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Subject: Fucking WCSB

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> The bastiches would pick last night, when HOS was on, to cut their signal to
> work on "wiring and maintenance", so all that was on was one long blast of
> static!
> The fucking CON is doing it's magic again:(
> Mad I missed HOS,
> Rev.Geo

((Stang sits up in bed, rubs eyes)) Eh??? Wha...? Oh shit, it's MONDAY!!

That devival devived us preachers, performers, and ash-haulers, all right. Or rather the activity building up to the Devival did us in. I have been asleep since the second I got off stage. Princess Wei called in sick and is still asleep. Pater Nostril drove back to West Virginia while asleep.

Actually we had to get up Saturday by noon to return the rented giant video screen. Pater Nostril, who was visiting for the weekend and acting as Sacred Swaggart at the Devival, and Wei and I managed to get the screen back on time, in one piece.

There was no Show CD for Sunday Night's Hour of Slack at WCSB, however, so we intended to drop off the new shows at the station while we were out. (HOUR OF SLACK is produced at my dungeon attic and then mailed or, in Cleveland's case, hand-delivered to stations for later play.)

Well, it was a spooky thing. Normally Cleveland State campus is bustling on Saturdays. But it was a ghost campus. Pater Nostril and I entered the forboding Rhodes Tower, only half-noticing a big bright orange WARNING sign saying something about power being cut off from March 15 to 17 so shut of all your computers and electronic equipment.

One elevator of four was working. It took very long to arrive. A pleasant looking little black kid of about 9 emerged. Only when we entered the elevator and, just as the doors closed on us, saw that the elevator itself was in a state of renovation, did the possible foolhardiness of our venture occur to us.

However, the elevator didn't trap is between floors; it delivered us to the station's floor. But there was NO... SIGN... OF... LIFE. The station door is always locked, but no one came to answer the bell. And not even the most furtive noises were coming out. All was dark. Power being cut off, hmm.

We gave up, got back in the elevator with the undelivered CDs and found that the little boy we had seen earlier was again on the elevator. We asked him if he was just riding for fun, and he said no, he was looking for his momma. He got off as we got on. I pushed the Ground button.

But when the elevator doors opened, we were looking at something more like a basement -- or a glimpse into a BRAZIL-like Hell! Morlock-like sweaty workmen heaved massive tubing across a completely unfinished, tunnel-warehouse looking vista. A weird sound and vaguely seen shapes drifted through the air. Pater Nostril and I, bafled, noted that the elevator said we were on the SIXTH floor (!!!). The doors closed again and we finally emerged on the normal Ground Floor of our home planet.

So to speak.

The ghost of the little boy, optimistically "searching for his momma" in the abandoned corridors of a 6th floor on a building which HAS NO SIXTH FLOOR... the vaguely seen shapes, the hulking, silent Morlock workers with their unidentifiable burdens... and when Princess Wei picked us up again after circling the block, and we checked the car radio for WCSB, and got only static... AIEEEE, it was so very creepy that to regain our Slack, we took Pater Nostril sightseeing through historic Lakeview Cemetary and the Garfield Memorial -- which itself had mysteriously vanished.

Speaking of which, I just found a card in my pocket --


not a porn site, sorry"

Handed to me by a young lady at the Devival. HMMMMM!!!! And on the back -- it says, *IN MY OWN HANDWRITING* -- "X Warts -- cider vinegar -soaked gauze every night all night until they're gone"


I remember NOTHING!!

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Subject: Re: Fucking WCSB!
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Date: Mon, Mar 18, 2002 8:26 PM
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> Speaking of which, I just found a card in my pocket --
> "
> not a porn site, sorry"

And it's not weird, either. Well, maybe it's weird that the site lacks

I'm weird

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