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P-Lil: C'mere, little buddy.
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andreux: What? You have the master tapes for the last Police studio album?
Friday-J: Legume - Always worked for me.
Bunnyboy: lo Stang
andreux: STANG GO HOME
Friday-J: Speaking of buggering - HERE'S STANG!
Rabbi: Ahh, he arrives. Got get him, honey!
DrLegume: Booooooo!
andreux: Stang: actually, do you have Sterno's number? Jesus didn't have it.
ChrisLi: Andreux- yes, threatening messages for Leyaun and Keith- neither home to be threatened
P-Lil: Siouxsie, you didn't tell me Stang was the suck monkey!
E_Strange: Legume..I think it's time we brought the MONKEY WRENTCH
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Bunnyboy: Lil: Nothin that cain't be done better after 7/5
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Friday-J: RevJack!
P-Lil: Jack!
MSakamoto: Well, you didn't ask! ;-)
andreux: REVJACK! (or is it Meg?)
Friday-J hugs Stang hello and fondles his wallet
Stang: Dang, cain't find my notes. Howdy ya'll.
Friday-J: Howdy Stang
andreux: Stang: don't tell me you script-write your responses in IRC as WELL as your rants!
Stang: I'm "getting" your pic, Dr. Legume.
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Friday-J reminds Stang that the notes are on the LEFT side of the monitor
P-Lil: Bunny: I was thinking more of a "fear-and-loathing" kinda thing. For example, I wonder how much chlorine they use in the hot tubs at Tubs--we should investigate.
Rabbi: Stang- Can you get someone else to re-email me? I lost her new address.
revdrjack: Dangest thing - I always get credit for being
DrLegume: It's DiCaprio, stang
Stang: Friday, I was just dubbing videotapes of your writhing around on your pile of post show MONEY.
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Nully: hi kids
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andreux: nully
Bunnyboy: lo Nully
P-Lil: You are the Aeternal RevJack.
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Stang: Rabbi -- that's
MSakamoto: Hi again Nully.
Friday-J: Stang - and WHOM are you giving THAT TAPE? And I hope you aren't giving them the SPECIAL TAPE
P-Lil: Nully! *undertittie sniffs*
E_Strange: Stang...You didn't show up at the Blue Oyster to meet me...I don't love you anymore...I'm still gonna ass rape you on site...But I won't enjoy it
Bunnyboy: Lil: I seens enuff brown water ta last me fer life
revdrjack: Ofteh accused of being a bastard clone - I kinda like that...
Friday-J: Hi Null-E
andreux: {} + E
Nully: Hi FRY-Day
Stang: Friday -- just some Federal friends of ours.
Rabbi: Stang- I'm getting a little tired of you trying to steal my man from me.
Stang: Strange, you're starting to make me nervous with that sexual harrassment talk, man.
Friday-J: Rabbi - Stang can't help it, he's just a slut
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Friday-J: Stang - What, Scully wants another copy? That louse!
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ChrisLi: somebody DCC me some lightbulbs. and beer.
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revdrjack: General question about Brushwood - does anyone know how early the registration lines open on Friday.
ChrisLi: hit and run OPS?
Rabbi: Just because he has prettier hair doesn't mean he can muscle in on my turf!
P-Lil: Who was that masked man?
Friday-J: Revjack - As soon as I open!
Friday-J: Revjack - Sunrise or so, try * AM.
Stang: Anyone mailing Chris lightbulbs, I need some 100 watt ones too.
Friday-J: 8 AM.
Nully: Oh, I need bulbs too
Nully: For my garden
Nully: The petunias all died...
andreux: I need BOOBS.
Stang: RevJack -- I believe we are planning to have reg. open from 10 am to uh 6 pm.
Friday-J: Stang - Who's getting the short straw to stay in Dallas to take those last-minute credit card memberships?
Nully: But it wasn't my fault. REALLY
revdrjack: Cool, Friday - hey, lookin' at a cool pic of you from Boston. Who was that guy in the suit on stage with Meyer?
Friday-J: Revjack - Meyers' bodyguard.
Stang: Friday -- the Stangbot will do the auto-sales in the final chaotic hours of civilization.
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Nully: Beaner!
DrLegume: Oops
Friday-J: Stang - Shit, I hope that thing is well-programmed - you could get HUNDREDS of last-minute memberships!
P-Lil: Andreux: Take these Pils.
andreux pops the BOOB PILS.
Rabbi: Can someone give Andreux a Hustler and a jar of Vicks Vaporub and put him out of his misery?
andreux: mmmm
Stang: I would like to hear suggestions about a post-X-day SubSITE page. Friday sent a pic of a nuke with the slogan "WE TOLD YOU SO" which I thought the page could open with starting at 7 am on the 5th.
revdrjack: Stang: Is it too late to send pics from Boston? I didn't have time last month to get 'em together...
andreux: Rabbi: I haven't had sex in a whole week. This sucks.
Friday-J: RevJack - You can register for camping and then return for the X-Day registration and bar-code tattoo.
Friday-J: RevJack - Send 'em!
P-Lil: Rabbi: Icy Hot won't stain the sheets.
Rabbi: Pity. Six hours.
MSakamoto: Well, I'm going to my mom's next week, I'll stop at the Hustler Store and pick up some porn for poor poor andreux.
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^franz^: ciao
DrLegume: Sit Jesus at the registration desk, so he can feel important
Stang: revjack -- never too late to send pics, just don't send more than a meg or so a day.
andreux: Rabbi: shush.
Friday-J: Stang - Post a list of emergency survival instructions on the post-X-Day page.
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MSakamoto: I am so slow.
DrLegume: BJ!
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andreux: absent!
Friday-J: Monet!
absent1: No, A cheap clone of BJ
revdrjack: Friday: Good deal on the pics - most were crap, but I got some cool ones in there, too. I got pre-reg with Jesus a few days ago, and enlisted another Reverend from 6000 miles away! PRABob!
MSakamoto: Admit it, BT, you love the Baloney-Head.
Stang: Legume, I was tentatively planning to spend MORE time up at registration meeting Bobbies -- or rather at the Sales table -- because it creeped me out last time seeing so many STRANGERS.
monet: benievideos!
Friday-J: Stang - Should I protect you from random unknowns?
Rabbi: Stang- Wouldn't you rather spend more time in the hot tub?
Friday-J: RevJack - Glad you got some!
P-Lil: Stang: Wha, no Yeti Piss Frappie for you this year?
DrLegume: Stang, there was a detective there last year. I saw his gold badge when he paid the reg fee
-*ChrisLi*- DCC Send stang.jpg (
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andreux: in that case, can I be a random unknown?!
revdrjack: Stang: Could Fed-Ex them, if it's easier on everyone. Got the scanner working again, tho.
absent1: Blaoney-Head is equal to Canned Heat in My Eyes (who I am listening to r. now)
Friday-J: Lots of STRANGE PEOPLE in that hot tub
DrLegume: No Pussy for Stang at Brushwood this year
Stang: Not only do I need to prepare a post-X-Day web page, but I wanna have a mailing that hits people on Monday or Tuesday after X-Day, if there's still any postal service.
monet: Should sigs be changed from "X" to "nu-X" on July 4th, as a convenience to replacements?
P-Lil: Give to the No Pussy For Ivan Stang Fund.
Stang: So I need suggestions and art along the "WE TOLD YOU SO," uber-gloating lines.
MSakamoto loves Baloney-Head (except when sharpening her claws on my leg)
Friday-J hands Stang a cat
absent1: I get sick of nappy hippy men feeling me up in that hot tub.
revdrjack: Friday: Well, it was a long time friend, over in Hong Kong on business. Hope I didn't screw up his upcoming security clearance...
Friday-J: "Bye bye world, bye bye human race ..."
Rabbi: Friday- Actually, if memory serves, there wasn't enough room for Strange in the tub the NIGHT OF THE THREE DISGRACES.
DrLegume: Stang' how about "Sorry You Have to DIE"
absent1: SHRiNe is trying to go to Xday..
Friday-J: "Hello slackfulness, I feel like I'm fixin' to die"
P-Lil: Stang: I could send you the "Uses For Pinks After X-Day" graphic I've been working on.
revdrjack: It would figure I wouldn't get True Slack until a few weeks before X-Day. The new place is
andreux: Rabbi: 3 Disgraces? I only counted 1
Friday-J: Rabbi - Somebody needs to bring a portable hot tub, or two.
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absent1 is humming along to The Canned Heat....Humm hummm
Rabbi: That's actually a really good idea, Friday!
ChrisLi: a portable pool with a hair dryer in it
NedWreck: whadup?
Friday-J: Will tEntaTively make it?
P-Lil: Hey Ned!
ChrisLi: word up Ned
andreux: Is Tenatively still alive?
DrLegume passes Absent a Boogie
NedWreck: howdy y'all!
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MSakamoto: I was listening to HoS...I've got it paused, though, for when Jim goes to sleep. Or at least turns down the television.
ChrisLi: I'd like to send a shout out to... that guy over there.
Stang: Friday -- we have been talking with tENTATIVELY!!! He wanted to airdrop leaflets on Brushwood from a plane. Wants $$ though.
Friday-J: Rabbi - But you'd have to find a place to plug it in ... however the staff might appreciate the convenience and help out.
absent1 will not be using blanks this time
P-Lil: Andreux: No idea, I haven't heard from him for 3-4 years.
MDisaster: allo, allo, allo? Wat's all this then?
E_Strange: Friday...All we need is someone with a pick-up truck, line the bed with plastic and fill with water
Friday-J: Stang - Have him use an ultralight, or hang-glide
monet: MS: HOS ended here 20 minutes ago!?
NedWreck: MDisaster! DCC me now please!
revdrjack: Friday: How much $$? The Church has raised more for less.
Friday-J: Strange - Problem is keeping it warm.
Rabbi: Friday- I'm sure the pool Nazi's would just LOVE to help us if we open our legs wide enough.
Stang: IDEAS for the POST X-Day MAILING or website? "BY THE TIME YOU READ THIS, YOU WILL BE DEAD", Jesus and I just came up with.
MSakamoto: I know, but I've got it paused, and I hope that it'll just play from where I left it.
absent1: What ... No Hot tub this year?
MSakamoto: If not, I'll just listen from SubSite.
P-Lil: Strange: Maybe if you hooked up the radiator to the hot tub and drove it around and around the campground to keep the water hot....
Rabbi: The tub is there, but it only fits eight people.
andreux: I need to bring a Polaroid to the hot tub this year...
Friday-J: Stang - I'll do some art, send it along. You know ME
absent1: See what I get for being late....
MDisaster: dcc 1
P-Lil: Stang: I could send you the "Uses For Pinks After X-Day" graphic I've been working on.
ChrisLi: maybe a big cast iron pot with a fire underneath>
DrLegume: why doesnt tentatively just paint slogans all over his body and run through Erie airport screaming, "I have a BOMB"? He could always claim it was art...
Friday-J: Bring UNDERWATER CAMERAS and also 3-D CAMERAS!
Rabbi: Okay, five people if Coco shows up again.
monet: What about using a cup-o-soup immersion heater?
Friday-J: Absent - We need MORE hot tubs, is all.
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Nully: What's the deal with food, folks?
andreux: Friday: THAT CAN BE ARRANGED.
Stang: Friday -- yeah, you could work on the Post-Rupture GLOAT MOTIF now. You DOLL you.
ChrisLi: you eat it
Nully: Is it all completely self-supplied?
andreux: Nully: Brushwood serves three meals a day.
Friday-J gloats gloats gloats
Stang: P-Lil -- send graphic!
Stang: Ya ya!
DrLegume: Nully, food is available onsite
P-Lil: What we REALLY need is a hot tub for everyone, handed out when people pay their registration. Use it as an incentive to pay early.
Nully: Andreux: Yes, but are they for the carnivores or the herbivores?
Friday-J: Mares eat oats, and Friday gloats, and little lambs eat ivy ...
Rabbi: Nully- There's a place set up for that there, but it'll cost ya.
E_Strange: The pick-up trick does work. I've seen it done at NASCAR races
andreux: Nully: both, me seems to remember.
Bunnyboy: Hey, tENT could paint BOMB DYLAN on his chest, and flail spasmodically. Think anyone would notice?
P-Lil: Stang: Let me finish playing with it--I'm trying to get good blood splatters on the background.
andreux: Nully: if not, stop by our area. We'll have a good mix.
Friday-J: Nully - Bring some food, but you can do OK with what they sell.
Stang: Dammit Friday, now that stupid tune is gonna be stuck in my head!
monet: Stang: Would it be appropriate to mysteriously pull SubSite down for 1 day?
DrLegume: Nully, mostly bean sprouts and other healthful shit
P-Lil: Stang: You'll have it REAL SOON.
E_Strange: Friday...As for the heat, we'll just have to make our own
Rabbi: Strange- You're not coming up with another one of your plans again, are you?
revdrjack: They don't mind people bringing beer and such to Brushwood, do they?
Nully: Friday: Well, what i bring is gonna be granola and soy milk and shit
andreux: PIG ROAST.
Nully: so it can't be WORSE
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andreux: drjack: it's RECOMMENDED.
Friday-J: Nully - Sounds perfect.
andreux: Oh shit, here's that OLD FART GGG
Bunnyboy: lo GGG
Friday-J: Stang - Couldn't think of a cuter head to "insert" my "tune" into ...
P-Lil: Nully: They do have some meatless stuff.
Nully: You know, dad and I practiced setting up the tent today
Friday-J: Howdy He-Man GGG!
GGGordon: evenin geeks one and all
Stang: Monet -- tSubSITE and all other websites will probably go down anyway. But there's no reason not to have a spare Index page ready that kind of rubs it in.
monet: Stang: Replace it with a forward to the F.B.I. website?]
Nully: It's a huge old cabin tent from 1976
Friday-J: GGG should be the Official Battle Of Armageddon Sniper
P-Lil: Nully: Not much, but enough.
Nully: I think I'm going to enlist somem of you to help me get it up
Stang: The TAUNTING website. Of course there will be a small-print link to sales of certain new bumper sticker slogans.
P-Lil: Nully: How huge?
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GGGordon: hey friday, got those enemas lined up???
andreux: Strange; I
*** MDisaster is now known as MiloD
Rabbi: Nully- First year Sakamoto, Andreux and Phred lived off cold cereal. It's much better if you plan a little better or bring cash.
revdrjack: andreux: I was gonna brew up some ESB, but the Brew-on-premises locally took the all-grain stuff off-line last month.
Nully: Because there's NO WAY one person can do it, and we were having trouble with 2
andreux: 'Strange: I'll fight you for the HEAD
Stang: Monet -- that's pretty good! Auto-bounce it to FBI. Heh!
P-Lil: Nully: Since you're taking me to the campground, I kinda figured I was an automatic volunteer.
Friday-J shows GGG the gallon jugs of royal jelly
Nully: Lil: Weee!!!
Friday-J: Nully - Big tent GOOD.
Rabbi: Andreux- What was that about giving head?
andreux: Rabbi: I remember that.
DrLegume: Edward, I got an email todAY from somebody who'll supply some fixins
Nully: Um, whoever asked, the tent is 8 by 10, i think
MSakamoto: But cold cereal is *good*!
andreux: jack: BEER IS GOOD.
GGGordon: beeeeeeg jugs friday!
ChrisLi: Andrew and Phred lived off cigarettes and beer as i recall
Nully: About the same size as my dorm room, iirc
Friday-J: Strange - What kind of wine goes with pig?
GGGordon is overwhelmed by friday's jugs
andreux: Rabbi: I'll fight Strange for the pig head.
Friday-J shows GGG her jugs
Stang: GGG -- Friday has plenty big jugs!
E_Strange:'ll have to, I plan on keeping it, or maybe launching it
P-Lil: Nully: I asked, because I'm not sure how big Popess Nikitta's tent will be.
DrLegume: Gordon!
Nully: Friday: Red
Friday-J: Can i have the pig's EYES?
GGGordon: K'taden!!!!!
andreux: Chris: one box of lucky charms, one box of triscuits, a block of cheddar cheese, a carton of cigarettes, and a case of beer.
Stang: I was just closely examining a videotape of Friday's jug collection... for clues...
Rabbi: Phred had a bottle of something that made him do a rather splendid jig.
Friday-J juggles her jugs
P-Lil: Nully: We might need an auxillary Temple O' Da Twins, or a spare Hormone Tent.
andreux: Needless to say, I'm bringing more provisions and a private cook this year.
Nully: Lil: Um, I think i've got someone to share it with already...
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MSakamoto: Oh, and Lou brought me ramen noodles that I didn't eat.
andreux: Rabbi: I think that was a bottle of Jack.
monet: andreux: better bring two cartons.
DrLegume: GGG, how goes it you old skullcracker?
*** Soundguy is now known as ABsent
Bunnyboy prepares an IRC quote...
ABsent: shit
revdrjack: andreux: And all-grain would be the bomb, but they got all caught up with brewing their own for sale, so no all-grain for Jack.
MiloD: help /dcc
*** ABsent is now known as Absent
andreux: monet: exactly.
MiloD: oops. nevermind.
E_Strange: Legume...The bastard still hasn't sent me confermation that I'm getting the pig on time
P-Lil: Friday: Make heap big jug-jug.
Absent: ]AHHHH back to m'self
Friday-J: Strange - Maybe people should bring potatoes and tin foil, you could roast them in the coals along with the pig
GGGordon: well I've been working hard to get the arms locker ready for exdae
Stang: Nully -- about the food, the Brushwood "cafes" have real good cheap food ... not strictly vegetarian necessarily but there's usually some veggie dish. it's good. The cook is a SubGenius, however... that may affect your decision.
DrLegume: Strange, git ON him
Rabbi: Legume- He has.
monet: Stang: does he whack off in the salad?
Friday-J: Strange - Are you paying for the pig in advance?
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Absent: hey there P-lil, almost forgot to return your greeting.
revdrjack: I'm just gonna stock up on the way, and see how many martinis me and friends can consume...
Stang: Monet -- creams in the coffeee.
Nully: Do y'all think 200 condoms is enough?
GGGordon: stang: are you bringing spam
Nully: You know, some for everyone
Friday-J: Nully - For one night, sure.
Nully: And Andreux's imaginary orgy
andreux: Between last year having the guy cook and remembering that you can GO INTO TOWN TO THE GROCERY STORE helped out a lot.
Stang: I wonderif I should bring the GIANT JUG OF ZINN'S HOT OIL ELIXIR!
andreux: Nully: IMAGINARY!??!
MSakamoto: Yeah, if anyone wants anything native to central/southern Ohio, let me know.
Friday-J: Stang - YES, we need OIL!
*** Signoff: MiloDisas (MiloDisas has no reason)
GGGordon: go ivan go
*** Marley ( has joined channel #subgenius
GGGordon: we'll stirfry with it
andreux: GGG is my sex toy.
Absent: Likewise Northern oh
Friday-J: Make your own sex toys!
ChrisLi: it was just one of them low-key orgies
andreux: All those CREVICES.
monet: Stang: put it into dixie cups as "simulant"
P-Lil: EVERYONE BRING YOUR BOTTLES OF WINKING LIZARD BBQ SAUCE. We're gonna light the bonfires with it.
Rabbi: Nully-Thanks for the clarification. I was afraid you had already beo\come one with the Sex Goddesses.
MSakamoto: Ohio in general! Whoo, Ohio people!
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Stang: GGG -- we rented a medium sized car to go ALONG WITH the van. Sivet and her "boyfriend," "Randy" are going too.
Marley: who's from fort wayne?
GGGordon: andreux: in your warped little dreams bumboy!
Friday-J: IMPORTANT QUESTION! Where are prairie squid hairiest - female end or male end? Or are they hairy all over?
Absent: Sakmoto- do you folks want to Car-0a-van?
Stang: GGG -- make sure you dub your Cream CDs to cassette!
*** MDisaster is now known as MiloDis
Absent: ]caravan?
ChrisLi: I'd like to send a shout out to Indiana
Nully: Rabbi: That happened LONG ago
revdrjack: Virginia, but it brings no bragging rights.
Friday-J: SHOUT!
andreux: GGG: So, what's going to happen to your little deisel powered wheelchair when it RAINS, old fogey?!?
Friday-J: Stang - Is the playing card '80 3-D Squid' a good example of squid hair patterns?
Bunnyboy: OK, here comes the quote:
Bunnyboy unleashs the quote
Bunnyboy: <Revlump> I've heard enough jokes about friday's
Bunnyboy: goddam titis
Bunnyboy: <Revlump> tits
Bunnyboy: <PeeKitty> titis is right, too....
Bunnyboy: <Bunnyboy> So's teats
Bunnyboy: <Revlump> and GGG coming up with real big words for
Bunnyboy: buttcrust
Bunnyboy: <Bunnyboy> and nay-nays
P-Lil: Stang: Don't let us find you sitting in the hot tub with an icepick, demanding we throw the tape player in just as "Toad" is reaching its climax. We won't appreciate it.
Bunnyboy: <Bunnyboy> and jugs
Friday-J needs to figure out what sort of hair to use - and where - and WHAT COLOR EYES!
Bunnyboy: <PeeKitty> sluggers
Bunnyboy: <Bunnyboy> and Golden Winnebagos
DrLegume: Hey Gordon, I warned Andrew, but he keeps poking at you. So don't feel bad when you do what you gotta
ChrisLi: my party and I will manifest at the Winking Lizard, in Independance, around noon on Thursday. anyone who wants to rend-es-vous...
Bunnyboy: <MDisaster> dirty pillows
Bunnyboy: <Revlump> how about useless chest lard?
Stang: Friday -- they're hairy around the orifice on one end -- which is also the "base" of the "protrusion/head".
Bunnyboy: <MDisaster> i got a use for `em
Bunnyboy: <PeeKitty> crisco sacs of buttery goodness
Friday-J: Stang - So they're hairy both above and below the tentacles, eh? Thanks!
andreux: Eh, I ain't afraid of no old fogey GGG.
Rabbi: Friday- Just no bad redhead toupee, okay?
Friday-J: Chest lard is NEVER useless!
Marley: the male hippo gently puts his penis in the female.. gently stroking back and forth..the male uses aggression ,the female bends up pussy in an odd shape that hurts the male hippo..the male hippo then smacks the bitch in the head and then continues ramming her ass until her pussy is tore up like a strip of bacon.
andreux: Stang may be better at catchin' us younger ones since he quit smokin', but GGG's a pushover.
GGGordon: well we'll check out his vodka...damn do you realize me and sterno and byron and stang are gonna be there, talk about critical fropmass
Stang: Friday -- right... the hair is sparse right between the tentacles but thick right above and "inside" them. Some people SHAVE them though.
Friday-J: Rabbi - I'm thinking rainbow.
P-Lil: Cooking With Chest Lard.
andreux: GGG: ah, yes, that's right! The vodka!
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Friday-J: Stang - The cheap-o squid will be hairless - the DELUXE squid will be hairy and have real purty eyes
P-Lil: Hippo pRon!
andreux: ICE
Nully: oh jesus fucking bob, it's iceknife
Friday-J: Speaking of hairy squid
ChrisLi: DCC timeout
Rabbi: Nully-Jesus is fucking "Bob"? You have pictures?
Stang: Friday -- and the $19.95 version has "Greek" features!
*** MiloDis is now known as retsasiD
andreux: DCC ME! I AM 18+
P-Lil: Gordon: That tears it, I'm gonna bury my stash.
Friday-J: Stang - "Roman" and "Latin" too! Speaks 12 dialects!
GGGordon: friday: will you please be available to film Andreux at his low point
Nully: Rabbi: How much would you pay to see em???
Stang: GGG -- at this point we are HOARDING frop and must gather EVERY SHRED WE CAN GET in advance.
andreux: low point?!
Friday-J: GGG - Lower than now?
andreux: LOW POINT?!?!
P-Lil: BRB
E_Strange: Friday..Do you have PageMaker 5.0 or better?
Friday-J: Bring FROP, SKULLS and BANNERS to Brushwood!
*** retsasiD is now known as zxzxzxzxz
andreux: I'm bringing mah guru pee.
Rabbi: Nully- I dunno... I've seen Jesus naked already. What kind of a resale value are we talking?
monet: I certainly AM an object!
Friday-J: Strange - I have Express, why?
GGGordon: relax Lil, Sterno's almost quit frappy since he sent his tastebuds to Amsterdam, wot we got ain't good enough fer HIM!
andreux: Yeah, Jesus nekkid is no big deal.
Nully: Rabbi: Well, no, the question is though... HAve you seen BOB naked???
E_Strange: I got a bumper sticker you might like
andreux: Stang: Fireworks we can do.
Nully: Andreux: that's not what you said LAST TIME about jesus
Rabbi: Nully- The question is, would I WANT to?
andreux: The Giant Dildo for Craig would be good, too.
Friday-J: Bring gifts for your gurus
andreux: Nully: well.
andreux: that was then.
GGGordon: see friday. I want documentation of andreux getting his rear deck modified
Nully: I seem to remember a conversation about Jesus in the hot tub...
andreux: GGG: only if you catch me, you prune smoker.
Stang: Yes, everyone should bring love offerings for their great old doddering SUbGenius Elder heroes.
Friday-J: GGG - In the Battle or just in his spare time?
Bunnyboy: drew: there ain't a dildo big enuff fer Pastor Craig
*** DrLegume has left channel #subgenius
Rabbi: Andreux- Great comeback for Nully.
*** DrLegume ( has joined channel #subgenius
GGGordon: damn andy you gonna be one runnin' hoppin' hidin' fool
*** Mode change "+oooo Absent DrLegume GGGordon Marley" on #subgenius by ChanServ
Stang: Boy Dr. Legume, you sure leave and pee and come back FAST!
Rabbi: Legume, what the hell are you doing?
zxzxzxzxz: Stang: do I REALLY have to mail in the X-day form to go to Brushwood, or can I just pay "at the gate"?
*** Mode change "+o monet" on #subgenius by ChanServ
andreux: GGG: whazzamatter, GGG? Am I upsetting your delicate digestive system? Is the Ensure not going down the right way?
*** Signoff: monet (Leaving)
ICEKNIFE: Gurus? Heros? You mean... L.Ron Hubbard will be there? And Marshal McLuan TOO? WOW! I think I'll wash my socks!
P-Lil: Gordon: True, PuzEv was FAR harsher on my stuff than Sterno does--but this is the most recent generation of Dobbstown Lagrange hydrofrappie, and it gnaws right into your foot-gland.
Stang: Legume fucks like a bunny rabbit -- real real fast for about 5 seconds, then he spasms once and flops over on his side, snoring instantly.
Absent: I'm going to bring a bat made of Pamphlet one to beat them with
DrLegume: jest hittin the wrong X
Stang: I should know... *SOB*
andreux: Don't forget, the nearest place to buy Depends is a good 15 miles away!
GGGordon: friday: I plan to modify his rear structures
Friday-J: I have an interview with the Boston Globe tomorrow about X-Day. I'm describing Brushwood as "Woodstock meets Mondo Topless on the set of the The X-Files."
Rabbi: Poor Sooz.
Stang: zxzx -- SURE you can pay at the gate! We just like to have the $ up front! EH EH EH
Friday-J hands Stang some Delay cream for Legume
P-Lil: ZXZX... aw screw it... Uh, pay at the gate if you MUST, but the coolest people pay in advance.
GGGordon: lil: my footgland await the moment of boring...besides I never did any of yer frappy
Stang: Andreaux -- nah, they have DePends right there in Sherman -- I KNOW...
Bunnyboy: Stang: Ya fergot about the neck biting, pre-orgasm
Nully is confused
Bunnyboy: and the ceremonial sandwich
Nully: there's too much exciting conversation here
andreux: Stang: well, then GGG should be a-ok... but do you think he'll have enough?
Nully: bye folks
Stang: Friday -- I tried to talk that reporter into attending -- I was thinking you and me could both seduce her and give her a REAL "story"!
Nully: see you all soooooooooooon
Friday-J: Bye Nully
Bunnyboy: nite Nully
NedWreck: i'm sending a check for membership for my dog, Eric
Rabbi: Bye, sweetie.
P-Lil: Gordon: I might give you a nibble's worth or so. You'll feel it.
*** Mykal ( has joined channel #subgenius
*** Mode change "+o Mykal" on #subgenius by ChanServ
MSakamoto: Nighty Nully
andreux: MYK!
*** Nully has left channel #subgenius
*** Signoff: ^franz^ (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
Friday-J: Stang - I'll see what I can do. Maybe I'll bait her with a videotape.
Mykal: Hey:) How y'all doin?
GGGordon: besides andy-poo when we're through with you you'll be well beyond DEPENDS bubba
NedWreck: did you register your nick?
ChrisLi: I'd like to send a shout out to a member of my posse- Mykel D'arcangel!
andreux: GGG: so you keep saying, but how you going to catch me if you're draggin' the IV behind ya all the time?
Stang: NedWreck -- SMART!!! People aren't even THINKING about their pets. I'm gonna shoot mine, myself.
Mykal: Wha? Oh.. Ebonics..
revdrjack: I'm thinking of getting some kinda ad in the local paper for X-Day...anybody got suggestions on text? zxzxzxzxz - try 1-888-669-2323, and talk to Jesus.
ICEKNIFE: speakin of BUBBA... has he been here today?
Rabbi: Christ, you're kidding.
Stang: Friday -- just don't show her THAT ONE videotape!
Stang: Yo Mykel!
Friday-J: RevJack - Copy one of those "Thank You Virgin Mary Ads' and run it under Prayers - often they're very cheap or FREE.
Mykal: Howdy sir
Friday-J: Stang - What, the "shoe" tape?
GGGordon: I'm gonna kill fifteen or tweny people here inAustin right before I go up to Dallas and hook up with Stang
Bunnyboy: So, whattya think the odds of success are for a movie that has 6 credited writers, and a dozen rave reviewers ya never heard of?
Stang: Friday, no the "stinky dead fish and the little lost boy" tape.
revdrjack: Friday - Yeah, I see a dozen every day in the paper...but how to re-edit one...hmmm.
ChrisLi: about as good as Hellraiser 4?
Rabbi: Strange- And you said the media was taking this all as a joke.
GGGordon: then we will leave a swath of corpses all the way to NY
andreux: ACK! HELLRAISER 4!
Friday-J: Bunny - If it weren't for the great "push" it'll get on the 5th, it'd be dead in the water.
*** zxzxzxzxz is now known as SPLUNGE
Stang: GGG -- now settle down, we can't get County Law after us just when we least need the hassle. No killing until X-Moment.
E_Strange: Stang.. did you see this yet
Stang: Unless you HAVE to. Or WANT to...
P-Lil: Well SHIT. My froppipe keeps on jumping 3-4 feet to the right every time I touch it. Gotta degauss.
Friday-J: RevJack - Thank You "Bob" for slack received, for wallets filled, for foot-glands massaged. Say this prayer three times a day and send #30 to PO BOX 140306 and you will be SAVED!
Friday-J: Stang - How about the "pangolin" tape?
Stang: Strange... what? Quit waving your dicks.
SPLUNGE: "Bob" broke my monitor.
Stang: P-Lil -- use a wooden Pipe, man!
DrLegume: stang, whatcha mean "no killin"? I already made enough firebombs to destroy mt town!
Marley: w.w.j.d
Bunnyboy: Oh, I get it! ARMAGEDDON is the Pinks' last stab at honoring and/or discrediting the impending Xist invaders!
*Diskor* I called in my membership order a few days ago, ya think i'll get my goods before the 5th?
revdrjack: Friday - Cool, that could work. Maybe someting at the start about "God has been misquoted for thousands of years," like out of Rev X, just to get their attention.
Stang: Friday NOT the PANGOLIN TAPOE!
Friday-J: Legume - Set the bombs off by timer on the Fourth - fireworks!
P-Lil: Gordon: I've got these delay spring-loaded caltrops that you can put into meatballs, matzo balls, hush puppies--you could fix a BEEG dinner before you leave and set the timer for 0700 07/05/98
Stang: Diskor -- yeah.
Friday-J: Stang - What about the '13013' tape?
Stang: Legume -- you're gonna set those off BEFORE X-Moment??
SPLUNGE: But that's okay, beacuse it was a 15" and still just under warranty. I got a 17" for a replacement - FREE!
Friday-J: RevJack - You get the idea!
GGGordon: I'm using whalebone and frozen meat lil
andreux: shit... one more full week of work left. hurrah.
ChrisLi: last year- July 5th weekend, Sci-Fi Channel ran a "V" marathon. that weekend is now synonymous with alien visitors and doom.
P-Lil: Stang: This is one of those plastic anti-static pipes, for use around computers.
Friday-J: Splunge - Praise "Bob" for MORE INCHES!
Rabbi: Goodnight, all. I'm falling over at my desk.
SPLUNGE: That is why "Bob" broke my 15" monitor.
P-Lil: Gordon: You can use blubber if you want.
revdrjack: Hey, we still have time for the video farewells, right?
andreux: night rabbi
Mykal: Mmmm.. blubber..
GGGordon: no way with my heart
DrLegume: bi rabbi
P-Lil: Gnight Rabbi, keep the ooze flowin!
*** Signoff: Rabbi (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
*** Mode change "+o SPLUNGE" on #subgenius by NedWreck
Friday-J: Revjack - Or film 'em at Brushwood.
Bunnyboy: Is the 0 in 13013 pronounced ZERO, ZED, or OH?
GGGordon: can't even have blubber rinds
SPLUNGE: thanky, Ned
Stang: I like those plastic Pipes that burn just slightly slower than the frop does, so that as you smoke it you get the burnt plastic smoke of the pipe itself too.
ICEKNIFE: NEVER zed, you anglofag!
andreux: bunny: it's pronounced SPUNKY
P-Lil: Bunnyboy: You gotta read it out in full. "Thirteen thousand thirteen".
GGGordon: somebody waken Iceknife
DrLegume: They law will track me to brushwood easy...they just follow the TRAIL of FIRE
Stang: I wish the Rabbi would leave that awful man and come join our commune.
andreux (re)boots ICEKNIFE
Friday-J: Stang - You say that to ME all the time
P-Lil: Stang: I heard those are made out of recycled condoms.
Bunnyboy: drew: Oh, so 13013 is pronounced I BE SPUNKY I BE
Bunnyboy: I Palindrome I
Stang: Legume, your showing off is gonna get our asses BATF-ed before we can make the BIG SCORE, ya DUMBASS HOLOCAUSTAL!
andreux: bunny: EGGS-ZAKLY
GGGordon: yeah friday but he just wants your artworks for the subsite
Marley: who's there?
Marley: knock KNOCK
E_Strange: sTANG..HOW BOUT i leave that awful woman and come live at your commune
Friday-J: GGG - Nobody loves me except for my mind! (sobs)
Stang: Friday, I thought you WERE in the commune!
DrLegume: fuck them spic pigs, man!
*** ^Thea^ ( has joined channel #subgenius
andreux: re thea
Friday-J: Stang - No, I'm in the chiffenrobe
GGGordon: I love more than your mind friday
DrLegume: I'm gonna leave BODIES littered on the landscape
ICEKNIFE: Friday, I like yer creepy albino tits.... feel better now?
^Thea^: Hi andreux
P-Lil: Marley: One warning--knock it off.
Friday-J: Ice - Thanks.
Stang: GGG -- you don't fuck the brain, man!
NedWreck: who dere?
P-Lil: WHAT?!?!?
Friday-J: Legume - Time to RIP and TEAR with impunity!
revdrjack: I always get behind on the important stuff...bills paid, and salvation sits watching Springer...
andreux: Friday: we ALL like your tits.
GGGordon: you don't? you mean all these years I've been......
ICEKNIFE: Marley, I answer repeated knocking by activating the pit trap...wanna SEE, dumbshit?
*** SPLUNGE is now known as mnlengshe
Stang: GGG -- you and Dobbs!!! Fucking craniofuckers.
Friday-J opens the door, sees nobody, closes it.
DrLegume: KILL
NedWreck: armageddon
Friday-J: RAPE
DrLegume: I'm a sick little monkey, too!
GGGordon: and james ellroy
Friday-J: REND
P-Lil: Gordon: You can rub against the corpus collossum, or the medulla oblonganta, or the pareital lobe....
Friday-J: SMASH
Friday-J: KILL
revdrjack: Gently rapping at my chamber door...
DrLegume: KILL
*** P-Lil has been kicked off channel #subgenius by Marley (Marley)
NedWreck: armageddon outahere
DrLegume: KILL
DrLegume: KILL
^Thea^: I hate getting my ass whipped by a 6 year old. The little bastard is SOOOO good at video games!
DrLegume: KILL
DrLegume: KILL
DrLegume: KILL
DrLegume: KILL
DrLegume: KILL
DrLegume: KILL
GGGordon: just reread that one, ky and seemen in both eyesockets
DrLegume: KILLv
*** P-Lil ( has joined channel #subgenius
DrLegume: v
MSakamoto: Remember to pillage before you burn.
Marley: no one tells me to cool off
ChrisLi: you couldn't rape and pillage yout way out of a paper bag!
DrLegume: KILL
ICEKNIFE: oh shut up Legume, you fucking Tawana Brawly clone!
NedWreck: whoowe whatta lag!
Stang: GGG -- I got your "YACATISMA ART GALLERY" up on SubSITE! In fact I got about a jillion thumbnailed "galleries" up!
Marley: p-lil...when i say knock say who's there
P-Lil: Marley, I want an explanation.
*** Mode change "+o P-Lil" on #subgenius by ChrisLi
Stang: Friday, there's a Friday Jones art gallery too!
*** Signoff: Bunnyboy (Ping timeout)
andreux: Swans is ALMOST better than sex.
Marley: just good ol fun p-lil..dont take it personal
andreux: ALMOST.
Stang: There's even a Chris Lee one but it doesn't get thumbnails yet... still a baby.
Friday-J: Stang - I saw it, and for a change, almost all of the art is mine!
GGGordon: yeah I saw it, looks great thanks, hope nenslo isn't too jealous
ChrisLi: aw.....
DrLegume: pardon me while I IGNORE Iceknife
ICEKNIFE: I LOVE that you fuckers will be in ONE PLACE, and NOT where you keep your valuables.
Stang: There's a new Legume addition though the large Legume Hate gallery isn't done yet.
Absent: Just remember all...Lotsa asses needs whuppin and SLAKubeatin on BOTH sides.
P-Lil: Marley: You don't know fun. Now park it and be a nice lad, or uncle Gordon will core you again.
andreux: But, Legume, you ARE a fucking Tawana Brawly clone!
ICEKNIFE: First, I'm gonna steal legume's guns, so he caint FUCK any more...
Friday-J pardons DrLegume and sets him free to sin again
GGGordon warms up the Marley corer
Absent: heh heh ice
Stang: There's a P-Lil gallery! With all the 3D pics.
GGGordon: but no glasses stang, no jave threedee glsases
ICEKNIFE: Then I steal GGG's spare artificial prostate
Stang: The NENSLO and FUNWAY galleries are of course FUCKING unbeleivable.
Friday-J: Remember, if you're leaving your homes unguarded - SET UP LOTS OF DEATH TRAPS. Surprise the looters, BATF agents, etc!
Absent: Asses to beat, feet to eat
Friday-J sets up her booby trap
ChrisLi: the BATF wants my beer!
revdrjack: Just don't buy the rotweiller a membership....
P-Lil: Stang: I'm still waiting for the contract from Jesus, otherwise I'm NOT going to do the 3D pics of you and the pumpkin and the steel vat.
GGGordon: shouldn't those be boobies traps
ICEKNIFE: Friday, I failed Viking Studies 101.... I tend to burn BEFORE I pillage. Unrewarding, but BIG fun.
P-Lil gets caught in Friday's traps
Friday-J: "Nice booby trap" - Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
Absent: The Subgenius picks the poocket of the whiny left while cutting the tight purse of the loud right
*** Rev_D-K ( has joined channel #subgenius
Friday-J: Ice - Try raping and burning at the same time.
DrLegume: wiring my shotgun to the doorknob
Stang: Friday -- Ydnax and several of the Bombies will be watching my place up until X-Moment. I hadn't really thought about booby traps.
Friday-J jiggles the trap
P-Lil: Mh thungue! Ah hrrt mh thungue!
GGGordon has become entangles in Friday's trap's big red straps
Absent: Ill be looting your tents while you kill each other
Stang: Absent -- good slogan!
Friday-J: Stang - At least leave the poor boy some heavy weapons!
Absent: killing you all while you rob each other
*** Signoff: Marley (Ping timeout)
Rev_D-K: Stang, hope you got my check
ICEKNIFE: that's not a doorknob, it's yer DICK, but hey, if this is your only cure for chronic masturbation, go for it.
Absent: spend the whole time hiding in trees doing nothing really
^Thea^: I'll be in the hot tub laughing at y'all killing each other.
Friday-J: Used Tents For Sale July 6th
mnlengshe: later all
Friday-J rubs P-Lil's tongue
P-Lil: Heh.
*** mnlengshe has left channel #subgenius
*** PeeKitty ( has joined channel #subgenius
GGGordon: killing them nasty with my hate,
andreux: pkat!
DrLegume: HOLY SHIT!
Friday-J winds her straps around GGG's strapping form
Absent: "What is not nailed down is mine....'
Stang: D-K -- that's between you and Jesus. I don't see the mail unless it jhas a bomb or bribe in it.
revdrjack: Used Slack for sale July 6th
PeeKitty: &reax!
ChrisLi: I'd like to send a shout out to Pee Kitty
GGGordon: burning then crspy with my ire
Absent: "What I can pry loose is not nailed dowen"
PeeKitty shouts
P-Lil: Thhnk yah Frhdayh!
Stang: THEA -- save me a place in that hot tub for after my victory over the Holoccaustal hordes.
Rev_D-K: Shit, if I knew Jesus was getting my check I wouldn't have signed the furshluginger thing
andreux: pkat! so, you're bringing the chess set, right?
MSakamoto: Kitty kitty!
GGGordon feels his strapping form rising
Friday-J wraps her velvet clamps around P-Lil's tongue
ICEKNIFE: So PK, did you REALLY call Uni's parents and tell those nice catholic folks that she was preggers and getting an abortion?
PeeKitty: For the LAST TIME, ya damn goth, YES YES YES! :)
PeeKitty: Sakee Moto! Whazzup?
revdrjack: INWO:SubGenius cards for sale July 6th
Friday-J: Stang - Praise victory!
P-Lil drools helplessly in-between Friday's booby traps
*** Rev_D-K is now known as D_Kilroy
PeeKitty: ICE: I'm afraid I cannot comment on that. It's a sealed file, you know.
ICEKNIFE: Jeeez, Legume, where the fuck you gonna find ammo for an impunity?
Friday-J: Legume - You can kill with a gun too, if you want to.
GGGordon wonders where all the spittle is coming from
Friday-J frees P-Lil's tongue and clamps onto her boobies
ChrisLi: what is the armor of choice for the Battle?
Friday-J: Boobies in boody traps!
Absent: I need to make a Church PSA
E_Strange: Stang...don't talk shit, it just doesn't sound right comming from you
Friday-J buckles up the straps and undoes the zippers
GGGordon: armor potted meat product
Friday-J: ChrisLi - Crisco.
NedWreck: Wait! I just now noticed the topic!! Is that fucker really dead?
ChrisLi: mmmmm.... meat product.
PeeKitty: ICE: I'm afraid my time for suffering is over. The luck plane has CLEARLY TILTED in a DIFFERENT direction (he said with a smile)
Absent: HAS ANYONE SEEN THE FREAK? Last seen in INDIANA, we need to take him to Brushwood, but he's disappeared.
Stang: Chris -- I am preparing a great Suit made of Packing Foam and Beautiful Zaftig Readheads.
Friday-J showers GGG with P-Lil's sweet milk
*** Marley ( has joined channel #subgenius
ICEKNIFE: uhhh...yeah, um,PK? Beware low flying rocks.
P-Lil adjusts the pressure valves to offset Friday's clamping
PeeKitty: Hey STANG: I can't get a hold of INWO:SubG gonna have it for sale at XDay??
GGGordon: peekay how cum you talking to Ice when like the tar baby he jes' sit there and don't say nothin??
Friday-J: PK - Yes, many cards for sale.
P-Lil: Gah, might as well open up the valves all the way.
PeeKitty: ICE: They've already hit...and they were full of gold! luck just does NOT stop.
MSakamoto: Ahhhh, nothing going on here.
Friday-J: Stang family = BAKED Potatoheads
ChrisLi: i tried to buy a set today, but the clerk was mean, so i said, never mind, i'll give someone else my money
Stang: PeeKitty -- yes, we have INWO... first hit's only $17
Mykal: Tis true!
P-Lil: Does anyone know if you can order dry ice from the Sherman grocery store?
Stang: Legume, your silly antics amuse me.
PeeKitty: Fri & Stang: Okay, great!
PeeKitty: GGG: I think you've got him on yer /ignore file, cuz he's saying stuff to me...
andreux: lil: not that I remember.
ICEKNIFE: Time to stop, or someone could end up jailed in Dade county on a kiddie porn charge.
PeeKitty: Or maybe I'm just HALLUCINATING the whole thing....
DrLegume: WHAAAAT? I keeeeeel you Stangy Dog
^Thea^: P LIl, there is a town called Mayville that is close by where you can get dry ice.
P-Lil aims the spray of her milk into the wind
NedWreck: Chrisli: I emailed an update on my story for Q& did you get it?
Friday-J: P-Lil - Don't think so. Why not bring liquid oxygen? just as smoky but some LIVELY side effects
Stang: Chris -- save your $, you can buy the game from "THE" someone else in a coupla weeks!
GGGordon: Stang: If I try to buy any of that INWO card crap up there....shot me okay???
E_Strange: I will enjoy beating you all to a bloody pulp. Except Stang. I got plans for him
NedWreck: Q7, sorry]
ChrisLi: Ned- me check.
Absent: Are Pyrotechnics OK?
P-Lil: Thea: Will there be enough to keep at least one body frozen for 24 hours? That is key.
Absent: JUST for show, no Battle use
PeeKitty: Anyone else thing ICEKNIFE is just a shared halluciation?
ChrisLi: Ned- not yet.
^Thea^: Oh I am sure.
P-Lil: Friday: Yeah, first frophead to light up destroys Brushwood prematurely.
Stang: GGG -- you got a game didn't you?
ICEKNIFE: Strage, you can't even beat your own meat, you flacid pileworm.
DrLegume: I'm gonna gobble more acid than Manson and whup the SNOT outta you. Stang
GGGordon: i din't even know i had an IGNORE file, but if I do and ICE is in it...well, I'm okay with that!
PeeKitty: Last year some moron jerks kept setting off smoke bombs in the got REAL old REAL fast.
Stang: GGG - you did one of the cards!
MSakamoto: Whoa, Quark just married a Klingon chick.
ChrisLi: GGG got game.
Friday-J: Strange - Reaming you to a bloody pud would be pleasant.
Mykal: Woohoo!
*** Mode change "-o GGGordon" on #subgenius by ICEKNIFE
andreux: PK: especially during the JHP set.
ChrisLi: Quark is a race traitor.
Mykal: Kilignon chicks..*drool*
P-Lil: Thea: Good deal. Sounds like Friday and I will be able to conduct our experiments.
PeeKitty: Soozie: That's an OLD ep!
ICEKNIFE: That should help
Stang: When I was in Boston, Friday showed me how to filter alt.slack. AHHHH!!! It's like a REFRESHING BREEZE now. So many ASSHOLES have simply... VANISHED!
MSakamoto pets the kitty
DrLegume: PeeKitty, that was ME
^Thea^: And if you can't get it in Mayville well Erie is not that far.
Friday-J hands Stang a Kleenex to blow his nose - therefore Legume will be unable to whip the snot out of him
ICEKNIFE: ancient dickdrip tap
MSakamoto: It's okay, reruns are your friends.
PeeKitty: worf's first honey was one CUTE klingon...that spandex suit. Rrrrrowr.
Stang: Legume -- I am SOOOOOO scared.
PeeKitty: Legume: was NOT.
MSakamoto: Yeah, but Dax was cute, too, until they killed her off.
P-Lil: Stang: I was wondering why you no longer respond to my posts.
GGGordon: no i didn't get a game, or a dobbs, coffee mug, or a dobbs tee shirt, or dobbs cufflinks or dobbs condoms, hierarchy...bfd where's muh perks stangker
ChrisLi: reruns? it must be summer again.
andreux: night folks. out of beer.
DrLegume: Hey, Plil, remember when I lit the grass behind the stage on fire?
andreux waves to all, and disappears in a puff of logic.
PeeKitty: THEY KILLED OFF DAX???????????
D_Kilroy: Of course, there should be laws covering exactly who can wear spandex
*** Signoff: andreux (Leaving)
^Thea^: Night andreux.
Friday-J: Stang - You should see my coffee filter. I pour beans and water in one orifice and it comes out another opening sweetly brewed.
ChrisLi: later Andreux.
Stang: GGG -- you did get the Connie blowjob though, right?
DrLegume: You better be scared Stang. remember GINSU. You know what I'm like on acid
PeeKitty: I haven't watched the show in years.....why did they kill DAX? SHe was....the main reason I watched the show.
GGGordon: vodka andy
ICEKNIFE: Friday... NO WAY! You mean, you don't make coffee in a yak bladder???
P-Lil: Legume: Yeah, I was huffing the fumes and got some of that nasty-shit grass smoke mixed in. I'm still coughing up phlegm.
Absent: going oncce on the pyro stuff...
ChrisLi: because Dax didn't renew her contract.
MSakamoto: I don't know...I just saw the end of it.
revdrjack: Gettin' late - see y'all in Sherman...
Absent: going twice.....
Friday-J: PK - Actress said "I'm thinking of leaving" and they murdered her character post-haste. This years' finale.
PeeKitty: Dammit. I'm gonna miss her.
PeeKitty: Bye Jack!
Stang: Well Legume, I suppose this means that I'll just have to take MORE ACID MYSELF. No prob...
P-Lil: Absent: Pyrotechnics are illegal in New York State.
PeeKitty: we...
*** Signoff: revdrjack (Leaving)
PeeKitty: Awwwww.
Absent: What if they re ...heh... HOMEMADE......
ChrisLi: that's why i renew my contract every year
GGGordon: yeah but you sent it by fax...big deal a faxed blowjob, oh well you could have e-mailed like you did Sterno's I spoze
Friday-J passes Stang the hydrochloric acid
^Thea^: P Lil - But they are not illegal in PA which is close by......
P-Lil faxes Stang more blotter
Absent: thnks plil. so is frop, BTW
P-Lil: Thea: Very true.
Absent: plil-heh
P-Lil: Absent: Uh, really?
Absent: heh
MSakamoto: laundry
^Thea^: There is a terrific Fireworks/Martial Arts supply store just outta Erie.
*** MSakamoto is now known as MissS-BRB
Stang: P-Lil -- you faxed this LSD at "low quality" rate!
DrLegume: Ok Stang. We'll each take position by the big heap of microdots and gobble our way to the middle. it'll be like the spaghetti scene in "Lady and the Tramp"
Absent: what about a tesla coil the size of r2d2
PeeKitty: TRUE 'frop isn' the half-assed fake 'frop that most people have to live with IS known and therefore illegal....
NedWreck: fuck, and i thought MS was bad!
GGGordon: laundry is illegal in New York? That's just dumb
P-Lil: Stang: Oh shit, you're right. Lemme send it the other way... *flips the blotter over*
Stang: Legume -- I'm ready if you are, WIMP.
P-Lil: Hey, does anyone want me to photocopy any blotter acid for you? It's very mellow stuff.
NedWreck: well, if yer gonna bring dope to Brushwood, why be worried about fireworks?
*** MissS-BRB is now known as MSakamoto
GGGordon: stangster why don't you a Leggomey kiss and make up, come boys lets see tongue and saliva
Friday-J: GGG - Let's see TONSILS
GGGordon: That PLIL you just can't expect some people to....
NedWreck: or guns?
DrLegume slurps up stangs tongue
P-Lil: Stang: It is in right, damn it, you must be out of acid toner.
PeeKitty: Eeeew....Legume's a QUEER....
Stang: CHRIST!!! The god damn end of the Pink World is coming up and you people are doing CYBER PERVO SEX!!!
Stang: Gross.
Friday-J: Legume - Keep slurping! Keeps him from TALKING!
P-Lil: Stang: Wait, this is printed on black blotter. Hit the "invert" switch this time.
*** DebbieA ( has joined channel #subgenius
*** DebbieA has left channel #subgenius
DrLegume slurps up Stang's torso
GGGordon: I have no tonsils friday, I will show you the cicatrice on my foreskin, wait I don't have a foreskin either, no foreskin, no tonsils, no appendix, just a mere shell of a man
DrLegume flosses with Stang's bootlace
*** FastEddie ( has joined channel #subgenius
*** Mode change "+o FastEddie" on #subgenius by ChanServ
Friday-J: GGG - I mean I want to see Stang and Legume's tonsils intertwine
FastEddie: hi
Absent: hi
Absent: hi
Friday-J puts her ear to GGG's shell and hears the ocean
GGGordon: damn friday, be more concise I was having hopes there
ChrisLi: I'd like to send a shout-out to Fast Eddie!
Absent: hihihihihihihihihih
P-Lil: K'Taden Legume is... *QUEER FOR BLOOD*--rated NC-49.
Stang: I talked to Papa Joe Mama just before I got online. He'll be there with "Willie" again, that woman he kept hiding in the trailer. And JANOR is gonna be there!
DrLegume: I am!
ICEKNIFE: ever SLAM a cadbury creme egg into someone? It's GOOD! YES! GOOOOOD!
Friday-J: Praise Janor!
GGGordon: that willie was really janor
PeeKitty: Janor is our prophet!
PeeKitty: NOw for the BIG question....
ICEKNIFE: yup... matter of fact, I'm riding out with Janor and Sterno!
Absent: Is Drs 4 bob playing?
PeeKitty: Can we get Janor OFF the bad pils and ONTO the good ones?
Friday-J: Will "Bob" be there?
GGGordon: maybe yours pal but the janor device does not speak for me
DrLegume: I'll believe Janor when I see him. He'll call collect from a payphone in Bangladesh wanting directions
PeeKitty: absent: They need a drummer
P-Lil: It'll be 2 Doctors 4 "Bob".
Stang: I had a real friendly conversation with Janor... then he immediately called up Sterno and told him I was controlling everybody's minds. Apparently I'm not controlling JANOR's.
*^Thea^* Hi! Do you know yet if your route will take you through Columbus?
Absent: hey man, it was just a question.
Stang: Thea -- yeah, we'll definitely be coming through Columbus.
FastEddie: is anyone here a traveler?
P-Lil: The Seattle branch of Drs For "Bob" are defecting.
PeeKitty: hey man, it was just an answer
Absent: we MAY be bringing a driummer and POSSIBLY a public kit.....
Friday-J: 2 Doktors 4 "Bob" 6 ways from sunday 8 all the food 10 on a scale of 1 to 2!
ICEKNIFE: I'll make sure Janor gets there... Sterno and I are riding with him.
^Thea^: Good, you guys should stop here for a rest.
Friday-J gets out the pubic kit
P-Lil: Fucking Conspiracy, they're having to sell tithairs to pay the Doctor rent.
Absent: also: a modular synth, but the Tesla coil rumor is unconfirmed
PeeKitty: Absent: If you got a drummer who can keep up, they CAN play with Drs.4 "Bob".
Absent: he pretty bad
Stang: "Bob" is already there.,.. the DUMMY "BOB" that Legume made last year is already on its way to Brushwood, in the passenger seat of Craig Mitchell's car!
*** Speedo ( has joined channel #SubGenius
Friday-J: Stang - You've always controlled my mind
*** Mode change "+o Speedo" on #subgenius by ChanServ
PeeKitty: Hey, ICE is coming this time? ICE, you wanna oil wrestle, big boy?
GGGordon: absent: If he hasn't got three arms and four feet forget it
*** Mode change "+o PeeKitty" on #subgenius by Speedo
P-Lil: RULE #43--all members of the media must sleep with the Dobbs Dummy.
PeeKitty: thx, speedo
PeeKitty: How do I go about joining the media?
ICEKNIFE: PK... naw, you and me are gonna do the machete dance.
Friday-J: P-Lil - Unless they're really cute.
Stang: The key element of Drs. 4 "Bob," Gene Splice the guitar player, ain';t gonna be there. I bet that Cleve and Bill Miller and DK know the Drs. songs well enough to do 'em w/ Sterno and Janor.
^Thea^: I am sleepy. Night y'all.
PeeKitty: kewl...I've never done that dance? Who leads?
Friday-J: Bye Thea.
GGGordon: use crazy glue and a sun lamp
Stang: The main musical surprise for everyone will be EINSTEIN'S SECRET ORCHESTRA.
Absent: ahhhhhh...why not?
*** ^Thea^ has left channel #subgenius
P-Lil: RULE #44--the Dobbs Dummy must be pumped full of the jism from the inside of a used pumpkin.
Stang: By X-Moment you ALL will be BOWING BEFORE Einstein's Secret orchestra.
Absent: ohh neet
*** Signoff: Marley (Leaving)
Friday-J: Everyone should bring PUMPKINS!
ChrisLi: I am not sleepy. Night y'all.
ICEKNIFE: who leads? yer genitals!
MSakamoto: I'll be right back. Don't do anything interesting while I'm gone. And no fucking squid without me.
Absent: what about LOTHAR
PeeKitty: nite chris!
Friday-J: Bye Chris
Mykal: I could go for a pumpkin right about now..
*** MSakamoto is now known as MissS-BRB
*** ChrisLi has left channel #subgenius
GGGordon: lil: wot's with you and this goddamnd pumplin squirrel fetish
PeeKitty: ICE: Sorry, man, Uni got posession of those in the big divorce.
Stang: Absent -- I thave the Lothar CD.
ICEKNIFE: oh, wait, no, I guess my machete leads...
*** Signoff: Speedo (quit)
D_Kilroy quietly puts down his squid
P-Lil: Gordon: Oh, it's not MY fetish, that was Onan who first brought the pumpkin to Seattle.
FastEddie: later
Stang: CHORES BEFORE X-DAY: I gotta finish major website tweak. Do post-Day mailing and web page. MAKE X-DAY SONGS TAPE. Do FINAL FAREWELL HOUR OF SLACK. EDIT THE 97 DRILL VIDEOS. In a WEEK...? Yeah RIGHT.
GGGordon looks up from his rousing squidfuck and wonders what miss Ess was talking about
*** Signoff: FastEddie (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
Stang: P-Lil -- SHHHH -- GGG doesn't know about the pumpkin/squirrel thing. His HEART you know.
Absent: SOMEONE will gho postal. MARK my CaReFully MISPELLED words
GGGordon: stang, Instead of coming up to Dallas next sunday I'm coming up later tonight so we can party our asses off
Stang: Absent -- someone else better not go postal!
P-Lil: Stang: First whale blubber, now pumpkins. Don't break my heart so.
Absent: Does anyone travelling I-80 from west of OH need a stopover site?
P-Lil: BRB
Friday-J: I will mourn you after you are cut down by the mad gunman with the freckles on his hands
DrLegume: Man, I get that feeling too. Remember the name "J'lahn". I think HE'LL be the one.
Stang: GGG -- hardy har har. That would go with all the sudden Emergency Room vsits of last week.
PeeKitty: My prediction: ICE is coming to x-day for the sole purpose of assassinating me, his longtime crush on Uni driving him to ever greater heights of sanity, and the realization that I MUST BE STOPPED!
Friday-J: Seven - Two and Two and Two and One - SEVEN BULLETS IN YOUR HEAD!
PeeKitty: Janor is driving the getaway vehicle, and therefore will end up in the lake.
GGGordon: hey i'm all checked out on those emergency rooms
Absent: I dont remember
Stang: "J'Lahn" is the II-III-II guy, right?
ICEKNIFE: no, I'm coming because Stang doesn't want me to.
PeeKitty: And STERNO is the unknown...the x-factor. WATCH AND SEE.
Friday-J: Stang - Has Sivet recovered her healthy vaginal glow?
GGGordon: Peekay: can I watch
PeeKitty: Yeah...j'lahn. Weird guy. Kinda funny.
GGGordon: that's virginal not vaginal friday
Absent: Rev. larry is going to Dallas Anyways
Stang: Friday -- you'd have to ask her stinking boyfriend!!!
GGGordon: or so Stang thinks
ICEKNIFE: Look, Gordon, you glow where YOU want!
GGGordon: or Thang stinks
Friday-J: Stang - Ask her next time you give her your "special" kisses
DrLegume: J'lahn
Friday-J admires the glow
DrLegume: He's bent
GGGordon: yeah she'll tell you Daddy
Stang: J'lahn said he was going to be carrying a great big sign.
PeeKitty: ICE, Stang loves you like he loves his children. He'd be crushed were you not there.
PeeKitty: We shouldn' be able to miss him!
*** revbro-vt ( has joined channel #subgenius
Stang: We might also expect the recent Bump-Faced Swarthy False "Bob" from Boston, Bob Dean, and other psychos.
PeeKitty: Who wants to bet that J'Lahn is one of the FBI agents, undercover?
Friday-J: Everyone should bring signs, placards, banners, Chinese dancing dragons, and skulls. And pumpkins.
Stang: If only Joe Auffricht could be persuaded.
Absent: Who's bringing the ALE-8?
GGGordon: and we can't bring firearms, sheeeeshs
Friday-J: What? NO JOE???
DrLegume: J'lahn has sent me some really creepy stalker-type emails
ICEKNIFE: If Dean shows up, I really AM going to defile his rectum with a sonicare toothbrush...
revbro-vt: He might like it...
GGGordon: legume forward some to me
PeeKitty: No Joe? Damn!
PeeKitty: And I thought EVERYONE was coming.
Friday-J: If Dean shows up, be sure to burn off his finger- and footprints and remove his teeth so that the body can't be identified
Stang: Actually, I'll bet the REAL CRAAAAZIES will go to Swiss Avenue in Dallas and wander around near the old post office, like it says in the Book. I don't even know who lives in my old house, the poor bastards...
E_Strange: Legume...forward them
PeeKitty: Hey...any chance of dragging any of the ancient old Devo spuds to the drill? Or any GWAR members?
Absent: Did anyone invite BOB larsen?
*** Marley ( has joined channel #subgenius
Stang: The TRUE serious SubGenius kooks go by BoSG alone, and probably have no inkling that Brushwood or even Revelation X exist.
PeeKitty: Legume: Share the stalking!
GGGordon: yeah let's invite Mark's wife
ICEKNIFE: Can we get that Bell guy from Dallas to preach against us before the fact?
Friday-J passes the inkling
GGGordon: is that an Indian inkling???
P-Lil: Would it be wrong to have some Dallas SubGenius put a sign in the old Victor street yard that said "SubGenius Foundation Emergency Bed & Breakfast"...?
DrLegume: I deleted then 2 months ago
Stang: If Bob Dean does show up, I would gladly give him an opportunity to address the gathered SubGenii. In fact, that moment is one of my most cherished dreams.
Friday-J: An inkling is a baby prairie squid
*** Signoff: Marley (Killed (BPIsles (see ya sucker)))
PeeKitty: Anyone up for some good old fashioned cattle mutilating??
GGGordon: wot was her name...Nancy??
P-Lil: Not that I care, but on principle I should know.
revbro-vt: I love when Joe-BoB (he'll always be Joe-BoB to me) shows the other loonies on the "Daily"...
Absent: We should invite Rival Kultpreachers to watch us destroy each other in Paganville
Friday-J: Cattle MUTATING - turn them into rampaging war-beasts and set them loose!
P-Lil: Stang, you just want to see Bob Dean eaten alive.
D_Kilroy: PeeKitty, just don't waste the lips and anus
Stang: P-Lil -- that would be an INCREDIBLY CRUEL thing to do, put a sign in front of my old house...
PeeKitty: I shall waste NOTHING.
P-Lil: Yeah, we should help out the wildlife of the world by making them all ten times bigger and give them a taste for humans.
GGGordon: Melanie Haber??
ICEKNIFE: Someone should notify Pat Robertson, Jack Van Impe, Ernest Angel, and that Bell guy.
GGGordon: Audrey Farber??
Friday-J: Stang - Just staple a flyer to the nearest phone pole.
DrLegume: J'lahn got really pissed when I didn't return an email he supposedly sent that I never recieved
PeeKitty: Robert Tilton?
Absent: ]ART BELL is IGNORant of the Church.
revbro-vt: Stang: Little arrows that say, this way to Dobbstown...
GGGordon: Betty-Jo Bialafski
D_Kilroy: I favor mounting small bubba-seeking missiles on small woodland cratures
P-Lil: Put up a couple of signs down the block that say, "SubGenius Parking--FREE"
NedWreck: art bell is just plain ignorant
PeeKitty: who's art bell?
NedWreck: brb
Absent: Bob tilton has an incredibly HUGE mouth.
revbro-vt: "My Joey didn't do nottin'..."
Stang: Legume -- I haven't heard from J'lahn... and I'll bet the Mini-Mwowm pissed him off too!
Stang: The Mini-Mwowm is there specifically to frustrate those nut cases.
ICEKNIFE: Well CRAB BALLS! Who forgot to invite Art Bell?
DrLegume: After that I sent him the same form reply over & over..."Thank you for your interest in "Bob" Dobbs. We value customer feedback, etc.
P-Lil: A couple of blocks North, on Swiss, we could put "vacancy" pickets in all the fancy houses.
D_Kilroy: Art Bell is some radio personality trailer trash who lives in Pahrump NV about 40 miles outside Vegas. Been there. It's a shithole
D_Kilroy: Pahrump too
Stang: Legume -- have you seen the "LETTERS TO EXPOSEBOB"? I got part one in the X-Day "Signs of the End Times" section on SubSITE and Part 2 will be up tomorrow.
Absent: ]nedwreck; much too much is said about how little he knows and too little about how much he's willing to go off the deep end for. The guy is a HERO and NOT a norm. Pink around the edges, but I have been listening for years, and he is very open to things no matter HOW fucked.
DrLegume: SubSite? What's THAT?
Stang: That Kuersteiner anti-Dobbs guy hates us so much that he forwards his mail to me as if to gloat! It's hilarious stuff.
Friday-J: Stang - Should I turn that Boston Globe reporter on to the Expose "Bob" guy?
ICEKNIFE: huh? what KIND of mail?
Stang: Friday -- YES!!! Exposebob is one of the best things to come along p.r.-wise in a while!
Absent: I will defend Bell untill he PERSONALLY pisses me off. The guy is a reb.
DrLegume: Kuerstiner? What kinda KIKE name is that?
-*cybin*- [GLOBAL NOTICE] whidnetradio is transmitting! pnm:// <-- the Dr. Perm Funk now LIVE tun in your realaudio player now! requests and mp3 DCC's accepted.... /msg cybin to communicate
Friday-J: Stang - Will do O hairy one.
Stang: That reporter sounds like she'll believe anything.
*** Signoff: revbro-vt (Ping timeout)
Stang: Legume -- Kuersteiner is a KUH-WEER name.
GGGordon: is this a stupid question but I thought the Kuerstener guy was PapaJoe Momma
Stang: QUEER-steiner.
NedWreck: is that like Warsteiner? I hear they make killer beer
P-Lil: Legume: The funny thing is, Kuersteiner claims to be Aryan as well. He sent me a nasty-ass mail when I told him he should respect our diversity.
Stang: GGG -- what??? Papa Joe Mama's name is Joseph P. Mama.
ICEKNIFE: of course it's queer... it's GERMAN. All germans are fags.
ICEKNIFE: In FACT, ALL non-Jews are fags which is why god HATES everyone else.
Stang: I just talked to Papa Joe a little while ago. He thinks Exposebob is a fake but I assured him, it's all too real.
DrLegume: I hope this Keursteiner kike shows up at Brushwood
Stang: Legume -- no telling what kind of disguises people will use. I'm sure there's be undercover cops of some kind too!
P-Lil: Legume: I think he's going to be carrying a sign around....
NedWreck: cool!
ICEKNIFE: This close to an election??? COUNT on cops.
*** revbro-vt ( has joined channel #subgenius
Friday-J: Everyone bring MASKS to wear while dancing naked around bonfires. Monster masks, anything.
*** Signoff: PeeKitty (
ICEKNIFE: stang masks
Absent: I have a camel mask
NedWreck: dobbsheads
ICEKNIFE: bob black masks
Stang: I generally ASSUME that the various arms of the government cons have poked their noses into our religious business now and then... wouldn't be doing their jobs, if they didn't!
*** PeeKitty ( has joined channel #subgenius
revbro-vt: Friday already said monster masks...
PeeKitty: damn splits
Absent: Id like to trade it off
DrLegume: good. It'll be like that scene at the end of "Raiders of the Lost Ark"
Friday-J: Twenty naked women wearing "Bob" masks and dancing around a fire
NedWreck: if nothing else, wrap yore haid wf aliminum foil
ICEKNIFE: Jerno and Stanor masks
Stang: Dr. Legume, I can see why some people get the impression that you are some kind of actual frothing at the mouth racist.
revbro-vt: Didn't I see that @ Burning Man this year?
P-Lil: Jerno and Stanor?
Absent: packaging tape and saran wrap
P-Lil: Why are you wanting to make masks of my squirrels?
NedWreck: that was me
Friday-J: PAINT. Bring some face paint and put DOTS all over your face!
Absent: Aluminum Foil Keeps the Aliens from Stealing your thoughtsa
P-Lil: Or is that masks FROM my squirrels, you friggin' pervert?
Stang: Friday -- maybe I should break open the Old Attic Box of Big Awful Rubber Bob Masks from Pope Jimbo. There are 4 of them.
DrLegume: I'm a yeti racist
*** Signoff: E_Strange (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
ICEKNIFE: it's ok. Goomy... you little gray fellers SHOULD get upset about that tiny dick thing, it's just not FAIR! POUT!
PeeKitty: I wanna hold X-Day at Nick's house this year!
Absent: masks are *EXCITING*
Friday-J: Stang - Last chance to do it. Hell, bring the Morlock mask!
revbro-vt: Absent: Remember shiney side in, or you are amplifying...
Stang: Friday, I will be bringing EVERY MASK AND COSTUME.
NedWreck: uh huh uh huh! P=Lil said squirrels
Friday-J: And of course, you may keep your masks on during the subsequent orgy
Absent: ]if you use a collander as well, they CONTROL you.
Friday-J: Stang - Good, the Morlock box has the blue & white body paint
Absent: Orgy...riggggght
Stang: Friday -- most of 'em will HAVE to keep there masks on or the orgy will never START.
ICEKNIFE: watch Legume wear a mask on his ass and go around offering to blow people
revbro-vt: Everyone has to were penii puppets @ the orgy...
PeeKitty: Got any full body masks? Some of us need more covering up than others....
P-Lil: I think I'm going to make a mask out of Ed Gein's buttocks.
ICEKNIFE: P-LIL! 2 points for originality!
Friday-J: PeeKitty - Try body paint.
Absent: I am going to make a Tit-yarmulka out of Dr. Legume
D_Kilroy: Hmmn, this is relevant to the 19th porn I am sortin through
NedWreck: good, i have these pez dispensers i ain't using
Stang: Oh no... I typed "there" for "their" -- I'm reverting to po'bucker!
Friday-J watches Stang devolve
P-Lil: Stang: What is this "reverting" bullshit of which you speak?
NedWreck: hahahah
ICEKNIFE: reverting? HA! evolving, maybe!
NedWreck: perverting
Stang: P-Kitty -- it's true, some of us, our nudity looks better if something is covering it up.
Absent: I LOVE my tires
Absent: AND my cleavage
ICEKNIFE: cut all links higher on the food chain than you are... evolution!
Friday-J prepares to paint Stang white all over, with a blue target on his buttocks
revbro-vt: I need a nice loose skin, something in verticle stripes...
Absent: String warts and all
P-Lil: If anyone has a credit card they aren't using, I'll gladly use it to improve the X-Day Celebration.
Absent: My nudity may be offensive, but not as offensive as when its REVELLED in.
revbro-vt: Stang's warts... or vastigle heads?
Stang: Friday, I figure we'll go through half the jug of red body paint in the rassling events... leaving more for the fire. Maybe we can get Rachel all painted red and dancing nekkid... that would look scary on video.
P-Lil: I could get buckets of liquid latex.
PeeKitty: My nudity is a WEAPON.
ICEKNIFE: Lou Duchez will be modeling lingere
PeeKitty: Yup, ICEKNIFE's lingerie
NedWreck: ewww
P-Lil: Ice: Lou quit.
revbro-vt: My nudity is more offensive than defensive...
ICEKNIFE: I don't own no underwear!
NedWreck: underoos?
P-Lil: PeeKitty: But Sutter wore it last and didn't wash them.
Friday-J: Stang - Will you be dancing naked too, O Reverend?
PeeKitty: ICE: It *all* got eaten away? You better have that skin problem checked....
PeeKitty: Eeeeeeeew......Sutter.
Stang: Friday -- I will dance naked wearing only you, my dear!
DrLegume: Me-n-Susi are whippin up some stage blood, too
P-Lil: I'm gonna wear my new papal tunic and nothing else.
P-Lil: BRB
Absent: See The Girl dance, in her manskin pants, its a rip off! ID that quote for a no prize.
Friday-J: Stang - Texas Two-Step?
PeeKitty: Absent: Frank Sinatra!
Stang: Legume, I imagine there will be enough real blood around after the Battle, when your drunken, retarded Holocaustal Hordes have finished accidentally hurting each other.
Friday-J: The wrestlign should probably be Friday though - give people a chance to rest up for the Battle.
PeeKitty: ICE.......uh, was that directed at me?
Friday-J: In fact, everything should BE FRIDAY
Friday-J: Ice - Calm down son.
Stang: Friday -- that's a good idea...Friday wrestling... it... takes a lot... out of a man... to... fight...
*** DrBuglove ( has joined channel #subgenius
revbro-vt: Is the correct phrase On Friday or In Friday?
Friday-J: DrBug!
PeeKitty: If so....what the HELL are you talking about? (I mean, I know what you're TALKING about, but that didn't make any damned sense.)
DrBuglove: Howdy!
ICEKNIFE: well DUH, ya dreary little rodent! You think that shit with her parents was funny? SHE HAD TO MAKE ME PROMISE NOT TO *DO* YOU FOR THAT SHIT!!!
PeeKitty: hey bugger
Stang: EVERYTHING IS FRIDAY -- now that is one FUCKING SCARY concept.
DrBuglove: On Friday, In Friday, it's all the same...
PeeKitty: ICE, if you are angry with me for some reason, why not take it to email? Or private messaging?
Friday-J: Stang - Don't you want to be Friday?
Absent: QUOTE: Marc Bolan, "Rip-Off", electric warrior
ICEKNIFE: Yep, Stang, you love Friday, God is love, therefor FRIDAY IS GOD.
Friday-J: Stang does not love me, he loves only my wallet. And my art.
DrBuglove: Stang, did you get my ramblings in e-mail?
PeeKitty: Stang loves no one...only "Bob"
DrLegume: Wrassling is scheduled for Friday
P-Lil: Friendship is a very scary thing.
Friday-J: Stang loves as much as he can love, which isn't much
DrLegume: and Twister!
Stang: Friday, that's not true! I love the REAL YOU -- your TITS!
DrBuglove: Praise Friday's tits!
Stang: Buglove -- I dunno, I hid from email today.
Stang: Actually I have been ASLEEP all day.
Friday-J arranges to have her tits removed, stuffed, and mounted on a walnut plaque for Stang
ICEKNIFE: I LIKE her tits, but I only LOVE the left one. Can I have it when you die?
DrBuglove: Stang, I sent it last week...
Friday-J: Ice - Second or third from the left?
Absent: shit...where do Mirc dcc's end up after they arrive?
P-Lil: Double-Dagger Twister.
DrBuglove: It'll be easier to praise 'em that way....
PeeKitty: absent: AOL. Sucks, eh?
Friday-J: DrBug - Stang might be busy
Friday-J: SubGenius Twister - the loser BLOWS
Stang: Ah... Friday's tits... the part I truly love... all right, Dobbs, you can shuck the rest. The IQ, the sick sense of humor... the pussy... leave an eye.
*** joe4 ( has joined channel #subgenius
Stang: And a quill, Dobbs. She had... such great QUILLS.
joe4: hi
Absent: Peek...NO, Im just not Addicted enough to use it enough to know where it is, I dont use that aol stuff
DrLegume: Maybe Blood Twister
Friday-J pictures her tits with an eye peering out of each nipple
GGGordon: lookout stangky is listening in tongues again
Stang: Whenever I think of Friday as she was in life, I... *sniff* I pull out one of these quills and prick myself with it.
Friday-J: Stang - You're so cute when you're a prick
Stang: Buglove, huh what? What's up?
GGGordon: nothing cute about that prick
Absent: I PERSONALLY like Fridays EYES. HUGE and SCARY. But VERY nice eyes. SMEll GOOD!!!
Friday-J: Legume - Glue Twister - people start to stick to each other
P-Lil: SIGN OF THE ENDTIMES: The SubGenius website loads in under a minute.
DrLegume: I will ride Friday's tit's into the sun like Slim Pickens
PeeKitty: Trippin Twister...each dot is a huge microdot....
Friday-J: Legume - Is the sun much like Slim Pickens? Does it drawl and all?
GGGordon: both of them at the same time? woooow@!
DrBuglove: Stang, It was some ramblings about the Buglove Institute, no biggie..
ICEKNIFE: What? Why PK, why wouldn't all these nice people what to know what a childish SHITBAG you are? SURE they do, right campers? Wanna know how he fucked Uni up with her family, just cuz she don't wanna be with him?
NedWreck: Slim Pickens is God!
Stang: Legume, come to mention it, you do kinda resemble Slim Pickens. Too bad you don't have his accent... it would be an improvement.
revbro-vt: I saw Friday's tits, they are not slim pickens...
P-Lil: I'm rather fond of the smell of Friday's eyeballs as well. But even better is her frontal gleet.\
DrLegume: Duh, Friday, of COURSE the sun is like Slim Pickens
PeeKitty: ICE: Why not get on alt.slack, and post a followup. I won't even blink.
Friday-J passes a warm dish of gleet around the channel, starting with P-Lil
revbro-vt: P-Lil: Everyone knows you are a sucker for gleet...
Stang: Buglove... Oh yes, I got that, in fact, I believe that it's posted in the X-Day section of SubSITE. Millions for defense but not one red cent for tibute, I say.
PeeKitty: ICE: I couldn't care less what you say or post...I only suggest that EVERYONE ELSE IN THE CHANNEL PROBABLY HAS BETTER THINGS TO HEAR.
*** Signoff: joe4 ([XtReMe ScRiPt] v2.3 By ^cOoL^)
P-Lil: Stang, Legume does NOT resemble Slim Pickens. Legume doesn't sag that much yet.
GGGordon: is this organic gleet or have preservatives been added
PeeKitty: Why not post it where appropriate and relevant, EH?
DrBuglove is picturing Legume screaming Yaaaaaaaaaaaahooooooooooooo!!!!
PeeKitty: Jeesus.
ICEKNIFE: If I "follow up", the first thing you'll notice is your utilities being cut off... it gets MUUUUCH worse from there.
Friday-J: GGG - All-natural gleet of course
P-Lil: I am a sucker for gleet. I will suck up gleet if it's Friday gleet.
DrBuglove: Stang, You did edit it for public viewing didn't you?
DrLegume: I pray that I will be Slim Pickens after Xday
PeeKitty: ICE: What the hell is that supposed to mean? Talk english!
GGGordon: whew, for a minute there, I lost myself!
Stang: Friday loves it when all the boys are complimenting her gleetfulness and her proboscisces and thoraxes.
PeeKitty: ICE: On second thought, just shut up. Jeez.
P-Lil kicks back and relaxes with a cool frothy dangerous glass of Friday gleet
ICEKNIFE: Wait for the sound of the magic bell... you'll know it when you hear it.
P-Lil: Legume: Wanna ride a nuke?
PeeKitty: Fine, whatever.
PeeKitty: The worst you can do is kickban me, and that'd be VERY immature.
revbro-vt: Who gets the Church Nukes after X-Day?
GGGordon: fri eye in the ski
ICEKNIFE: You're not the only one who knows how to use a phone to hurt people.
Friday-J: Stang - Thank you.
DrLegume: Pkitty, take a valium. Iceknife hasn't said a word since I put him on ignore, yet you still talk as if he were alive
PeeKitty: Happy father's day to all fathers, or even all potential fathers.
Stang: Friday resigned from The Home for Slackless Children clone labs Friday.
P-Lil cheers in Friday's echo chamber
PeeKitty: Heh, Legume has a good point, he does
*** Mode change "-o DrLegume" on #subgenius by ICEKNIFE
Absent: 'cuz the Fri'....Has a thousannddddd eyes..... a thousand see Stangs goooooo....
DrLegume: Revbro: Everyone
*** Mode change "+o DrLegume" on #subgenius by NedWreck
Friday-J: Finally, I can live sin-free without WORKING
DrBuglove: Friday, can I interest you in a position at the Buglove Institute?
*** Mode change "-o NedWreck" on #subgenius by ICEKNIFE
Friday-J: DrBug - Horizontal or vertical?
NedWreck: hahahhahah
*** Mode change "-o ICEKNIFE" on #subgenius by Friday-J
*** Mode change "+o-o ICEKNIFE Friday-J" on #subgenius by ChanServ
DrBuglove: Friday, YES!
*** Mode change "+o Friday-J" on #subgenius by P-Lil
*** Mode change "-o Friday-J" on #subgenius by ChanServ
PeeKitty: ICE: Look, if you do something like that, I'll have you arrested. I've got this logged, so there. Now since it's obvoius that you're the kind of person who responds to an insult with a TIRADE, I'll just leave you alone now.
NedWreck: ICEKNIFE is sharing
PeeKitty: ICEKNIFE is being quite a jerk.
revbro-vt: Someone 'member to aim one my way, between the Big Sombraro and the Toxie Dome, for maxi EFX...
PeeKitty: <sigh>
PeeKitty: I'll tell them on alt.slack if that'll make you happy.
Friday-J: Ice - ok, I FUCKED HER. Satisfied???
Stang: I'll tell you what, Friday put in many years at the Home for Slackless Children, and many many young boys have grown into SubGenius men under her FIRM HARD FAST ministrations!
revbro-vt: GGG: /ignore <insert name here>
Friday-J: Stang - And HIGH HARD SOON caresses
PeeKitty: I'm trying to read what everyone's writing, but it's all getting interrupted with YOUR SHIT.
P-Lil: And I was the one who sold her to Gordon.
DrBuglove: Friday, The Institute is looking for a new Dept. Head in Research and Development.....
PeeKitty: This is a devival, not a fuckin SOAP OPERA ICE! Take a damn VALIUM.
Friday-J: DrBug - And I'm just the one you want to give Head to, right?
Stang: The Nunsnake HeadMastress gave Friday a gold watch.
PeeKitty: Fuck it...I'm just gonna stick him on /ignore.
P-Lil: PeeKitty, no offense, but this is NOT a devival.
DrBuglove: Friday, you'll get to test StangBot '98!
Friday-J: Stang - They gave me a gold WatchTower too.
Stang: Buglove -- WAIT!!! Don't let Friday NEAR the Stangbot! She'll BREAZK IT FOR SURE!
Friday-J: Stang - I've never broken you - YET. I'm SAVING that treat ...
P-Lil: It's not a devival without the Port-A-Stang and the batcalls.
ICEKNIFE: Yeah, but he fucked her UP. Called her parents and just to fuck her over, told them she was preggers and having an abortion and a buncha other shit. They're catholic. He also hit her.
Friday-J: Bring BATCALLS to Brushwood!
DrBuglove: Stang, It's got to be Friday-tested, what if THEY have a FridayBot?
Stang: You know in Barbarella when Jane Fonda broke the Orgasmatron? Well, the Stangbot doesn't have a CHANCE!
revbro-vt: Stang: It's product testing...
Friday-J: Ice - Did she hit first? Did she deserve to be hit? Please be specific, O All-Knowing One.
ICEKNIFE: I think I will smash his face. That's a good solid plan.
P-Lil: Friday: It's on my shopping list, but so's a pair of glasses.
PeeKitty: Iceknife is not telling the full truth...not even close.
Friday-J: Some women, you HAVE to hit 'em
ICEKNIFE: Oh, yeah, I forgot... he had bad FEEEEEEEELINGS, and was UNHAPPY.
Stang: Buglove -- if you hear about ANYBODY with a Fridaybot, TELL OUR OFFICE IMMEDIATELY!!! COST IS NO OBJECT!!
Friday-J: Stang - I'll be gentle with your 'bot, as gentle as I have ever been with you
P-Lil: Stang: You had to mention Barbarella, you bastard--I'm still all broken up about Barbarella, damn it. *sniff*
Stang: A controllable Fridaybot... the mind staggers.
PeeKitty: Just to shut up him up, I will make a post on alt.slack telling the TRUTH about what happened, within a day.
DrBuglove: Stang, we added more SynthSkin in the right places so it won't rip during amourous encounters....
P-Lil: RealFriday.
Stang: It would be like a Friday that had no Connietite taint! One of our tools instead of vice versa, for once!
Friday-J: Stang - Aren't I controllable once all the buckles are fastened?
Stang: We must have the Fridaybot! Before THEY do!
*** Mode change "+o GGGordon" on #subgenius by ICEKNIFE
*** Mode change "+o Friday-J" on #subgenius by ICEKNIFE
Friday-J: But the TAINT .. is so SWEETTTTT ...
P-Lil: We must not allow a Fridaybot gap!
*** Mode change "-o Friday-J" on #subgenius by Friday-J
DrBuglove: Stang, but there has been talk that THEY have one so we must be ready....
ICEKNIFE: oh, sorry Friaday
DrBuglove: There's rumors afoot that the Mormons have a LegumeBot....
Friday-J: I hear the Conspiracy FridayBot is FLAT-CHESTED
Friday-J sells Bottled GGG at the Drill
Stang: Oh, the Legumebots are old news. The Mormons can HAVE their silly Legumebots. It the CRAIGBOTS in the hands of the ALBANIANS... My GOD man.
revbro-vt: The LegumeBot is probably buggie...
DrBuglove: Friday, I saw the plans... the FridayBot's chest has variable sizes...
DrLegume: That's not a bot, bug. They paid HARD CASH for the REAL THING
Absent: STang...thank Jeesus for me,wouldja...mucho thanks
PeeKitty: Maybe now I can get caught up on this pathetic excuse for a devival.
P-Lil: The Moonie Fridaybot is built for endurance--but they throw a lot of padding out in order to make room for the extra-strong welds.
P-Lil: Gordon: I thought you were 45% bot already.
DrLegume: The Mormons were worried about a Legume-Gap
Stang: The Scientologist Janorbot design was shelved.
Friday-J: Well I have to go soon, must rest up for my interview. Any quips I should pass along from you folks??
DrBuglove: I'm just pissed that the Institute is putting in Political Correctness into the next Buglove Clone....
Stang: Absent, huh what? Hey, this year I'm gonna try to find a GIANT COFFEEE MAKER for right by the stage for us stage hands.
revbro-vt: Talk about buggie... the Janorbot kept out bugging the L.Ron Mark IV....
Friday-J: "Never send a monster to do the job of an evil scientist" - Water Water Every Hare.
P-Lil: Gordon: You sure of that? I think that's the CHIPS talking. Denial *is* a self-defense mechanism.
Friday-J: Stang - Boston Globe interview, me and DryFoo
Stang: Friday, will you wear... "the SUIT"?
Friday-J: Stang - Maybe.
P-Lil: You should've seen what the Reformed Manson Family did to the DeanBot.
Absent: Stang: I'm having trouble finding Rev. Ken...He wants to come. If he is not there, I have a coffemaker and two STOVETOP espresso makers ill have on hand
Friday-J hands Stang some giant coffee beans
P-Lil: Sheeeeeeeeeeee. It.
Stang: Friday, oh, yeah, duh. Boston Globe.
Stang: How did Dryfoo get involved?
Absent: Stang:theyll work on charcoal
DrLegume: Fridays black suit is a living, sentient creature with an agenda of its own
Friday-J: Stang - I'll send you a copy of the article, so long as they don't print it on the 5th or something dumb.
Friday-J: Stang - I needed someone to carry my helmet and spear.
Stang: Friday -- oh, knowing the Pinks, I'm sure that the Conspiracy will have PLENTY to say about X-Day in the media -- AFTERWARDS!!!
Friday-J: You should see my WHITE suit
NedWreck: oh god
P-Lil: Friday: Make sure to juice up the magic helmet before letting him loose.\
Stang: Friday -- you'll just LOVE your new job of waking up every morning at 7 to do an interview about the Church with a PINK!
revbro-vt: Just like those date crashers in Cali...
Friday-J: Stang - Well, as a Bobbie I get to snarl and be rude
Stang: Friday, you know I get jealous when you have other SubGenius carry your sex toys for you...
Friday-J: Poor Stang has to kiss the butt of every disc jockey on the planet for "Bob"
P-Lil: Ah, blessed sunset.
Absent: So who was the guy on Springer shitting his pants for "Bob"? I saw the vid at Susie the F's?
Absent: oops thats a period
Stang: I think I am going to YANK OUT my FRIDAY SUIT PHOTO COLLECTION and PERUSE it for awhile.... eehehhhmmmnmnmm.
PeeKitty: BRB
Friday-J: Stang - Is THAT what you're yanking?!?
NedWreck: the key word here beung yank
Friday-J: I like the suit shot where I look 50 feet tall
NedWreck: being
revbro-vt: Sounds like a Bobbie trick, a real SubG would have done it on "Rosie"...
Stang: Actually, the radio stations DID all talk to me last month. Even in Austin. Boy were THGOSE guys pricks.
Absent: I doit FOR Rosie
Absent: Id Do it FOR Rosie
P-Lil: Friday: Does it ever get tired being fifty feet tall amongst SubGenii that are sixty feet tall?
Stang: Friday -- that one is buried on Subsite now, called, "50ftFriday.jpg" or something.
Friday-J: Well, it's midnight, time for me to turn back into a pumpkin
Friday-J: P-Lil - Very tired.
Friday-J: Good night sweet Subs, see you in ELEVEN DAYS!!!!
P-Lil rubs Friday's back in sympathy
Absent: wow time flies when you have flies eyes
P-Lil rubs Friday's front good-night
Stang: I like to take the 50 ft Tall Friday shots because that way I get to lie on the floor under her while she steps on me.
Friday-J rubs everyone's back
DrBuglove: Night Friday!
Stang: Like Swaggart and that pobucker gal.
Friday-J steps in Stang
DrLegume: They kept me on the air for almost an hour at wrkt
Friday-J wipes her shoe off
DrLegume: Rocket radio!
DrBuglove: Sorry I missed being in here last week, went and saw Fear and Loathing.....
Friday-J: Goodbye sweet Stang, see you soon
P-Lil: Friday: Make what's left of him lick it clean.
DrLegume: Gnight
Stang: UH UH UH WHOA!!!
P-Lil: Gnight, Friday dear.
Friday-J: Bye GGG, bye Legume, bye Dr Bug, bye P-Lil, bye PK, bye Ice, bye everyone-I-have-not-said-bye-to!
DrLegume: Night ggg, fri
DrBuglove: Night GGG
Stang: GGG -- see you presently -- bring the syringes.
*** Signoff: Friday-J (Praise "Me"!)
P-Lil: Gnight Gordon.
*** GGGordon has left channel #subgenius
Stang: GGG - yavohl...
DrBuglove: I gotta say, that movie was incredible!
P-Lil: It's only 9 PM, and the sun has finally set.
Stang: Huh. Party poopers.
DrLegume: F&L was kickass
PeeKitty: Sigh...I'm missing it all.
P-Lil: Legume, what's the weather looking like for Brushwood?
Absent: night all Im gonna visit the neighbors
PeeKitty: The Truman Show wasn't at all bad, BTW...pretty unsettling, Twilight Zonish.
Stang: Buglove -- Fear and Loathing was like home movies you're glad no one made of you.
*** MissS-BRB is now known as MSakamoto
DrLegume: Pkitty: Fire
DrLegume: Bye bj
Absent: whoops ill stick around to say gnight to saka
P-Lil: See ya BJ.
MSakamoto: Nighty-night, "Beeejums"
MSakamoto: Heh heh heh
Stang: Brushwood, July 5th -- rains of fire, plagues of locusts, hail the size of planetoids.
Absent: hay now!
P-Lil: OK, Siouxsie's here to relieve Friday.
Absent: Hey Ken!
PeeKitty: The signs keep saying ARMMEGEDDON but they've got the DATE WRONG!
Absent: oops
DrLegume: Million year shit-rain
MSakamoto: Yeah, sweet fucking christ it took them long enough to use the computer.
DrBuglove: I hadn't read the book yet, but it made me go out and buy it and read it quickly.... it follows it ver closely I thought
P-Lil: Stang: Fallout flurries early in the AM, followed by death beams, robotic killing machines, and hate-filled mutants by noon.
P-Lil: Legume: Great. I've got my poncho.
Stang: I thought that Fear and Loathing was one of the most realistic movies about drugs that I've ever seen... it's about time that somebody got it right.
Absent: gnifght for real...later Sioux
DrLegume: Sunday night forecast: wild negroes rape innocent republican babies
DrBuglove: Made me wanna go out and get the rest of his books.... Not to sound like a joiner or whatever, but that movie really freakin' appealed to me...
MSakamoto: I'm watching Gia, like anyone cares.
MSakamoto: Night, BJ
Stang: Miss Sakamoto, is it tough when you're the only female SUbGenius, surrounded by a bunch of grotesque hungry males?
PeeKitty: She's been there before....<g>
DrBuglove: Although the movie wore out my fiance....
*** Signoff: ICEKNIFE (Leaving)
Absent: ?me is burping belching farting pustulating and being gross
Stang: Legume -- there are no "innocent" Republican babies.
Absent: oops
MSakamoto: Unfortunately, no.
MSakamoto: It should be a lot harder.
DrLegume: Bug, try "The Curse of Lono"
MSakamoto smiles innocently
Absent: night
P-Lil: By Monday morning I think we'll see Deros raping volcanoes with human corpse condoms, and maybe smog for those of you in the valley.
*** Signoff: Absent (Leaving)
Stang: Uh-oh, my wife is coming upstairs... I can hear her...
PeeKitty: Highs in the low 120s?
Stang: I may have to split so as to earn brownie points!
DrLegume: Low 1200s
PeeKitty: slipped a decimal
DrLegume: Kiss ass Stang!
MSakamoto: Smooch some hiney.
DrBuglove: Ok... My fiance has been actually making me go out and do stuff.... lately I've seen more daylight than I have in the pat 2 years...
Stang: Yeah, I may have to do some serious someone else ass kissing! But that's my job and somebody's gotta do it.
DrLegume: Dont trust her, bug. Sunlight KILLS subgeniuses
Stang: Let's face it, boys, the Connietites may be few in number, but they are VAST in POWER.
PeeKitty: Hey, anyone know ICEKNIFE's email? He left before giving it to me.....
P-Lil gloats
DrLegume: Don't worry, Stang we'll swap wives this Xday
DrBuglove: Well, she's comin' to X-Day with me.... (When I mentioned clothing optional she said "cool!"
DrLegume: We Hierarchites swap wives all the time
Stang: Gosh, I am so surprised to see someone have a bit of DIFFICULTY with Iceknife.
DrLegume: Actually, our wives swap Hierarchites
P-Lil: Legume: That damn cat rant of yours. Nobody who's seen it over here will admit it's funny.
PeeKitty: Stang: He's firmly, completely, and totally entrenched on Uni's side, and therefore he hates me simply on principle.
DrLegume: They let us think its our idea
NedWreck: just a guess PK
Stang: Legume, you just keep your grubby Holocautal hands off ALL MY WIVES! All the plump AND skinny ones!
PeeKitty: sounds right, ned...I think he MAY email me first.
DrBuglove: Stang I'm lookin' around the subsite, In case I don't find the e-mail, I take it you're ok with it?
DrLegume: Stang, are you gonna turn yer back on sweet little Susi?
PeeKitty: I'd rather just talk to him in email NOW and get everything settled out, then have him get all up and in my face EVERY TIME I get on IRC. Jeez.
Stang: Buglove, refresh my memory... maybe I'm thinking of something else.
DrLegume: Plil- I know what you mean. It leaves a bad taste in folks mouths after they laugh at it
DrBuglove: About the 'history' of the institute and the first Stangbot....
NedWreck: just a suggestion, PK, if you are gonna post something, the sooner the better would be a good idea
Stang: Legume -- Susi is very beautiful and desirable. But your dick has been in that thing and I AIN'T PUTTIN MINE IN SUCH A PLACE!
PeeKitty: Why, ned?
DrLegume: It never stopped you before
P-Lil: Legume: My kid brothers set up snares for cats that raided our garbage, so I'm not particularly sensitive to that sort of thing.
NedWreck: hmmm, good question
PeeKitty: yes, it is.
P-Lil: It's fun waking up in the morning to see a cat hanging from a wire in the back yard.
PeeKitty: Ow!
DrLegume: Cool, Lil. You shoulda farmed their skulls
P-Lil: "You're taking care of that snare, man."
Stang: Buglove -- okay, yeah, that's in the "NEW X-DAY RELATED JUST-HTMLed TO-BE-LINKED-AND -UPLOADED file."
PeeKitty: Leave my people be!
P-Lil: Legume: I think it was the catfish heads we had nailed up.
DrBuglove: Ok, did you edit it or post it letter for letter?
DrLegume: Sorry, PKitty, but face facts...Cats are bred for FOOD, and nothing else
Stang: Buglove, you have to understand, I'm lucky if I have time to SKIM this stuff to ascertain whether it's PERTINENT before I then have to actually "DO" the "THINGS" to it.
NedWreck: perhaps you should wait, i seem to remember a story along these lines
PeeKitty: So are humans, but someone's gotta stick up for them, too!
P-Lil: Now my family are all Reformed Po'Buckers. Nobody'd admit to the cruelty to animals they exhibited through the early 80s.
DrLegume: Bah! Eat em!
PeeKitty: save em!
DrBuglove: That's cool Stang...
Stang: Legume -- having this aged dog who must surely soon die, I have been enjoying watching wimps get all teary-eyed just contemplating the demise of this mutt they don't even know.
P-Lil: Legume: I'll bring shovels so we can have a Long Pig Luau Sunday night.
PeeKitty: FUck the dogs...let 'em die. The CATS must be saved!
*** Absent ( has joined channel #subgenius
DrBuglove: Beat still lives? NO WAY!
DrLegume: Good, Lil. I'll bring the "sauce'
Absent: Reality was boring
PeeKitty: heh
P-Lil: Who's bringing the poi?
DrBuglove: hmmmm I seem to keep missing letters or my keyboard is goin' out...
Absent: Sitting on the back porch is only fun when theres a fight or an arrest
MSakamoto: Ah, this is true for all of Ohio.
P-Lil: We could use those vintage 1991 pumpkin squeezings.
Absent: I'm bring the Hoi
DrLegume: I know how attached you are to that stinky old walking carcass, Stang. you aint foolin' me with yer bluster
Absent: oops- ommitted an ing
Stang: My sonw as watching STARSHIP TROOPERS the other day... it made me want to say, "Oh NO, they didn't HURT that BUG making this MOVIE, did they?" -- so hateful were the human actors by comparison.
NedWreck: pk, by at least wednesday, my dog will be a paid in full Subgenius
PeeKitty: Okay, THAT dog must be saved, then!
DrLegume: I'm taking the Guinea Pigs on the saucers
Absent: Is Roadkill slinging a forbidden sport at brushwood?
Stang: Absent -- I used to live in a neighborhood like that, but now I live in one so boring that you just DON'T EVER GO OUTSIDE.
revbro-vt: It is bad when you have to take PILS just to bury the pain of the CON...
PeeKitty: I think there should be a reduced rate for pets...they take up less space on the saucers!
Stang: I might as well be in a space station. In fact, all the novels I've been reading, and all the movies I've been watching, ALL take place in SPACE STATIONS!!! Hmmmm.
NedWreck: but unfortunately, Eric can't come to Brushwood(No pets!)
Absent: Stang: this is a HIGHLIGHT of this neighborhood. I live in the downtown of a rural college Drinking town, right on "Tap Row"
DrBuglove: I need to go all, hopefully will have some art for ya next week....
revbro-vt: Hey Stangie, where would I send a REALAUDIO file for review?
DrLegume: bye bug
PeeKitty: Ned: At least you'll be reunited PDQ!
PeeKitty: later buggerman!
Stang: I'm just gonna shoot Beast and Puddin' out back before we leave to drive to brushwood. I don't want to resurrect 'em... it'd probably be like that movie PET SEMATARY.
NedWreck: an hour later
Absent: No Pets? I know someone trying to bring a dog.
DrLegume: I'm bringing mine onto the saucers Stang
Stang: revbro-vt -- to me, but only if it's less than a meg or so.
*** DrBuglove has left channel #subgenius
Stang: ACtually you should send that RA file to What am I saying. Send it to wandarer.
Absent: So Noone here is taking I-80 through OH?
revbro-vt: Stang: If I post it on A.B.S. will you see it?
PeeKitty: Absent: Only on the way back...we're stopping by Pope Lou's to hang out.
NedWreck: What's up with them aging hippies? afraid their parasites will crossbreed with my dogs' fleas?
Stang: Absent -- I hope Toth ain't bringing his dog. Brushwood doesn't really like dogs.
P-Lil: BRB
Absent: Too bad, I was trying to organize a wednesday night Old Tyme SLAK Meetin' at my casa
Stang: PeeKitty -- Lou isn't planning to go to Brushwood is he?
revbro-vt: We can set up the BBQ pit outside the gates for all those unfortunate pets...
Stang: revbro-vt -- I catch MOST of what's on a.b.s.... as it gets close to X-day though... I DUNNO.
PeeKitty: Stang: Of course not. He quit good and plenty. Doesn't mean we, his friends, don't wanna hang out with him, of Ohio.
Absent: Stang: It aint the TothBeests. Those things hain't dogs anyways, they're BO-HEMOTHS.
NedWreck: but you can bring all the goddamned amish people you want!
revbro-vt: Stang, K,... I'll do both...
Stang: PeeKitty, I suspect that Lou has had a rougher time of it than he cares to admit.
PeeKitty: Anyone wanna go house to house, trying to convert the Amish. Do they *have* $30?
DrLegume: I wanna EAT Toth's dog
PeeKitty: Stang: I don't quite get what you mean.
DrLegume: That goddamned thing must weigh 300lbs
revbro-vt: They don't take your English king PK...
Absent: I hope he doesn't bring ma...margarine, yeah, thats it, MARGARINE.
PeeKitty: Mmmmmm...300 pound dog?
NedWreck: they oughta have tons of moolah. they don't pay any social security
DrLegume: Its a fucking MONSTER
Absent: No- 300 TON Dog
Absent: Dog(s)
PeeKitty: Sounds like good eatin! Throw it on the BBQ!
PeeKitty: Bring the winkin lizard!
DrLegume: 300 kiloton dog
MSakamoto: There's this guy who has been putting up fliers all up and down High Street looking for people to come to his X-Day bash on the 4th.
Absent: and thats not including the pets!
Absent: now. now myself.
Absent: I Miss toth
DrLegume: I'm going to eat every nigger on Earth on Xday
PeeKitty: aim better.
NedWreck: do they gotta wear condoms
Absent: Its kida hard, I can only pee about 180 miles.
PeeKitty: Revs. Godfather Gillan and Betsy Fuckin' Ross wanna go cross-country and kidnap all the ex members of DEVO for the road trip...just stick 'em in the trunk. I'm voting against based on the extra travel time....
DrLegume: BJ...I just got that...Margarine...I hope he leaves the Margarine home too
Absent: Ther are not a lot of black Subs, I've noticed.
Stang: Legume, because we have so much going on, and constant interruptions from NHGH, I have been working later and later at night, to where now, I am sleeping in the day and working all night long, and I never know what time it is or what day, morning or evening, because I never even leave the ROOM and the windows are closed... I put on the MASK before I travel to the sleeping chambers so the Bombies won't see me. It's all a blur.
PeeKitty: Absent: All because of Dr. "Nigger-hating" Legume over there!
Stang: This must be what it's like for Jesus all the time!
D_Kilroy: Ack, I posted my pathetic little offering to ABS, time to render myself unconscious
DrLegume: Bullshit, Pkitty, there were NEVER any nigger subgs
Absent: I Raise a toast to Jeeser!
Stang: I'm gonna split now! "SHE" is here!
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