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Legume: Yoinks!
Stang: A-OOOOH-gah
Rabbi: Speaking of...
P-Lil: Legume: Slowdance?
P-Lil: Stang!
Grogronk: Stang!
ONAN: speak of the great devil
E_Strange: And "My Fair Lady" for the Ivangelicals
Grogronk: Kill!
Legume: Stang, I thought you were DEAD!
Friday-J: STANG! I thought you were already outbound!
ChrisLi: Moby's remix of Bond theme
Stang: I can't stay on for long -- we're packing up the BobMoVan.
ONAN: the reeal stang is already on the greyhound or in jail.
NedWreck: i dint know they had phine lines in Oklahoma
NedWreck: phone
Stang: GGG is here... I'm trying to configure the other Mac so he can get on too... stand by...
Friday-J: Stang - Got that inflatable New Godzilla you requested.
ONAN: i'm logging this whole thang - will post to alt.slack later.
ChrisLi: you're treading a phine line
kevbob: "hi mom!"
Grogronk: Truth can be found in odd places.
Stang: Friday, I tried to casll you yesterday -- we can still talk tonight but gott a make it quick!
Rabbi: Stang-Will you tell Shelby to get on her computer?
Legume: Yeah, Plil. I have this fantasy about slowdancing to the National Anthem with a burly transexual as the Battle of Armageddon is about to start...
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E_Strange: I even got that fucking longer mike stand for the pulpit
kevbob: grog: are you me?
P-Lil: Stang: Hey, when you get there you might find a package addressed to me. Those are TheCharlie's posters. Don't start putting them all up, some are meant for an altarpiece.
Grogronk: The X-Files movie, for instance.
Stang: We're leaving in the morning.
Friday-J: Stang - Thought you were too busy to talk.
Stang: P-Lil -- okay, will stash CharliePics.
Legume: Stang, I long for your warm embrace
P-Lil: Legume: Waltz, maybe?
monet: Radiation induced greetings to all!
Stang: Rabbi -- I'm trying to get the other Mac to do this... I'll be back...
Legume: That'll do, Lil
ONAN: if i have ops, why can't i set a topic?
Friday-J: Stang - I long for your worm in my case
P-Lil: Legume: Jeez, I don't have anything to wear, except for maybe my butcher's apron.
Grogronk: Say... will this "Internet" be up AFTER?
PastorStev: Time for bed... See y'all later this week.
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Friday-J: Bye Steve
kevbob: onan: i dunno
Legume: Lil...something slinky
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Friday-J: P-Lil - Cool Whip - the clothing for every occasion
E_Strange: I'll be waiting for Stang with open arms and my pants around my ankles
ONAN: there will be an internet 'after' but it will be as interesting as it is now
Grogronk: 7 little days...
Grogronk: Good!
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ONAN: *** The Last IRC Devival Ever No topic is set.
monet: Would it be polite to change our sig lines before we leave to prefix with a "Nu"?
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Athgar: bleh... that's depressing. I'll be stuck here in the fiery infernos of Florida while y'all are bonging the Sex Godesses
Legume: Strange: bring Bone Machine..we still have that last edition of prozac free radio to do
Grogronk: I wanna piss off the normals "online"!
kevbob: grog: you go girl~
ICEKNIFE: idiots
E_Strange: Armageddon week on the learning channel
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Grogronk: Girl?
RevCrawfo: P-Lil - When ya headin out?
ICEKNIFE: stang doesn't know how to use a calendar
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E_Strange: Legume...I'm bringing the whole shooting match
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Grogronk: Well... Occaisionally.
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P-Lil: Crawford: We fly Tuesday AM, and should roll in by Wednesday afternoon.
ONAN: damn!
P-Lil: Really cute.
E_Strange: folks got me some good souveniers from Vegas
Legume: Dancing niggers that explode when you lick em?
Grogronk: I shall rain Manna on my doomed friends...
Grogronk: RACIAL SLUR!
Nu_monet: Hmmm...nice look to that sig. Hope it likes it.
Grogronk: KILL!
E_Strange: A HST style dealers visor and a sherifs badge
Legume: Groovy
Stang: Okay, I'm back. WHEW!!! MAN is it hectic here. You would not BELIEVE the faxes and calls. Fuckin' IDIOT LATE-COMERS!!! SHEEESH!
*** Signoff: Friday-J (Ping timeout)
P-Lil: Lick-n-stick exploding nee-gurz.
Nu_monet: Nu-
Grogronk: Sorry. Stealing Slack.
NedWreck: Nu-nugs
Stang: Any X-Day questions?
Grogronk: Say what you will.
NedWreck: nu-nigs
ONAN: The She Goat with Ten Thousand Folds and Three Horns will, apparently, be "there"
P-Lil: Stang: How soon d'ya think we'll have 144,000 members at this rate?
ICEKNIFE: Stang, the pudding is ready. It'll be there as promised.
Grogronk: Will it hurt?
Nu_monet: Nu-Stang: things are just going to get worse. Just be glad Brian Gumball has retired.
kevbob: um, is it ok if i bring my mom?
Stang: Rabbi, what the FUCK are you Connietite bitches PLOTTING??!? Legume, is your bitch involved in this?
Grogronk: My family will be left.
ONAN: Stang: do we bring two of every clean beast and seven of every unclean or seven unclean and two clean?
E_Strange: Stang...any count on the number saved in my listening ares...besides Ron Freed
Nu_monet: Stang: And you won't have to debate George Will or Cokie Roberts on "This Week" next Sunday.
Stang: Apparently Friday, Connie, Susie the Floozie, someone else, the Rabbi and all these other evil bitches have some kind of "thing" planned.
Legume: Watch yer mouth, Stang
Grogronk: They still think I'm just rebelling.
ICEKNIFE: Do what you want with their souls, but as per agreement, their computers and techtoys are MINE.
Grogronk: Which I am.
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Rabbi: Stang- Wouldn't you rather ANTICIPATE?
kevbob: holy shit, it's absent!!!
Stang: P-Lil, we're still a little behind "Bob's" predicted schedule re: membership rates.
kevbob: heyo!
Absent: Holy Absent, I Just Shit!
P-Lil: Stang: You damn betcha we do. Think of it as being like the weather--lay back and enjoy it.
E_Strange: Anticipation of death is worse than death itself
Absent: Whatta Coinkydink!@
ChrisLi: after X-Day, i'll be able to "cut" my apartment from here, and paste it on my Saucer, right?
Absent: Hey Kevbob
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Rabbi: Strange- Exactly, my sweet.
Nu_monet: Nu-Stang: Who all is getting the press release?
Stang: Strange -- all I know is, right after you went on the air, most of the SubGenii in the area QUIT in RIGHTEOUS ANGER!' YOU OWE ME!
P-Lil: Stang: Dobbs prophesy didn't predict a need for a phone bank.
ONAN: death is worse than dying itself, and living the only cure.
P-Lil: It's Friday-X, the myserious triple-agent!
kevbob: chris, just hope you don't lose power, or it'll end up in the clipboard of eternity?
DokV: hm, i'll send a fax for good measure.
Grogronk: Hell, you could make an exact reproduction!
Friday-X: Friend of Scully-Z
ONAN: x x x x minus minus minus minus one one one one
Rabbi: Oh, good, you're back, Fri! We were just making Stange paranoid that the Connittes are PLOTTING. Hee-hee!
Grogronk: I NEED 'Frop.
P-Lil: Sister of MataHari-O
Friday-X: Rabbi - Imagine that.
Stang: Li -- yeah, that's a good metaphor for it -- you can indeed "cut and paste" whole sectors of reality simply by "dragging and dropping."
ChrisLi: by the by, word has it that 71 north, downtown Cleveland and environs, has a bunch of construction
Nu_monet: I wonder if it will appear in the Times of London?
Grogronk: Never got any.
Absent: I hope I dont keep this body forever cux right now I have the ATHELETES FOOT CASE from HADES.
Grogronk: Boo-fuckin-hoo.
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Legume: Stang, I'm driving the PussyWagon to Brushwood. I work for CONNIE now!
Rabbi: Gee, I'd never believe a bunch of girls could do anything to their big strong men.
ONAN: i think we're supposed to have two of every clean toad, seven of every unclean toad, and none of every other kind of toad.
Grogronk: I got bad back problems.
Friday-X: I enjoy imagining this body being burnt to a crisp in Pure Slack, and only my illuminated etherform surviving
Stang: Chris -- 71 is south of Cleveland right? From the Cleveland airport going to Brushwood I think you're just on 90 and avoid the 71 mess.
revdrjack: Greets, all...
Nu_monet: Stang: When are the press releases going out?
Stang: I have heard the the parking at the Cleveland airport is all fucked up.
ICEKNIFE: 11th hour revelation... beanie figures out he's a little penisboy! a dildonian!
ChrisLi: Stang- i believe that is right
Absent: I just wrote a song about connie based on Beefhearts "Whebn I see Mommy I feel Like a Mummy". It's a sing-a-long.
kevbob: friday: try fingerpainting. it's Twice as relaxing!!! and you get art for yer fridge too!
Friday-X: Hi Jack
Grogronk: Yeah.
Stang: Legume -- figures that you'd sell your dick to the bitches!
Grogronk: Nice.
Grogronk: FFOOM-aah.
P-Lil: I'm still working on my X-Day tape. Got that Fear song on there, need to figure out what to do about Ministry....
Friday-X: Stang - You tried to GIVE AWAY your dick but we weren't having any
revdrjack: Friday!
Absent: Any News on I-80 construction? Its bad right before toledo right now
ChrisLi: anyone know where Amtrack station in Erie is? i'm picking up St. Al of the Goatherd.
ONAN: "and in the days of the end times the parking shall be all wrong" - Book of SubG, Censoredians 4:39
kevbob: plil: what to do about?
Stang: Friday, I hate to think of your body being burnt to a crisp... but then, maybe the new one will have the common decency to close its eyes when it sleeps!
E_Strange: Psychics predice enormous earthquakes in the Boston area
Absent: ">..WHEN I See Connie I fell Like A Cunny..."
Friday-X: Stang - Or maybe the new one will have SEVEN EYES that never sleep
Legume: Damn right, Stang! Sold it CHEAP, too!
Friday-X: Strange - That's not an earthquake, my bra strap broke!
ICEKNIFE: RevPsych and Locnar will be at Brunchwood
revdrjack: Ok, who has the skinny on the routes to Brushwood? I heard something about 17 being messed up. Is that East or West of the site?
Nu_monet: I wanna see X-Day on the AP wire.
Friday-X: Anyone remember the nice, logical route I posted to get there from Boston?
Grogronk: In the event that our Xists lose their way, will the Church still stand?
Absent: "When iSEEEE Connie I Feel Like A Cunny",...(Crowd Cahants "Connie, connie,connie, cunny cunny cunny...")
Friday-X: 95 to 90, 90 to 493, 493 to 17 - I think.
ONAN: speaking of boston, no bostonites i know are going
ChrisLi: we've had enough of your damn half-breed Vulcan logic Friday!
Rabbi: No Bostonites? After the show they got?
Friday-X: Onan - Modemac, Bill T. Miller, and myself are going.
Friday-X: ChrisLi - What's the other half? Mushroom?
Absent: Is Bill Miller Bringing Gear?
E_Strange: You pointy breasted alien freak
ONAN: friday: kewl! but no jehovah-10, no fishmonger, no zontar
Legume: Will EMMANUEL be there?
ICEKNIFE: you SCENEsters! yearning to be SEEN at the SCENE! Denizens, ye be, DWELLERS and SCENSTERS ONE AND ALL!
Friday-X: I think that MANY from Boston shall attend.
Legume drools
Friday-X: Absent - Bringing his keyboards
P-Lil: Now to add some Brazilian guitar music to the tape--Sepultura, "Beneath The Remains". Dedicate it to Gordon.
Nu_monet: Stang: I wanna archive news articles from online editions. Will there be a press release?
Grogronk: You know, just as there are few purebreed Yetis, there are also few purebreed humans.
Stang: Monet, we sent press releases to all media, all year... I was on 35 morning talk show stations last month. FUCK 'em if they think it's a joke!
*** Signoff: DokV (Ping timeout)
Absent: Fri-Thanks Oh Big I'd One.
Friday-X wiggles her breast lobes
ONAN: i only hope i am wrong. my knoxville buddies rowdy bohandas and multivax kleenex will be there
Grogronk: More humes than Yetis, but still...
Absent: Not Enuff teneseeean Subs.
Absent: VER
Absent: EVER
P-Lil wiggers her eyestalks at Friday's wiggling breast lobes
Friday-X: Onan - Fishmonger moved, didn't he? Can't speak for Zontar.
Rabbi: Friday, the shockwave is hitting me down here in Philly. I shall have to retaliate.
NedWreck: i'll be see at the "scene" but who, really , will give a fuck who i am?
revdrjack: Stang: I sure wish there had been time to come straighten out the gumps we have on in the morning here...
NedWreck: seen
Nu_monet: Oh. I figgured it would be a last minute, death threat kind o' thing.
ONAN: there are more mortals than humans and more humans than yeti.
ChrisLi: Ned, i give a fuck.
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kevbob: hey, i just remembered, i was in the mall aboyut a week ago, and i remember being really pissed off cuz i had seen a t-shirt some ass was wearing about the end of the world on july 4th, but now i can;t remember. anyone else seen it?
Grogronk: You see, Us Subs are DAMN horny.
Friday-X: Rabbi - Rectaliate? Here? With people watching us? You dirty girl, you.
kevbob: absent: i hate tennessee, but i "live" here, does that count?
Absent: Friday- Stop it, the Earth is sighing...and she has onion breath today
ICEKNIFE: there are more cutzles than crumbs, and more crumbs than nuggets. selah.
*** nullyAWAY is now known as Nully
P-Lil makes note: "RAID SEX TOY BOX"
Stang: Monet, did you know that it COSTS to put a story on the wire? And that they have to APPROVE it also?
ICEKNIFE: crutzles
ONAN: kevbob: moving away helps you hate it less. trust me.
P-Lil: Nully!
ICEKNIFE: not cutzles
Grogronk: We spread ourselves far and wide.
Rabbi: Friday- Get used to it. We're going to Brushwood.
E_Strange vomits
Nully: Hey y'all
Athgar: hi Nully
kevbob: onan: you from tenessee?
Grogronk: Also fairly thin.
Absent: Nully- prepare to receive the POINT
Nu_monet: Stang: I was thinking more like online emails to editors.
Friday-X holds the bucket for Strange
ONAN: kevbob: yup - 1966 to 1992!
ICEKNIFE: anybody here seen the sky weeping tears for the ocean?
ChrisLi: anyone gonna cry if a reprint selections from this in the final Quijibo?
kevbob: yeeek! did you ever get over it?
ICEKNIFE: i think we missed it
Friday-X will not cry
Stang: Monet -- been doing that all year.
Nu_monet: Stang: I hate to say it, but sort of like SPAMMING.
ONAN: i will cry if tears come out of my eyes - otherwise no
Legume: I will cry like a leetle bitch
Nu_monet: riton.
P-Lil refuses to cry
E_Strange: Something about P-Lil even having sex toys disturbs me deeply
ChrisLi: bee-atch
P-Lil: My eyes are watering a bit, that's all. *sniff*
P-Lil: It's allgeries, really.
Grogronk: Why?
Absent: You cheap Swine. I know Dmaned well there STILL ain't enough ubberfemmes this year. We blew our quota. Y'all let me DOWN.
Legume: Plils sex toys are alive...but just barely so
Stang: Monet, in both books it tells every SUbGenius to spam like crazy EVERY X-Day. Did you do your spamming yet?
Friday-X: EVERY Boston Devival press release mentioned X-Day! Modemac and I will be photographed in compromising positions for an X-Day article in the Boston Globe, to be published - THE FIFTH (???)
ICEKNIFE: I hope I'm the only one here next week...
NedWreck: can i be one of P-Lils sex toys?
P-Lil: Strange: Get used to it, and thank your favorite invisible monster that none of them are meant for use on you.
ONAN: i'm not going to see the 'uberfemmes' or 'overmen' - i'm going there to see the SubGenii and the Doktors, and _that_ is _that_
P-Lil: NedWreck: Lemme strap you on and find out....
revdrjack: So who's up for intercepting one of those NASA deep space probes and giving them an eyefull after we depart?
Nu_monet: Stang: Sure. Yep. Un-huh. Told everybody we are going to commit mass suicide with nerve gas.
Rabbi breaks out the onions and soundtrack to Les Miserables.
NedWreck: hahahahah
Friday-X hands P-Lil the green straps
E_Strange: Brushwood....BYOB......bring your own Bitch, babe or "Bob" or whatever else gets your rocks off
*** Signoff: RevCrawfo (Leaving)
ChrisLi: BYO"BOB"
Grogronk: Gender IS important.
Stang: A magazine called EYE just came out -- kinda hard to find though -- which has as a cover story "IT ALL ENDS JULY 5" -- long interview with me and they used my art for the cover! I 'bout CAME when I saw it.
ONAN: bring your own mail order mind control cult
Friday-X: DrJack - Go to Mars and make faces at the probes
Legume: BYOBOP
NedWreck: Ned Wreck: The Human Strap-On!
Stang: GGG is now standing behind me, looking for the Frappy!
P-Lil: Thanks, Friday.
Legume: BYO bottle of Pee
kevbob: stang: they pay fopr the art?
ChrisLi: bring stuff to sell and dollars to tuck!
Friday-X waves at GGG
ONAN: HELLO, GGG! Hello, Faye!
Grogronk: It is one of the things that seperates Us from Them.
P-Lil: Hey Ned, can I use you on Pastor Craig? I've always wanted to shine that haid of his....
Nully: Just to clarify, is the Brushwood camping fee per tent or per person?
Stang: Onan -- do you have Faye mixed up with Autumn??
ICEKNIFE: celebrity deathmatch is on
Nully is always hopin...
Nully: hoping, that is
P-Lil: Gotta take off, time to fetch Nikitta.
Friday-X: Nully - Per site I think.
Nu_monet: Stang: Maybe a bogus story about how it has already happened and we're already dead or missing?
NedWreck: I'm more of a buffer than a waxwer
ONAN: stang; i thought faye was riding with you guys too - hi to autumn as well
Friday-X: Bye P-Lil.
Legume: GGGGGG!
Stang: GGG waves back at Friday... GROSS! Look what he's waving!
NedWreck: waxer
Nully: Friday: Really? that would be awesome
Rabbi: Lil- You want to use NedWreck as a strapon on Craig? Isn't that a little cruel?
Grogronk: They are frigid "people", we are powerful Men and Wo-Men
Friday-X looks
P-Lil: I'll try to get back on once we get back. Maybe put the good Popess in front of you sorry lot. It'll do her some good.
Rabbi: Bye, dear.
P-Lil: Rabbi: Well yeah, but so's killing Pinks.
Friday-X: Nully - In any case it's only $10.
revdrjack: Yeah, let's do the NASA tour on the way out - Mars, Jupiter, the Oort Cloud. I'm gonna make 10 mile high Dobbsheads with the MWOWM and plaster this little system...
Rabbi: No it isn't
ChrisLi: Nully- new Invisible came out last Wednesday
NedWreck: to who? me or craig?
E_Strange: Brushwood is $10 per person per night
ICEKNIFE: the loch ness monster knocked up fran drescher... good celebrity deathmatch
NedWreck: hahahahaha
P-Lil: OK, I'm gone.....
NedWreck: saw that
Nu_monet: I think Bruisewood will be livened up by dozens of Asian journalists looking for corpses.
Friday-X: Bye P!
ONAN: just don't forget your membercard, or it'll be fifty thousand dollars!
*** Signoff: P-Lil (Six days and too many fucking hours.)
Rabbi: NedWreck- I meant to you. Would you like to have your head shoved up Craig's ass when his own head is taking up all the available space?
Stang: I EDITTED THE 1997 DRILL FOOTAGE! To one two hour VHS tape!
revdrjack: I'm thinking about planet sculptures...would Uranus make a good bowl for the pipe?
NedWreck: ow!
kevbob: why do asian reporters need dead bodies?
Stang: I wish I had had more than a day to edit the damn thing... but COPIES ARE ONLY $20
Friday-X: Saturday night would be a good time to start killing people at random - in the confusion and chaos nobody would notice
Grogronk: Good news.
revdrjack: Stang: selling the 1997 tape at Brushwood?
Nu_monet: kev: It brings out the best in mini-cam journalism.
NedWreck: giving new meaning to HeadButting
Friday-X: Stang - 45 minutes of shower footage, right?
Nully: Chris: You ever seen a blacklight godzilla t-shirt?
Rabbi: Friday- Showoff.
ChrisLi: i don;t think so
Stang: ReJack -- yep -- been dubbing frantically and I'm bringing decks so I can KEEP dubbing! There will be copies.
Friday-X: Rabbi - It sells.
E_Strange: Friday...I jerk off to that shower scene....Stangs soooooo cute
ICEKNIFE: someone will choke to death on their own vomit at the drill
Nully: We sell them at work, but i've never seen it under the blacklight. But it's new godzilla
NedWreck: Nully!: bought a leonard cohen cd
ONAN: Stang: who's bringing The Head, and is The Original Plaster Head going to be there?
Grogronk: What am I?
ChrisLi: i have a Christopher Lee t-shirt that glows in the dark
Nully: Ned: Which one?
Rabbi: Friday- Next time I join you and Susie in the ring with Stang, I swear.
NedWreck: Death of a Ladies Man
Grogronk: I know not.
Nu_monet: "Insane Decadent Capitalist Religious Fanatics Commit Mass Destruction"
kevbob: anyone know if e/w bear is making it to ny?
Nully: Good one
revdrjack: My clone will need some eye candy in between dodging the destructo-rays...
Friday-X: Strange - This year you can pretend both ends are a pussy, with the new beard in place
Rabbi: And I'm not a sissy wrestler, either.
Stang: Friday, I kept the shower scene down to just the short moment when we wave to my kids!
Nully: Ned: I own almost all of them at this point
Nu_monet: "News at Ereven!"
Nully: I'm a sissy wrestler
Stang: Onan -- only Janor knows where the One True Head is. I have a GREAT giant replica which will be dynamited.
Legume: Rabbi, if yer wrestling Stang, your a sissy wrestler
NedWreck: It would have been,
ONAN: Ivan Stang: who's bringing The Head, and is The Original Plaster Head going to be there?
Friday-X: Rabbi - We shall all battle for "Bob"!
*** SInnner ( has joined channel #subgenius
E_Strange: Friday...good..the other end hasn't been the same since the colonectomy
*** SInnner has left channel #subgenius
Friday-X: Stang - The 'wave' scene? That's HORRID!
Friday-X: Sinners keep out! This is a "Bob" neighborhood!
ONAN: when i was at philo's in 1992 HE COULDN'T FIND THE ORIGINAL DOBBSHEAD. At that moment I knew i was in the presence of an Overman.
Rabbi: Friday- I'm all for sharing, if that's okay.
Grogronk: What if a random element launches the Head?
Friday-X: Rabbi - We can each wrestle one dick.
kevbob: anyone here going to be selling the "bob" souveniers and stuff?
Stang: Onan -- I have the original Dobbshead.
Nully: kev: gee, ya think?
Friday-X: Grogronk - Random Element is attending? GREAT!
Grogronk: NO MORE "BOB"!!
ONAN: Stang: ha ha ha!
ChrisLi: everyone will be selling something
Grogronk: NO!
Nu_monet: bodies, souls
kevbob: nully: i don't know if they are farming it out or what.
Rabbi: Friday-OH, that's what you mean! Kinda like those Asian pornos.
Nully: kev: Hey, whatever happened to the post-x-day therapy booth
Nully: ?
revdrjack: Jeeze, I can't believe I'm actually feeling a smidgen of...of regret at having to leave this place. "Bob" - hold me...
NedWreck: hahahahah
Absent: Oh a random element WILL launch the head never you fear,....
ONAN: Ivan Stang: how much yould you sell that original Dobbshead for?
Friday-X: Rabbi - That's the ticket.
kevbob: anyway, bring white t-shirts, ok? i hate black t-shirts.
Nully: Hey, does anybody know if Random and Pammy are planning on showing?
ChrisLi: "I was at a pornography store. I was buying pornography."- Homer Simpson
Grogronk: I mean a mercenary service.
Nully: Did they go last year?
Legume: I'm going to be in charge of settling disputes at Brushwood
revdrjack: Not there, "Bob" - OOOH, that's better...
Stang: Onan -- Only Dobbs can sell THE Dobbshead.
Friday-X: Stang will sell the White Tux off his back, the White Dobbshead Shirt off his chest, and the panties off his ass
kevbob: nully: i'm not so sure i wanna lissen to everyone's problems, even FOR money..
Nully: hahahhaha
Nully: kev: depends on how MUCH money
Rabbi: Legume- All disputants are sent away with a lump of coal and a boot to the head?
Nu_monet: kev: you wouldn't do it for ME?
Friday-X: Rabbi - No, lump of coal embedded in their head
kevbob: nully: sides, you were supposed to take advance appointments, how many are there? hmmmm??
ONAN: Stang: of course, I forgot: "you CAN sell your own head" - Book of Idolized Disembodied Heads, Dobbsma 34:4-5
Rabbi: Oh- my bad.
Friday-X: Legume - Forget the battle armor, you should fight in full Santa Claus gear!
kevbob: monet: you gotta lot of cash?
ChrisLi: did we ever decide if the food vending ban applied to homebrew as well?
Grogronk: Lil' Yists Mercenary Service.
Nully: kev: umm... no! it was a DISCOUNT for advanced appoinments. This way we'll REALLY rake in the bucks
Legume: Nope. All diputes will be settled by combat. I'm bringing the HANDCUFFS with the 4 ft chain
Nu_monet: kev: wrong part of town.
kevbob: nully: that's why your the boss..
Nully: chris: are you vending it?
ICEKNIFE: July 6th, where will you be? IN THE DAMN WOODS, IS WHERE!!! idiots. go ahead. believe STANG. You don't see "Bob" getting involved in this shit, DO you? NO! assholes. IN THE FUCKING WOODS!
Rabbi: Friday- We could sell THAT tape and give pink kiddies nightmares for decades.
Friday-X: Legume - Gonna make them jump rope with it?
Grogronk: I have no money. Can't make it to Sherman.
ChrisLi: i'll sell beer and give it away.
Nully: I QUIT MY JOB!!!!!!!
Nully: PRA ME!
Nu_monet: kisses
Friday-X: I QUIT TOO!
Rabbi: Legume- It sounds more exciting that punishing.
ONAN: i don't like that 'pra' stuff. 'Praise' - that's not so hard, is it/
Grogronk: I never had a job.
Nu_monet: I had a job, once. It hurt. I stopped.
ICEKNIFE: I have taken your job.
kevbob: icey: babe, honey, dearest of my heart, i will be ON FUCKING VACATION SO SHUT THE FUCK UP FOR ONCE AND STOP FUCKING RAINING ON MY GODDAM PARADE!!!
Stang: LEGUME -- GGG wants to know if you have any .454 automag ammo.
revdrjack: ChrisLi: Homebrew? Giveaway?
Absent: Onan- Fuck what you like. SALLLACK
ICEKNIFE: suffa, beyotch!
Grogronk: I just find money.
ChrisLi: i'll have 7-8 cases of Quijibo Beer
kevbob: ice: ok. you hurt so good, anyways.
revdrjack: Will they get upset about religious DONATIONS for beer?
Nully: (happy, onan?)
ICEKNIFE: you will be on vacation IN THE WOODS
NedWreck: I'd quit my job, but since dad kicked the bucket, i'm actually macking a decent wage,
Legume: Nope, GGG, All I got is some .45 ball ammo
ChrisLi: that's the spirit!
kevbob: IN THE WOODS!
NedWreck: CAMPING!
Nu_monet: Legume: hollow point?
*** kevbob has set the topic on channel #subgenius to The Last IRC Devival Ever . IN THE WOODS!!!
Nully: YAY
Friday-X: On July 6th, let's see how much natural timber we can back into Iceknife's mouth
E_Strange: Legume....I think I need another pound of gun powder
*Rabbi* Do me a favor and tell Shelby I couldn't track down any tassles this weekend. I'll write her later. She'll understand.
Stang: Legume... "Got any .38 DICK?" -- GGG
NedWreck: black powder?
Grogronk: I cannot be the head of the random element... DIRECTLY.
Nully: I'm glad Legume's in charge of settling disputes. It makes me feel better.
Nully: Because if my stalker shows...
ICEKNIFE: there's enuff vegetation in there already
Stang: TASSLES??!?!? Rabbi, don't personal-message me.
Absent: So has anybody sold the News rights to Japan yet?
Nully: Ok, well, he's not really my stalker. But I think he would be if he could sober up long enough
Friday-X: Nully - We can stalk your stalker, just like in "The Most Dangerous Game"!
NedWreck: But no shoe trees
Stang: GGG and Sterno will be testing the frop to make sure it's GOOD ENOUGH to take along.
Nully: Now he's just my Insulter
*Grogronk* Why not?
Nu_monet: Absent: probably, along with the rights to Japan.
ICEKNIFE: by July 7th, someone will have SHOT STANG IN THE HEAD. watch and see.
Nully: my Harrasser
Rabbi: Forgive, Stang! Man, you so touchy!
Nully: The fucking pain in my ass
Friday-X: Iceknife - Let's hope they shoot me too.
Legume: GGG: got some .45 long colt dick
Friday-X: Rabbi - Delicate little man at times, ain't he?
revdrjack: Aw, heck, shots for everyone...
Nully: Ooooh! Let's shoot everybody!
*Grogronk* Just so you know, I hate ya.
Nu_monet: Stang: It might be a good idea to wear kevlar. Remember who you are scribing for, here.
kevbob: Shots on the House!
Friday-X: Stang - Wear kevbob instead - blocks bullets.
Grogronk: Blop!
revdrjack: Beets the hell out of penethol Kool-Aid.
NedWreck: I'm allergic to lead
kevbob: hehe?
Stang: Friday -- HAR HAR HAR!!
ICEKNIFE: No Friday, but YOU will be the one to kill the assassin, insuring we'll NEVER REALLY KNOW why they did it, or even WHO they really were.
Rabbi: Friday-I just ask him if his wife can track down some pastie tassles, and he goes wacko.
NedWreck: so, what do i do with the case of kool-aid i already bought?
ONAN: i just hope the squeeter elite doesn't show up.
Stang: Friday, Rabbi... I have been admiring that 3d picture I have of you beautiful Ivangelical babes...
ChrisLi: "They fought nekkid and shared their women!" - some guy on teevee
Stang: Rabbi, you ARE going to be on my team, right?
revdrjack: And just WHERE will Puzzling Evidence be?
Friday-X: Ice - But can I kill the assassin by throwing myself on her and soaking up the bullet meant for Stang? And die slowly and painfully? Please, please, pretty pretty please?
Stang: Strange is obviously a homosexual.
kevbob: i'm actually kinda squishy, and i think the bullets would go right through me..
Grogronk: How old am I? Guess.
Nu_monet: I think the question is why NOT they did it?
ICEKNIFE: It will in fact be a member of the SQUEETER ELITE, disquiesed as Lou Duchez.
Grogronk: I never had a job...
Rabbi: Stang- Which shot are you talking about? Clothed or not?
ICEKNIFE: disguised
Nully: Chris: Um... I don't want to spoil your delusion here, but who exactly do you think it is doing the spoiling?
kevbob: but i would accept a piggy back ride.
E_Strange: Obviously
Friday-X: Bring 3-D cameras to Brushwood! They sell 15-shot ones now for $15!
Stang: Friday, you are such a GOOD GIRL.
Grogronk: I type slowly...
revdrjack: A gallon of grain and some ginger ale go far to using up Kool-Aid...
Nully: Chris: spoiling = sharing,, for some odd reason
Absent: Stang; But he's a Hardassed homosexual, and much bigger than you
Nu_monet: Make some kool-aide wine.
Stang: GOOD IDEA! Gotta pick up 3D cameras.
revdrjack: Cuts the warehouse flavour...
ChrisLi: the Picts. that's what the teevee said.
ICEKNIFE: time cameras and feta cheese are good
Grogronk: Is Janor "hooked up"?
Friday-X: Bring underwater cameras, and panoramic cameras - MANY CAMERAS.
Friday-X: Grog - No, he's still single. You may wed him if you dare.
Stang: I'm actually kind of worried, Absent, about Strange buttraoping me.
ChrisLi: Mmmmmm.... new camcorder to burn images onto...
Stang: GGG: "bring anal cameras!"
ICEKNIFE: the word pixie comes from the word pict. juxtapose those two images. enjoy.
Nully: Chris: Hmmmm. I think they got it backwards. The way it SHOULD be, the way it is in THIS cult, the women divide up the men among themselves and
revdrjack: Got my bud bringing his video camera. My last attempt at documentaries...
Nully: OOPS!
ONAN: pretty pretty death rays burn the earth, subgenius gets their money money worth, aliens saved the yeti race, put the humans in their place
Grogronk: He's my idol, or at least the closest I have to one.
Friday-X: Stang - Trust me, you won't hurt too much, you only bleed for a day or so.
Nully spilled the beans
Nully: Sorry
Rabbi: Buttroping? Is that a Texan thing?
Grogronk: Sounds fun.
kevbob: hey, I RODE A MECHANICAL BULL!!!!!!
Absent: I may YET HAVE TO DESTROY strange
Friday-X gets out her prostate camera
Grogronk: YYEEE-haaw!
kevbob: it was fun!
Nully: kevbob: Why?
Absent: But only with a gun...from a DSTANCVE
Stang: Has anybody here visited
*** uglyking ( has joined channel #subgenius
Grogronk: WHY?
E_Strange: No Stang..I'm not going to Bettrope you...I'm just going to fuck you up the ass
Rabbi runs for the dental floss and hangman's noose.
Nully: kev: you're a yankee, boy. or did you forget?
kevbob: well, that was after we had left the "trendy" club.
ONAN: Stang: my kidney stones have apparently passed but they let me keep my implant.
Legume: YeeHaw! A-rumpin' and a-ridin'!
kevbob: and after, ahem, he showed up...
Friday-X hands Strange some Pine-Sol to lubricate the way
Nu_monet: kev: thrown out, you mean.
Nully: ah
kevbob: and, well, the um, er, machismo started, um, flowing...
kevbob: monet: no, i didn;t sing kareoke.
Stang: Strange, your perversion is sickening to me. You can be cured. Seems like the Rabbi would be able to handle that...
Nully: *your* machismo? Where did you find it?
E_Strange: Legume...It sounds like Absent has a dispute with me.....pass over that 4' chain
uglyking: Hello all!
Nu_monet: kev: didn't you know the lyrics?
Grogronk: Perversion is GOOD!
Rabbi: The Rabbi claims no control over The Strange One.
Friday-X: Strange - Mind if I fuck your ass while you fuck Stang's?
Rabbi: The Rabbi is only in it for the sex.
kevbob: monet: i came THIS close to doing devo's whip it, but chickened out.
Friday-X: Greetings handsome King.
revdrjack: Friday: WITH the prostrate camera, I hope...
ONAN: mind fuck if i ask you Friday?
Grogronk: What the hell else would you be in it for?
revdrjack: A 3D one, YEAH...
Friday-X: Onan - No, simple reaming,
uglyking: Friday, they had a big discussion on that on rec.arts.movies.erotica a while back...
*** Mode change "+oooo Absent Friday-X Stang uglyking" on #subgenius by ChanServ
ONAN: when i was in the emergency room, i got to see my own bladder
NedWreck: yum!
Friday-X: Ugly - On my fucking Strange in the ass with a 3-D prostate camera?
Nu_monet: If the video doesn't turn out, just have Stang take an erotic shower for 90 minutes. Worked for Roseanne Cash.
*** Mode change "+ooo Moofisto Nu_monet revdrjack" on #subgenius by ChanServ
Stang: Onan -- emergency room? We've all been in e.r.s lately!
Rabbi: They had a discussion about anal cameras during buttfucking sessions?
revdrjack: Reminds me of that "Bob the Anal Fissure" thing I saw on Zug...
E_Strange: know as well as I do that there is far more money in gay porn than there is in religion
kevbob: stang's erotic shower's are only 90 mi9nutes?
E_Strange: I'm just trying to bend over
uglyking: On the dynamics of three way gay sex, like what the guy in the middle had to do etc,
Grogronk: MIX gay porn and religion!
Nully: You know, X-day isn't even here and i'm ALREADY sick of hearing the name "bob"
Friday-X lends Stang her padded stocks
Legume: Religion is the porn of the stupid
Stang: Strange -- sure, but keep that stuff at the location, okay? Not around me. UGH!
ONAN: Ivan Stang: yep - emergency room from 7:30 am to 4 pm on solid morphine drip from kidney stones
Rabbi: As long as Friday and I get to watch, I'm happy.
Nu_monet: He should just look like he enjoys it. Actually enjoying it is cheating.
Stang: I'll admit, Strange, that you ARE a real PURTY man. But I just don't swing that way. You fag.
kevbob: nully, i've been somewhat sick of the name bob since they gave me this nikcname.
ICEKNIFE: anyone seen Bubba tonight?
kevbob: nope, not since, um, a couple weeks ago.
Rabbi: Too late, Stang. I'm finding this one a bit of a turn-on myself.
Grogronk: Kill Bob FOREVER.
Stang: Nully -- be ready to PUIKE CONSTANTLY at X-Day! You'll become LITERALLY SICK!
Nu_monet: Many casualties in the end times.
NedWreck: wll, what if your name really IS Bob?
Nully: ice: he's still planning on showing, though
Grogronk: In a way that he does NOT get back up.
Nu_monet: refer to them as Robert.
ICEKNIFE: does Strage have a fag permit? Hey ONAN, is Strange registered with Fags International?
revdrjack: NedWreck: then the Church should be sending a check soon...
Nully: Stang: If i am, expect me to take it out on YOUR ass
ICEKNIFE: thanks nully
kevbob: ooooh, i wanna see nully kick stang's ass!!!!
E_Strange: Legume....just saw a documentary about sabotage...they blew up a car engin with 2 pounds of gun powder
Legume: Nully would kick Stang's ass
Friday-X: Nully, Stang - Can't we settle this in a civilized fashion? Like blood wrestling?
Grogronk: There need to be more fags.
ONAN: ice: go see and find out
ICEKNIFE: yer shitting me, right?
ICEKNIFE: rilly? that's GREAT!
Stang: "GO TREVOR" -- GGG
kevbob: oh ya, subsite seemed to go down from the mci side last evening.
ONAN: 'my awful life with my lawful wife'
uglyking: Anyway: BIG ANOUNCEMENT! As of noon today I finished my video for "Blood Lust" the OBE song. It's very sexy and I'll be entering it in the 1st Erotic Video and Film Festival for August (of course there won't be an August, but it's the thought that counts).
Grogronk: Fags are not only necessary, they are beautiful.
Nu_monet: Stang: you gonna do the FBI bounce?
ONAN: GGG: I'll have the car ready in a moment, sir
Stang: Every time a fag comes in another fag's ass, somewhere a fetus being conceived by a straight couple, turns into a SubGenius.
Grogronk: YES!
Friday-X hands GGG the Frop, motor oil and silicone lubricant
Grogronk: LOvely.
uglyking: Stang, what about if a fag comes on another fags face, would that also work?
E_Strange: See that Stang....I could help you make bend over
Rabbi: Must sleep now. See most of you in a few days. Stang, you realize you get Strange to yourself for a couple days beforeI show up. Be gentle.
Legume: Stang is the Father of the SubGenius Race
NedWreck: ahahahahaha
Nully: Stang: And every time two lesbians come together, somewhere a straight guy gets off thinking about it
kevbob: stang, doing the work of the people...
Friday-X: Ugly - No, then the kid is born looking like Stang! Most of them grow out of it.
*** RevLoki ( has joined channel #subgenius
*** Mode change "+o RevLoki" on #subgenius by ChanServ
kevbob: nully, REALLY doing the work of the pwople!
Grogronk: No he isn't!
Friday-X: Bye Rabbi
RevLoki: Well daaammn
kevbob: loki!!
Stang: RABBI! NO! You're letting Strange out on his own?
*** Signoff: Rabbi (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
RevLoki looks around with hazy eyes
Grogronk: Stang is a wimpy bastard!
kevbob: grog: what up g?
Grogronk: No offence.
Friday-X: Strange - I'll hold Stang down while you rape him, then let's trade!
uglyking: Maybe If the fag comes in the ass of another fag we get a Holocaustical and if he comes on the face of another fag we get a Ivangelical?
*** ICEKNIFE has set the topic on channel #subgenius to Fine Fun Fag Festival Features For Future Frolic!
Absent: Stang: Did you leave with Jeezer? I was just wondering where you are accesing the4 net from.
Nully: Ok, but the question then becomes: What happens if Nolan Voyde comes?
kevbob: stang's, like, my dad. he picked me up from the cradle, to "save me" and "teach me" his ways. without him, i would have to have grown up in that oppressive upperclass family and eaten three meals a day, lay off, ok?
*** Athgar has left channel #subgenius
E_Strange: Friday.....You hold me down and Stang rapes me? OK
NedWreck: he washes his hands?
uglyking: We get Suzi the Flozie going!
ONAN: kevbob: you're thinking of J. R. "Bob" Dobbs, actually.
kevbob: onan: doh'd!
Nully: Friday: Let me know if you need any help with these boys. Not that i doubt your ability at all...
Friday-X: Strange - Just be sure that Stang hits me REALLY HARD while he's raping me. It's what I like best.
Legume: Duh. An Ivangelical is created when a straight couple concieves a fag fetus and then a Bi guy comes in the pussy of the mother
Stang: Absent -- I'm leaving Dallas in the morning. Jesus left yesterday with His family. No one else wants to be stuck in the car with the KID.
ONAN: "Kevbob... I am your father" - Dobbs
Nully: kev: you know, that almost makes sense
kevbob: i WAS adopted. hmmmmm...
revdrjack: "Search your wallet, you know it's true!"
Friday-X: Nully - I'd love a helping hand, or fist, or whatever.
uglyking: Legume. D'huh! It's so simple when it's all explained!
Friday-X: Bye Monet.
Nully: I mean, of all the people "Bob" would leave you in the care of...
Nully gets out the GIANT jar of crisco
kevbob: hey, this blockbuster membership card, if you pick out certain letters, it DOES say SO!!! wow!
*** Signoff: Nu_monet (Leaving)
Stang: How about if Friday, Nully, Susie the Floozie, the Rabbi and P-Lil all SAVE MY ASS FROM STRANGE'S RAMPAGING PECKER?!?!?
ONAN: any clue as to weather in brushwood right now?
Friday-X: Stang - What do we get as a reward?
Stang: If I don't see ya no more in this world, I'll meet you on the next one, and don't be late.
Friday-X: Onan - Check the Erie PA or Buffalo NY weather.
kevbob: friday: when people protect wimps from bullies,they get adulation!
ICEKNIFE: giant dinosaurs jump outta yer butt and sing you a peppy swing number from yesteryear
kevbob: BARNEY!!!!!
Friday-X: Swing? Great!
Stang: Onan -- it's usually cold at night, rainy in the morning, and real nice in the afternoon.
kevbob: barney will jump out of fridays ASS!!!!!
Stang: GGG says he volunteers to geld Strange.
Grogronk: Barney? Purple? KILLLLLLLL!
Grogronk: AIIIEEE!
Friday-X: Barney will be SHOT out of Friday's ass by her powerful musculature, and will knock a CIA spy satellite out of Low Earth Orbit
revdrjack: "I love you, you kill me, "Bob" sells souls to save SubG..."
Friday-X hands GGG a sterile straight razor and some thread - and a feather.
kevbob: i WOULD pay to see that. can you make an animation of it?
ONAN: i read a story once where a person's "safe word" was "MAGIC BARNEY" - had some kind of humiliation value.
Grogronk: Enough song!
ICEKNIFE: i can fart a stegosaurus after eating mongolian beef. it's a gift.
Stang: Friday, GGG was just overwhelmed by your loquaciousness!
ChrisLi: my safe word is escalators
Friday-X: Stang - Tell someone else I am bringing the OBSCENE MATERIAL she requested
Grogronk: Cool
kevbob: and you didn;t return it for a tie?
Stang: "When Friday shoots Barney out of her ass..." sounds like lyrics to a song.
Friday-X: Stang - Tell GGG that he's my inspiration
Stang: Friday -- how 'bot your perspiration? --ggg
kevbob: n fact,i would also pay to see friday sing "did i ever tell you your my hero" to GGG.
Grogronk: Do I really exist?
ONAN: When Friday shoots a Barney out of her ass, go ask Alice, when she's foxy fine
ONAN: grog: NO
Friday-X: GGG - Should I sell you a few bottles? IRC always makes me sweat.
Nully: kev: how much?
Stang: Onan -- what's a "safe word"?
kevbob: um, 5 dollah?
ICEKNIFE: s&m lore 101
E_Strange: mean like he did only does half a job for christ's sake
Friday-X: Kevbob - Give me a lyric sheet and some $$$
NedWreck: 6
Stang: GGG will meet you with his tanker truck and you can sell your sweat to the Bobbies.
kevbob: friday, i will give you five dollars, but have no lyric sheet.
Grogronk: I am new.
Friday-X: I'd rather sing "Unforgettable" to Stang
Grogronk: Ha!
Friday-X: Kevbob - What's the title of the song again? Is it "Wind Beneath My Wings"?
ICEKNIFE: Stang, your "safe" word is how Legume knows to stop jammin boiled egges up yer butt.
NedWreck: aigs?
ICEKNIFE: aigs. yes.
Nully: AIGS
ICEKNIFE: just so.
kevbob: fri, i think so..
Absent: heh.
Grogronk: Aigs?
Legume: I want to sing "Moon Pants" to Stang. I know what he likes.
Nully: AIGS
Friday-X: Stang - You remember, I told you to scream "red light" if my fist went in too deep and I'd stop. 'Red Light' was your safe word.
kevbob: fri, just remind me to pay, and if you do it, do it on stage.
Nully: Friday: You made it too complicated. Just the color, usually. They get too confused when they have more than one word to remember!
Grogronk: Oh! SAFE WORD!
Friday-X: Kevbob - I will.
ICEKNIFE: feh... Drs f/Bob doing "I KNOW WHAT STANG LIKES"? please, no... nooooo
kevbob: i went to a wedding a couple of weeks ago. the song for the bride and groom's dance was the titanic theme song.
ONAN: in two weeks the Jerry Springer show is "I Didn't Send in my Money to Dobbs But My Girlfriend Did!"
Grogronk: Now I remember!
E_Strange: Stang...12" Green Light
Friday-X: Stang - In public you can scream all the safe words you want and I won't stop - makes for better video that way.
kevbob: i thought that was ironic, since he's 27, has kids, and she's 15 and pregnant.
Absent: All that frop makes you lose your safe word
NedWreck: kev: blewaurgghthghh!
revdrjack: Belated weather report for Erie, PA - Friday: Mostly sunny, Low in low 60's, High in low 80's
kevbob: i love tennessee.
NedWreck: ahhhhh
ICEKNIFE: Onan, didja tell stinky wut a safe word is?
kevbob: and now they live with her mom.
Grogronk: NedWreck! Just got it!
NedWreck: fekkin hot 'n humid here
kevbob: and we all are pretty sure her mom and him are doin the nasty..
NedWreck: got what?
ONAN: post x-day weather: lows in the low minus 170s, highs in the mid 400s
Stang: Friday got high? On some Low Eighties? I'm shocked! I thought she was straight edge!
kevbob: and she's already run away from him in fear.
Stang: Sunday: Volcanoes, earthquakes, hail the size of dinosaurs.
*** idsko ( has joined channel #subgenius
Friday-X: Stang - Must have been another Friday.
*** RevLoki has left channel #subgenius
revdrjack: Stang: No, just sultry
E_Strange: I'm outta here...Brushwood ETA 9 PM Monday....Beds Available at the Morrison Hotel....$10 a night
revdrjack: I goota go, it's too sultry in here
Absent: Hrrm. No Sakamoto, and no email respose for days . Anyone got news?
Friday-X: Bye Strange, bye Jack
Friday-X: If we can't roast the pig let's cook Stang!
Stang: Strange, of course you owe the Foundation half that rent money.
Legume: See ya, Edward!
*Grogronk* Out of curiosity, is Legume your mindless pawn?
revdrjack: Bye, all - see you in 5...
*** E_Strange has left channel #subgenius
ChrisLi: Sakamoto is on my couch.
ICEKNIFE: let's fuck and barbeque Mary Tyler Moore. She can turn the world on with her smile!
Legume: Write me a check, Strange,I'll make sure Dobbs gets it
kevbob: licking toads?
Absent: How baad are the dog rules, Really? I am not taking one but I know someone whats gonna try
*** Signoff: revdrjack (Leaving)
Stang: Chris Li -- that's nothing, GGG is in Kandle's BED!
NedWreck: i leave wednesday w/ MDisaster
ChrisLi: yeah, but no one asked about GGG
Nully: Hey Chris. Did you ever get your hostage situation cleared up?
Absent: ChrisLi- Say hello for me, Wondering if all's well.
ChrisLi: cause no one cares.
Grogronk: Why no dogs?
ChrisLi: no, the hostage situation is still unresolved.
NedWreck: my dog's abnormal, kin i bring him?
Grogronk: I LIKE dogs.
Friday-X: Absent - if they MUST bring a dog, they MUST police it - keep it leashed, clean up its dumps - or they'll be kicked out.
Nully: Chris: hmmm. Are the ear's still intact?
ChrisLi: Siouxsie says "hi beejums"
Legume: I thought it was NO PETS
Grogronk: What if WE make a mess?
Nully: Absent!! I didn't see you here
ChrisLi: Nully, yeah, i didn't carve up the monkey
Absent: Friday- Thanks, They're good about that. I'll tell 'em to bring the Poop Scoop.
Grogronk: I thought you meant in sex.
Nully: Chris: you've got a soft heart, man.
Legume: Last year Rev Yukon Jack freaked out because of dogs there.
Friday-X: The rules are NO PETS, but you know some SubAsshole is going to insist on bringing in their beloved wallaby or human or something
ChrisLi: yeah well, i want to boink her, so it wouldn't help carving up her stuffed animals
Absent: Nully: I SAID Are you ready for the Poit? earlier?
Absent: Point
Stang: We'll COOK and SERVE any dogs...
Grogronk: Yum!
kevbob: carving stuffed animals = no boinking. got it.
Friday-X: Dogs with Winking Lizard Sauce
Nully: Asent: I, well, i'll be honest. I didn't notice
Legume: Pig Roast...riiiiiiight.
ICEKNIFE: a cookbook.... "To Serve "Bob" "
Stang: Friday, someone else is excited about your sex devices or whatever the fuck you're talking about. By the way I liked the nipple rouge.
Nully: Absent: And yes, I can't wait! Are you going to be able to make a tape for me?
NedWreck: poor Eric, left here, all alone. boo hoo hoo (snif)
Grogronk: What if I have a hulking monster for a pet?
Friday-X: Stang - I thought the rouge would look lovely on either of you. The sex toy doubles as a musical instrument - great subharmonics.
Grogronk: I mean several stories tall.
kevbob: sousaphone?
Grogronk: With big claws.
Stang: I must now go PACK the HORRIBLE VAN!
NedWreck: they make phones outta souse?!?
Nully: Did I mention I quit my job?
Friday-X: Bye Stang, should I call or let you work?
kevbob: drive safe, oh stang'ed one.
Nully: YAY
ONAN: STANG: drive safe & see y'all soon!
Friday-X: See you soon O Bearded One
NedWreck: yes, you did, wtg!
Grogronk: Would it be okay if I steered him by his ears?
ICEKNIFE: See you soon, Stinky!
Stang: Friday yeah, but it'll have to be a quickie -- well, like usual. Heh heh.
*Grogronk* Answer me!
Friday-X: Stang - OK, real soon now.
*uglyking* I have a copy of the video for you. Will there be vcr's and TV's at brushwood?
Grogronk: Stang, answer me.
Stang: Craig -- yeah, I'kll have VCR and TV.
Friday-X: Grog - Steer the beast on which we feast.
Absent: ICEKNIFE; you going to be there?
Grogronk: Must I say it in the open?
ICEKNIFE: Of course. someone's gotta rob the corpses
Absent: CRAIG! hey man, what's up?
Friday-X: Must I say it while eloping>
uglyking: Absent!
Grogronk: You wouldn't like to try to kill him.
Absent: ICe- Groovy man. I'll save some for ye.
Friday-X: Bye all, I go to pack, craft and whatnot.
kevbob: generally, i've found, that when people have no fucking cluse what your talking about, it helps to enunciate.
Grogronk: No dogs? I say MIGHT MAKES RIGHT!
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