DOBBSPAM: Glow in the dark Dobbs swag on the way at Anticonformity

From: El Queso <>
Date: Thu, Jun 10, 2004

Hey folks,
Several of you told me that you were interested in glow in the dark
"BOB"ware. Well, my pal Thaddeus of Anticonformity
just harvested a fresh batch of secret glo-spoo, and now the face of
"BOB" will adorn hats, shirts, and even g-strings in glorious glow in
the dark.
Thad tells me he can print shirts in as large as XXXXL (that's right,
4 X's) for all of you pleasantly plump mutations out there. Good prices,
good quality, and you'll be supporting a true freak that quit his job to
slack off and work at home with his girlfriend and cats. He should have
pics of the glo-swag up in a few days or so.

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