Subject: Let them mount up upon themselves, if they cannot see the humor in it.

From: Joe Cosby <>
Date: Fri, May 14, 2004

A Jesuit university take on the Church of the Subgenius:

It's so GRAVE. Good pikters though.


If you are wondering why the Objectivism section seems to jump off on
a completely separate tangent, note that this is a student paper and
was written by a team of three.

I think it was kinda "OK break up into groups of three for this
assignment" and then "OK guys I'm on your team but I have to go
waterskiing with my parents so I'll do mine separately".

Joe Cosby
"I swear to tell the truth, up to and only up to the point that it
interferes with the intergalactic conspiracy of which I am a member"


From: "ghost" <>

"Joe Cosby" <> wrote:
> A Jesuit university take on the Church of the Subgenius:
> It's so GRAVE. Good pikters though.

They didn't mention that the main tenet of the Church is that it is FOR PAY.


From: Joe Cosby <>

On Fri, 14 May 2004 20:19:25 GMT, "ghost" <> wrote:

I guess that didn't seem worthy of mention to Jesuits.

Joe Cosby


From: (HellPopeHuey)

They're right to be concerned. We're arseolute looneys, determined to
offend, players of pool with Jesus anyway, a few of us own guns and
that Stang guy makes the Satanic Tabernacle in Wickenberg, Arizona
look like Space Mountain. However, I thought it was a fairly nice
advertisement. Has anyone thanked them yet?


HellPope Huey,
First Church of the SubGenius, Deformed
I Can't Believe Its Not Monkey!

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there's got to be an end to mediocrity."
- George W. Bush

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From: "HdMrs. Salacia the Overseer" <>

Someone posted that link a couple of years ago. I e-mailed the Jesuit
priest, Felix Just, (?!) with some question that we had at the time. I don't

Lemme try to google it up.

IMBJR posted the link:

IMBJR<> wrote:

The VERY FIRST SENTENCE! I actually cackled out loud:

"THE CHURCH OF THE SUBGENIUS -- Some if not all of you have never heard
of such a church."

Man, this is gonna be GOOOOD......

"A Student Research Presentation for Theological Studies 398
"The Book of Revelation and Apocalyptic Literature"
Loyola Marymount University - Spring 1999
Prof. Felix Just, S.J. "

-- huh, actually they got a whole lot of it right! And it looks like
they also happened into a heavy infusion of our old friends at the
Luciferian Liberation Front. For the purposes of this essay, we
SubGenii are also Objectivists and Luciferians. I personally would have
to say i was a piss poor Objectivist and no kind of decent Luciferian
either. Otherwise, well, at least these kids did their homework and
weren't out lollygaggin' and larrupin'.

"Some if not all of you have never heard of such a church." Man, I
love that. It sounds like something Criswell would say at the beginning
of an Ed Wood movie.

Xenu said,

<< Visit the rest of his site to see what a real whack job he is >>

I like jesuits. They are an interesting group. (OF ALIEN SEX SLAVES!!!!! I
had just read a book about that. It made the jesuits seem more

I e-mailed brother Felix last night and asked him what kind of grade the
students got. Baccala! Of course he didn't give it to me, but he said that
it wasn't the best project and it wasn't the worst. So I'm guessing B or C.

<<Dear Brother/Father Felix,

As a minister of the Church of the SubGenius I am very curious to know what
grade you gave to the authors of this website:


His response,

<<Sorry, but since the course was over two years ago, I don't remember the
grade for this project. And even if I did remember, I would not be allowed
to tell other people about my students' grades. As I recall, it was not the
best project, but also not the worst (see

If there are serious factual errors on the website, I would be willing to
make some corrections; but otherwise I do not normally change what students

Oh yeah, someone wanted to know what grade they got on the project.

entertainment purposes only...etc. .etc..

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