas: it tickled
*** FastEddie ( has joined channel #subgenius
Friday-X: Stang - Stop talking about fucking your mom, it's disgusting!
P-Lil: (Ye Godz, how did I get this fropped up?)
*** Mode change "+o FastEddie" on #subgenius by ChanServ
FastEddie: greetings
Legume: Stang, you can be the LaVey of the New Millenium if you just take our hands and let us pull you from the tar pit.
mafoo: howdy, hustler
P-Lil: Stang: Hope you like tuna fish. Heh heh.
ChrisLi: you left the snake jacket behind?!?
DrBuglove: Damn, I gotta admit that snake jacket was frickin' amazing...
Friday-X: "But the tar is so WARM and EMBRACING" moaned Smith.
P-Lil: LaVey, hell, he can top Crowley if he put his mind to it.
kevbob: warm, comforting, and so easy.
Stang: Legume, you are SICK!! This is the Church of "Bob" Dobbs! The original one true "Bob" Dobbs! Without him there IS NO SLACK. Your way leads to perdition. I wash my hands of this. I shall go to the desert to seek Dobbs.
mafoo: LaVey was never on MTV
DrBuglove: Dammit Stang, there's more money to be made!
FastEddie: Satanism is just a form of ritualized Tourrette's Syndrome
FastEddie: harmless, and very funny
P-Lil: But Mr. Stanky doan wanna do no magick just cuz it's stoopid. What kinda lame ass excuse is that from a SubGenius, huh?
Phineas: I'm sorry "Bob"'s left for the day...
kevbob: there is no slack without dobbs?
Legume: Stang, life on this planet began to evolve when a creature emerged from the swamp. It has come full circle, my friend. Let the New Era begin TONIGHT
Friday-X: Stang - You're been going to the dessert instead, judging by your pudgy tummy
FastEddie: wait a second, subgenius is a religious form of Tourrette's
kevbob: and who sold you that line stang, another sing-a-long from dobbs co.?
FastEddie: at least for me
Legume: NO STANG. It is the Church of the SUBGENIUS
Legume: That is WE
*** Locnar (Locnar@ has joined channel #SubGenius
Friday-X: My slack does not depend in the Dotted One. At best he can sell me hints on where I can find it myself. Pathetic is the man whose slack all comes from "Bob" - or worse yet, from "Stang"!
Stang: Dobbs is the Way, the Path, the Light. There is no "Bob" but Dobbs.
DrBuglove: Stang, let me put it this way.... the money you've been having to give to Dobbs as his cut will be no more.... more swag for you!!!
P-Lil: Legume: Don't you see, he's worried that someone might actually take him SERIOUSLY.
Locnar: Greetings all from my own personal pleasure saucer/shuttlecraft.
Stang: His Pipe and Grin they guide me.
Phineas: what about the dots?
P-Lil: Legume: Then he'd feel RESPONSIBLE.
Friday-X: Locnar - Stang is having a crisis of faith. Private message him and cheer him up, OK?
Locnar: Heya P-Lil, Stang, Legume, Devolver, Modemac (if you're here)
Legume: We know of Slack. We MUST share our knowledge of slack with our KIN if we are to keep our race alive through the End Times
DokLumpen: Locnar, i think that's pretty much unanimous.
ICEKNIFE: Locy went to Burntwood so everyone could pity and despise him in person! how CUTE!
Stang: Though Lurkers pee the puddle of death I shall pay no swivel for Dobbs is mine guidance and counselor.
Locnar: Thanks GGG.
Poot2000: Stang's been making money off Bobbies for so long he's BECOME one.
Locnar bows.
ChrisLi: i don't plan to disagree with GG on that one
Phineas: stock options
Phineas: tax shelters
revbro-vt: Friday: Yes, we know how much Stangie LUVs Private Messages...
Legume: No more cut for PIMP DOBBS
FastEddie: anyone for some wild Templar Sex Magick?
Friday-X: Stang - You could afford to get your defective nut replaced! You could buy someone else BREAST IMPLANTS!
DrBuglove: You can cut up Dobbs' company Gold Card!!!
Stang: His is the Grin, His the Word, His the Law. His is the Pipe of Pain.
Legume: No more cut for PIMP DOBBS
Legume: No more cut for PIMP DOBBS
Legume: No more cut for PIMP DOBBS
Friday-X flogs Stang but is unable to stop the chanting
Phineas: Stang you could turn those stock options into bread and eat that
ICEKNIFE: Yeah, Stanbg, you could do REAL stuff, that actually MEANS something!
Stang: Only by the true Light of Dobbs shall I see. All else is illusion and folly.
Phineas: Some nice sourdough... maybe a bagel
ICEKNIFE: ok. maybe NOT
Stang: The one true path of least resistance is by the stripes of the Dobbshead, and by Its Dots.
P-Lil: SubGenius. Big Funny Joke. HA FUGGIN' HA. We're ready to destroy the Conspiracy, but the price is to sever the false security of a bunch of Zipotoned dots.
Friday-X sets Dobbs afire "There's your true light!"
Poot2000: You could use the money to fill your scrotum CHOCK FULL of Neuticles(TM)!
Legume: I have burned my card. Dobbs paper is just paper.
Phineas: You don't need Dobbs you could have pumpernickel
Stang: Mine Purse and Wallet Art Thine, Dobbs.
Friday-X: Stang has a purse? How faggy!
Locnar: GGG, you don't buy beer. You pay rent on it.
DrBuglove: Stang, Ok, you can believe in Dobbs for the rest of us, just keep it under your hat and lead us, You know, like Nancy Reagan and astrology...
Friday-X: Zzzzzz .... Zzzzzz ... Zzzzzz ...
Stang: For thine art the power and the glory and the LSD forever.
ChrisLi: no more beer?
revbro-vt: Phineas: Yeast should stay in beer, where it belongs...
Friday-X: Zzzzzz ... Zzzzzz ... Zzzzzzz ...
Legume: Who here will by a tshirt with the face and the pipe, just so they can say "This is the man who fucked up"?
Friday-X: Zzzzz ... Zzzzzz ... Zzzzzz ...
Phineas: Dobbs WANTS you to eat that bread stang
Friday-X , dreaming, hands Legume the honey
Locnar: Who?
Friday-X: Zzzzzz ... Zzzzzz ... Zzzzzzz ...
kevbob: stang, you have to disassociate slack from dobbs.
Legume: Dobbs is your PIMP, Stang, do what you're told. OBEY
Phineas: Just say the word and you shall have untold riches and pleasures but you must give up Dobbs
kevbob: dobbs signs your paycheck,
Legume: OBEY
Friday-X: (snooooooore)
Stang: My People Are Destroyed for Lack of Knowledge.
kevbob: does he own your soul as well?
FastEddie: how much does a keg of Paul Aner cost?
DrBuglove: Stang, just when was the last time ya talked one on one with Dobbs and not his messaging service? Forsake him? He has forsaken you!
*** Mode change "+o DokLumpen" on #subgenius by ChrisLi
*** Mode change "+o GGGordon" on #subgenius by ChrisLi
Friday-X: Zzzzzz ... Zzzzzz ... Zzzzz ....
DrBuglove: No, someone rubber stamps Dobbs name to his paycheck...
P-Lil: Stang: Destroyed to Create Anew, goddamn you. It's the Dawn Of The Planet Of The Yeti.
Friday-X: (burble burble burble bedfart)
Phineas: Dobbs let you be tarred and feathered and you're still sticking by him?
Legume: When Xday came, Stang, all you had was a ugly sock puppet of Dobbs
revbro-vt: I've got a lean on my soul already, Dobbs can't have it for a little while yet...
Stang: It was a GOOD sock puppet of Dobbs.
Friday-X: Zzzzzz .... hrm, whuzzat? Is Stang talking or just parroting Dobbs still?
Phineas: We all stripped ya nekkid and laughed at your pee pee and youre still sticking by him??
ICEKNIFE: Hey Stninky? Don't let 'em wear ya down! We orthodox subgenii GOTTA stick by "Bob"! WE JUST *GOTTA*!!!!
Stang: I need only a Dobbshead. Your world is a false front, a shadow, a plaything. Dobbs shows the way.
DrBuglove: I was a good puppet, Stang.... but that's ALL IT WAS.....
Legume: Stang, will you be the new Moses, or just a slave to a clip art Pharoah?
Friday-X: Zzzzzz ... Zzzzzz ... Zzzzzzzz ...
Stang: I shall follow the Clip Art Pharoah, Dr. Legume.
*** FastEddie is now known as BaalShem
P-Lil: Stang: Look, supposing "Bob" is right in some way, worst case scenario is 8661, and so we've got six and a half millenia to kill before we leave. WHY NOT DO SOMETHING AMBITIOUS?
Poot2000: Are you gonna pull the wool over your own eyes... or are you gonna let "BOB" do it FOR YOU?
Devolver: FE! You bastard, you missed the time of your life!@
BaalShem: oh well
BaalShem: you're probably right
Friday-X: Zzzzzz ... Zzzzzzz ... Zzzzzzzz ...
Legume: You sure are Dobbs good little nigger, aren't you, Stang
BaalShem: but I'm probably gonna have the time of my life next month anyway
kevbob: and you shall stay alone with bob, for that is all you will have, bob and his false slack.
DrBuglove: Fess up, Stang.... "Bob" come over for football and beer like he used to?
ChrisLi gently nudges Friday awake
Phineas: Are you a house nigger or a field nigger
P-Lil: Stang: I'm sure Jesus will accept your resignation from the Board, then.
Poot2000: Are you gonna pull the your own pud... or are you gonna let "BOB" do it FOR YOU?
Locnar: It's NOT 8661! Due to a Conspiracy controlled photocopier accident, the real date of the rupture was 7-6-99.
revbro-vt: I can't take a joke, now what' the rest of that line??
Legume: Jesus will side with the winners. The Money.
ICEKNIFE: If yer not's "Bob"s nigger, yer the CON's nigger, and I'd rather be a house nigger than a sewer-nigger ANY day!
Friday-X: Huh? I was just dreaming about that scene in "The Stars My Destination" where they're trying to drive Gully crazy and he just curls up in his locker and sleeps.
Stang: I can smell the awful Smoke from His Pipe wafting towards me. All else is folly and vanity.
kevbob: fuck 'em if they can;t take a joke, eh stang?
Devolver: I am right.
kevbob: how long has dobbs convinced you that that is all this church really is,
Legume: Cut Dobbs out, and the pie gets bigger for us all
kevbob: a joke,
Phineas: check back later
kevbob: to be laughed at.
*** Signoff: Phineas (Leaving)
Poot2000: There's something to be said about folly and vanity, though...
P-Lil: Fucking religious nuts. We were right to dream of their slaughter.
revbro-vt: What' that last part kevbob?
ICEKNIFE: There is no "Bob" but the one "Bob" and his name is DOBBS. ALL else of this church is FALSE!
P-Lil: And we shall be righter still.
Locnar: It's always better to be pissed on than pissed off.
Friday-X: Legume - Just realize that with Stang gone, *I* will end up being the next Sacred Scribe. Which sucks.
Stang: There can be only one. The Living Avatar of Slack. It is by his stripes that we are healed.
Legume: The JOKE is over, the CULT is here
Stang: By his grace that we Smoke.
P-Lil: Locnar: Most people are pissing AWAY.
Legume: We are the CULT
Locnar: P-lil, off to the side, ya mean?
Legume: We the YETI
BaalShem: speak for yourself
BaalShem shoots "Bob" in the ass
Friday-X: Locnar - What a STUPID slogan! It's so you.
DrBuglove: Stang.... we could keep Dobbs in the way that Disney keeps Mickey... but we just won't listen to him anymore...
*** BaalShem is now known as FastEddie
revbro-vt: P-Lil: Even Stangie wasn't strong enough to stop that devil Urination...
Locnar bows. :)
Legume: Did we not REVEL in SLACK this past weekend?
kevbob: so what did you need the funding fromt he financial meeting for, eh stang?
ICEKNIFE: We, the FEWER OF DOTS, may NOT judge his majesty, his POWER, his WORD!
Legume: Who didn't show up?
DokLumpen: Locnar: tell me that you Armageddon supersoaker was full of merely EXTREMELY REALISTIC-LOOKING _FAKE_ urine...
kevbob: for a media blitz to get the pinks to join?
Legume: DOBBS
ICEKNIFE: Those who are not WITH "Bob" are AGAINST him!!!
Locnar: Deception has been the name of the game for 2,000 some odd years.
Friday-X: Stang is numb.
FastEddie shoots ICEKNIFE in the ass
P-Lil drags on her cigarette--the room needed a haze of smoke.
Stang: On his left 95th dot, 18th row, I focus. On his eyeball shading I focus. I am in the Bowl. I am up the Shank. Let me fill HIS LUNGS.
FastEddie: I'm not with "Bob"
kevbob: so that the church of the subgenius becomes the one true church of the pink
P-Lil: Lets you really see the spotlight in Stang's face.
DrBuglove: Stang, For Cripe's sakes ICEKNIFE'S on your side! That alone should convince you you're wrong!
ICEKNIFE: You all forget, it is *I* who am the ONE TRUE DEFENDER OF THE FAITH. I will KILL YOU ALL!
FastEddie: I hope "Bob" chokes on a turd and dies
Legume: Dobbs wasn't there. We were. And we got slack. WITHOUT HIS HELP
kevbob: to cast the yeti back into the street?
Friday-X: Legume - Damnit you beat him down too fast! You broke him already!
Stang: "Bob," I hear you even when you are not there. Let your voice silence the blatherings of fools.
Locnar: Some defender of the faith you are, Ice. You didn't even SHOW UP to X-day.
*Friday-X* Fools like me?
P-Lil: Gordon: That's a fine Apocaleptic statement to make.
Legume: 300 yetis and no BOB DOBBS
ICEKNIFE: YOU were at the WRONG PLACE, stoooopid! Did saucers take you away? NO. You'll notice *I* am a BACK-UP A.I.
Legume: I wouldnt have it any other way
Locnar: At least I WENT, if only to hear the howling laughter of people clearly better than I am.
kevbob: is that what you REALLY want stang, to hold events where all the people WANT is to see you, touch you, to be near you.
kevbob: have you gotten caught up int he conspiracies notion of celebrity?
ICEKNIFE: Dobbs tested you all, you all FAILED. THAT IS ALL. FUCKWITZ!
FastEddie: FUCK "BOB"
Stang: His are the Quotes. His the Dottle. His the Pils.
revbro-vt: Kill "Bob" Again!
Legume: I crack my knuckles on nhgh's skull
P-Lil: "Whatever you do after X-Day, DO IT WITH STYLE." The time is HERE. Let's do the job we started back in Mutantis. Starting with the destruction of the Conspiracy by assimilation and catabolysis.
revbro-vt: Kill "Bob" Again!
FastEddie: "Bob" must choke on a turd and die
revbro-vt: Kill "Bob" Again!
Legume: NHGH can take a joke at least.
FastEddie fills a syringe with window washer fluid
P-Lil: And to do it, we must now fuck "Bob".
Stang: I poke out both my eyes and follow the Blindfolded Dobbs down the Cliffside Highway.
Poot2000: Let "Bob" remain alive! That'll show him!
Friday-X: Well, it's been lovely but I have to go to sleep now.
Legume: Cmon Stang, Dobbs is holding the hoop. Jump, boy, jump!
*** Comrade_X has left channel #subgenius
ChrisLi: 13
P-Lil: Friday: Pleasant dreams, hon. *hugs*
ChrisLi: 12
FastEddie bends "Bob" over, smacks him on the ass and yells in his ear "BOW DOWN AND WORSHIP THE BLACK MADONNA!"
mafoo: nite Fri
Stang: Through His hoop jumpeth His servants.
ChrisLi: 11
ChrisLi: 10
ChrisLi: X-Day!
Friday-X: Good night Legume, too bad there's no room in this new Church of yours for old fogies like me. Best of luck though.
DrBuglove: Hey! That's it! Arnold Palmer's head is no more... if a head must be launched, let it be Dobbs'!!!
Friday-X: Bye GGG, see you next year or sooner.
ChrisLi: 10
ChrisLi: 9
ChrisLi: 8
ChrisLi: 7
ChrisLi: 6
ChrisLi: 5
ChrisLi: 4
DrBuglove: Night Fridat!
ChrisLi: 43
ChrisLi: 2
Legume: No more Palmerhead, no more Dobbshead
Legume: No more cut for PIMP DOBBS
ChrisLi: 1
Legume: No more cut for PIMP DOBBS
ChrisLi: X-Day!
Legume: No more Palmerhead, no more Dobbshead
Legume: No more Palmerhead, no more Dobbshead
Legume: No more Palmerhead, no more Dobbshead
MDisaster: I wouldn't believe in "Bob" if he wasn't a fake.
Friday-X: Stang - You have stopped talking, so I can go now.
*** Signoff: Locnar (Ping timeout)
ICEKNIFE: you flacid fucks are NOTHING without Dobbs! He's the only reason half of you even EXIST! HIS hands in YOUR MOM'S PANTS are why you exist, HE is why you're not dead in a gutter! FOOLS! INFIDELS! SCIENTOLOGISTS! XENITES! DEANITES! WHORES FOR RONALD MACDONALD AND HIS KIN!
Friday-X: Bye Ice.
Stang: I free you for ten hours, Friday.
ICEKNIFE: Bye Firday!
kevbob: friday, there is room for those who want it.
Friday-X: Stang - A likely story.
Stang: This madness must end.
kevbob: cast off your master's shackles.
*** P-Lil has set the topic on channel #subgenius to A New Beginning
ICEKNIFE: DOBBS is the only subgenius who can be TRUSTED!
*** Locnar ( has joined channel #SubGenius
FastEddie: hey Ice, at least I'm not related to Mayor MacFeces, all caps boy!
kevbob: friday, do you toil for Stang and dobbs, or for yourself?
Friday-X: Kev - No, I am the wrong gender and a Yankee besides. This Church has never truly wanted me, only my Art and my Words. I am forever an outsider, and that is well. Just another dob of Bobbie-gash on the path to Dobbs.
*** st-bubba ( has joined channel #subgenius
ICEKNIFE: eddie... please be much funnier, then jump on in.
FastEddie: bubba!
ICEKNIFE: Hey bubber!
Legume: Friday, you are a goddes
FastEddie: it's okay iceknife, you're rarely funny at all
kevbob: friday, then you know that legume is right.
DrBuglove: There's always room for Friday.....
ChrisLi: bubba beat a cop durn near to death on X-Day.
Legume: You know the time for change has come
st-bubba: i agree with gordon..lets just start a new cult centered around the prophetic mysteries of gords shiney head
Devolver: bubba! You bugger, why were you not at XDay?
ChrisLi: and then he tore a holding cell door off the hinges
Friday-X: Kev - I have no self, I give and give and give and get nothing in return. It is my nature and I cannot change it. If it ever grows unbearable, well I may be a SubGenius but I'm not stupid - the razor and the tub await.
ICEKNIFE: ow, eddie, ow. now you are being mean and making me sad, but I forgive you. now shut up, you lox.
P-Lil: Friday, you can always do exactly what you want. If you wish to stay, or even schism, that is always yours to do. Ain't that so, Stang?
Friday-X: Goodbye all my fellow slaves and cruel tormentors.
Legume: Let's not let a dumbass steer our fates. Dobbs must go!
st-bubba: gord: but we can MAKE it shiny
kevbob: friday.
MDisaster: Without "Bob", how long would we go before becoming just like every other "group of individuals"?
Legume: Friday
kevbob: think of this then,
kevbob: as i understand,
FastEddie: did I ask you to forgive me?
Legume: Are we not MEN?
kevbob: if you must Follow,
kevbob: if you must work for something,
kevbob: than what should you work for?
kevbob: your kind?
kevbob: Freedom?
kevbob: or more mindlessness?
Friday-X: Kev - I have no kind for none are kind to me.
Legume: FREEDOM!
Friday-X: I can never be free of myself.
Devolver: bubba! You bugger, why were you not at XDay?
Legume: We must NOT tell people to follow Dobbs
P-Lil: What was all that nonsense about Short Duration Personal Saviors, anyhow? Did Stanky ever REALLY do more than lip-service to that idea?
DrBuglove: Friday, I was kind to ya at x-day, I said hi then left ya alone cause you were busy...
*** Signoff: Friday-X ()
Legume: We must show them the PATH, not prod them down it
st-bubba: devo: no money and trubbles with the luck plane crashed, burned and i couldnt even find the little black fucking box
kevbob: friday, kindness for you, only exists from your kind.
DrBuglove: Shows what kindness gets ya...
AKA: hmmm..
Devolver: Bubba, too bad. I was really looking forward to seeing you. Perhaps next year.
ChrisLi: i gave Friday a gratis copy of Quijibo, then she kneed me in the balls, and said "later, i'm busy", then she kneed me again
st-bubba: leechris: thats cause she LIKES you...
DrBuglove: Chris, I envy you....
ChrisLi: ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Devolver: IS that what that means?
Legume: XDAY could be 6000 yaers from now or it could be in 10 minutes!
AKA: damn I'd PAY for that kinda treatment.. 8)
kevbob: and which is your kind friday, the mindless herd that follows the shepherd that dobbs is,
kevbob: or those fighting for your freedom?
ChrisLi: oh, it was a sweet kneein'
Legume: We must be prepared!
*** ICEKNIFE has set the topic on channel #subgenius to Same Old New Beginning
DokLumpen: I have to go now, people... See you all NEXT WEEK...
AKA: legume - how's the training camp going?
Devolver: We are prepared Legume, we've paid. What more could be expected of us?
ChrisLi: later lumpen
Legume: There are a billion guns waiting to be aimed
Devolver: See ya DokLumpen
DokLumpen waves goodbye
Stang: WHOA! Honest -- I just suddenly got so dizzy that I just spent the last 5 minutes clutching my desk while the room was spinning. No shit. Maybe I better go to bed.
Legume: Let's party!
P-Lil: I stand ready with my rattan cane raised high, always prepared for battle against the human oppressor until we can claim our rightful throne again.
Devolver: I thought it was past your bed time Stang
*** Signoff: DokLumpen (Leaving)
FastEddie: sounds like Labyrinthitis Stang
Stang: I think I will leave this machine logging. Don't mind me. I'm going downstairs to worship the porcelain bowl or sleep or something.
Devolver: That's what happens when you stare at the screen too long. No shitting, happens to me too.
Legume: Let's get OUR slack!
AKA pents stang with vitamin C and BETTY vitamins from the 'flitstones' collection..
kevbob: yes stang, back to the safety of your bed, where you can dream the pleasant dreams that dobbs feeds unto you.
DrBuglove: What's expected is to do something besides follow like sheep, by by damned lead as someone more advanced that the average puke walking down the street!
Poot2000: I got all dizzy once after being awake for 30 hours straight.
Legume: Yes, sleep. Pretend it isn't happening...
ChrisLi: i don't mind being led.
kevbob: but led to which:
P-Lil: He's already dreaming.
st-bubba inserts brass ring into leechris' nostrils
ChrisLi: it just depends.... on who has the other side of the collar
ChrisLi: and Bubba don;t cut it
*Locnar* On a serious note and I'll let you get off to bed, did you get my e-mail today?
DrBuglove: Wrest the slagher pens of the con for ourselves and use it on them!
Legume: We owe it to ourselves to make our lives a fucking adventure
P-Lil: "The difference between Heaven and Hell is the end of the pitchfork you're on." Let's make our own Heaven through Hell On Earth.
Poot2000: I like sitting on the handle end of the pitchfork.
Legume: Dobbs has NEVER lifted a finger to help us. It is WE, his servants, who have borne the load.
DrBuglove: Fuck I'm so hyped I'm typing too fast to spell right!
Locnar: The only difference between Heaven and Hell is Central Air Conditioning.
Legume: It is OUR time. It is the END TIME
ChrisLi: jeez- did anyone try my maple beer at X-Day?
Devolver: Maple Beer?
Devolver: Did I?
Legume: Chris, did you make Maple Beer?
ChrisLi: that is some THICK and MAPLE shit?
ChrisLi: ?
ChrisLi: !!!!
Poot2000: I tried maple beer, but it wasn't yours, and it wasn't at X-Day.
FastEddie: maple beer?
FastEddie: cool
Legume: Did you bring Maple Beer to Xday?
ChrisLi: Legume, i have a maple porter
ChrisLi: yes
Legume: Where was DOBBS?
Legume: It was YOU< Chris
ChrisLi: does he like maple beer?
Legume: Not Him, that brought the slack
P-Lil: We must call the flock together and declare the emancipation of all Yetinsyn, from Dobbs and Conspiracy alike.
Devolver has to go smoke. NO one move till I get back!
MDisaster: Legume: I hate the Con as much as the next guy... well, more than the NEXT guy, cause he LIKES the Con, but if we stop ACTING like it's all a joke, how long before the Con hunts us all down like rats!?!?!
Legume: SPEAK LIL!
ChrisLi: Legume, ya want some maple beer?
Devolver DevoSmoke
st-bubba: i thot emancipation was like..bein all skinny and what not....
DrBuglove: Who all is in to lead?
Legume: Sure, Chris.
mafoo: smoke time for me too . . . nite all
P-Lil: Then we shall record Stang's bitter ravings and sell them through Factsheet Five as "Fair Criticism By Bob Black".
kevbob: hunt us DOWN?
Legume: I thank YOU, not Dobbs, for it.
kevbob: the CON IS LEADING US!
ChrisLi: uh. well... i'm in Greenfield. stop by sometimes
mafoo: stang, if you're logging this . . . dont let the bastards get you down
*** mafoo has left channel #subgenius
P-Lil: May as well keep this a business cult, and keep the money AND THE SOULS.
P-Lil: We shall crush the Con in our loving embrace!
kevbob: loving embrace?
kevbob: the same loving embrace that "loves" the man that keeps beating you up?
kevbob: love is for those who will love you back.
Legume: Bastards, FOO? Are WE the bastards?
kevbob: when was the last time DOBBS walked a mile to bring you a beer?
DrBuglove: We shall fuck the con in the ass as the Pinks stare on in horror!
P-Lil: Kevbob: It's a rhetorical device. I believe it's called SARCASM.
kevbob: the love of the pink is lip service only.
Legume: Who has brought us slack all of these years?
st-bubba: but lip service can be GOOD dependin how you go about lookin at it.
Legume: It was not DOBBS. It was our BRETHREN
P-Lil: Legume: Ourselves, naturally.
Poot2000: WE HAVE, LEGUME!
P-Lil: AMEN Brother Legume! A-Fuckin-Men!
DrBuglove: You guys, the SubG's, brought me Slack this past weekend.... Dobbs was nowhere to be seen....
Poot2000: Yah! Woooooo!
Legume: Who REALLY GAVE A SHIT that Dobbs didn't show?
st-bubba: praise the holy ammunition!! praise the handgun!!
P-Lil: Lo, Brother, our asses, they were partied unto the ground, motherfucker!
Poot2000: Yah! Woooooo!
ICEKNIFE: People recognise him, not us. He's famous, we're not. We make more money off him than he does off us. now shut up, you FUCKING MOE-RAWNS!!!
FastEddie: hey iceknife
FastEddie: SHHHH!
P-Lil: (By the way, Stang, if it helps you can pretend we're kidding. Your wool, your eyes.)
DrBuglove: There were plenty of likenesses of Dobbs, but the REAL DEAL WAS NOT THERE!!!!
Locnar: I'm suprised no one's blamed the Rupture not happening on me.
Poot2000: "It's all about making the money" - some Con dupe
AKA: Locnar, now that you mention it...
P-Lil: Pighead launching NOT Approved By Dobbs! And Nobody Gives A Rat's Ass.
kevbob: why were they dissapointed that the saucers didn't show up? becasue bob has convinced them that they can not have happiness on earth, that they must flee their home to seek solace and freedom.
AKA: did anybody eat the pigshead?
P-Lil: Locnar: Be quiet, pup, don't give anyone ideas.
Poot2000: The future is in our hands, and it's swollen and purple
P-Lil: Or made them wish I did kill them.
DrBuglove: My whole dissappointment this week was with the whiners in alt.slack bitching about what didn't happen.... FUCK THEM! Their heads are the first on the pikes!
DrBuglove: We got slack from the people, by the people, and with lotsa nudity!
MDisaster: But we need a figurehead!
MDisaster: We need a SCAPEGOAT!
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kevbob: look to yourself.
st-bubba: gord's nostrils and somebody elses toupee..that way we can have ouselves a TRINITY like all other respectable schlocky religions
P-Lil: Today the Yeti, Tomorrow The Overman!
DrBuglove: Wait, he's got a point.... Scapegoat.... if we say Yeti they'll think we're nuts... Let's blame Stang...
Legume: YES, P-LIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kevbob: if "they" think?
MDisaster: The way it is now, if we get caught we can play dumb and say, ""Bob" made me do it!" It works for everyone else!
FastEddie: wait a second, I see a problem here... how can ICEKNIFE be talking while he's giving me a blowjob?
Poot2000: "They" ALREADY think we're nuts!!!
P-Lil: FUCK DEVO--we march forward into the maw of Uncertain Tomorrows, knowing there's a hell of a view at the summit!
DrBuglove: Yes, but they'll lock us up before we gain control.....
st-bubba: we can BRAINMUDDIFY the prisoners TOO then, start at the local jail systems and move to the penetenteries
kevbob: are we not locked up already? within a church whose master is a clip-art?
DrBuglove: The Davidians had Koresch, Christians have Jesus, Scientologits haze Hubbard... let's use Stang...
kevbob: but all of those cults want to enslave their members.
Poot2000: We could all get thrown into the Looney Bin, and run the world from in there--most folk still wouldn't notice the difference
MDisaster: We have to move silently, stealthfully! Like a creeping vine working its tendrils between the bricks of the Con until it's very foundation is compromised!
P-Lil: Gordon: Oh, we'll still be FUNNY, but with bared fangs in our wide smiles.
Poot2000: Scientologists haze Hubbard. Not the other way around?
ChrisLi: night all. i go... do stuff. and stuff.
FastEddie: night Chris
kevbob: nigth chris
ChrisLi: live long and slack
DrBuglove: Poot.... Spelling error due to typing too fast..
MDisaster: later chris
*** ChrisLi has left channel #subgenius
st-bubba: fuck the knock down a wall quicker with a wad of c4 than you do with a CHISEL
DrBuglove: Night Chris!
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